6 rituals for Christmas that you must do

Christmas is getting closer and this is why the interest in what rituals to do during the night of December 24 and even during the day of December 25 is on everyone’s lips.

That is why it has already become customary to do various rituals for Christmas that attract things like:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Overall abundance
  • Luck
  • Better opportunities
  • Prosperity

That is why here we present you the best rituals that you can do at home for this Christmas 2022 and that your next year 2023 will be one of the best.

Among some of the rituals to do at Christmas 2022, here are 6 that you can do on December 24:

1. The ritual of the 12 coins for Christmas

One of the best known rituals to attract money, abundance and prosperity is to leave 3 golden coins on the Christmas tree.

The 3 coins are placed in a small cloth bag while you visualize your wish in this Christmas ritual.

When you remove your Christmas tree, spend the coins and one coin will be added for each year you perform the ritual; when you get to 12, you can exchange the bag for a chest.

 2. Attract love with rings or red underwear

It is well known that one of the rituals that are most performed at Christmas and New Year are those that attract love and, on this occasion, there are two rituals.

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There is the classic of wearing red underwear during Christmas dinner to show and attract love or the ritual of the rings.

In this Christmas ritual, you have to wrap two rings in red paper with a string of the same color, and leave it together with the other gifts on the tree; this will attract love.

If you already have a partner and want to rekindle love, you can write your name and your partner’s name and do the same ritual as the rings.

 3. Mistletoe as a protector

One of the plants that is most often used at the time and in rituals for Christmas without a doubt is mistletoe.

And although it is usually associated with love, it also has protective properties, so in this Christmas ritual it is recommended to leave it in a vase or container.

This will help your guests receive protection against bad energy and, if you want extra protection for the house, you have to hang it on the front door.

 4. Salt against bad energy

One of the most powerful tools to protect yourself against bad energy is undoubtedly salt, but grain.

Salt is associated in rituals to purify the environment and should be used on the night of December 23.

Spreading around every corner of your house; This should be left until the morning of December 24 and sweep the salt out of your house.

 5. Candles at dinner

One of the most powerful manifesting tools that have been used for years in rituals like Christmas are candles.

Depending on the color of the candle, this will be the function of the ritual to manifest and using them during Christmas dinner will make them absorb bad energy.

It is recommended to use green, red and gold colored candles along with laurels and mistletoe; these must be left until they are consumed and the rest must be thrown away or thrown away from home.

 6. Toast with the right hand

When midnight arrives on December 25, you must hold a glass of wine with your right hand to receive abundance and prosperity as dictated by the Christmas ritual, since holding it with your left hand is associated with bad luck.