5 essentials for working from home

During the pandemic, working from home has become a possible solution that many of you have faced with limited resources. Today, what for many was an eventuality has become something stable. If that’s your case, you probably need some essentials for working from home like the ones we’ve got today.

Working from home has many advantages, but taking advantage of it is essential to having a good workspace . A workspace adapted to your needs will allow you to work more comfortably and therefore make better use of your time. And for us, in this area, the following elements cannot be missing:

A wide table (adjustable height)

Having a work surface large enough to display all the necessary work supplies It is essential to work comfortably. If you don’t have room for it, you can bet on a folding one, with additional boards that you can unfold while you work.

The adjustable height is not essential but it is interesting for those of you who work long hours in front of the computer. These tables give you the flexibility of sitting or standing which alleviates chronic back problems caused by sitting (often incorrectly) for long periods of time.

An ergonomic chair

Another essential element for telecommuting is the chair. But not just any chair, but a comfortable chair, with an ergonomic design that helps you adopt a good posture . This, however, is not the only desirable feature. Bet on adjustable, breathable and highly wear-resistant models as we advised you a few months ago and you will work more comfortably.

Today, there are chairs on the market with these very attractive features and designs. Because if working comfortably is our priority, we must not overlook the value of a beautiful design . And it is that none of us want an element that opposes in the room, especially when our workspace is in a shared room. A happy medium is the key to getting it right.

A computer with a good connection

Choosing a good computer for telecommuting is essential. Having a team up to the task that allows you to get the job done with good performance is essential when working from home. take in an appropriately sized screen and with external ergonomic keyboards and mice that not only allow you better organization of the workspace but also offer you postural and visual advantages.

What kind of work do you have to do? Do you frequently have to videoconference? Depending on your job, you may need to ask your specific performance computer. If for many of you having an excellent graphics card will be essential, for others it will be essential to have a quality integrated webcam, for example.

And as important or more as the computer will be to have a good internet connection . This can become a big problem if it’s the connection that isn’t stopping you from working at the pace you need. In addition to wasting your time, a poor connection is infuriating.


Headsets are an essential item when working from home or on a coworking site. Not only isolating you from noise while working, positively influencing your productivity, but they are also essential in online meetings. In that case, you can also get one with a built-in microphone.

Bedside lamp

Natural light is very important in any workspace, but having good artificial lighting complements that. A gooseneck lamp or similar is never superfluous in a workspace. For it to do its job well, yes, it needs to be placed in the right place so that it illuminates the table above your head on the opposite side of the arm you’re writing with.

Do you have all these essential elements for telecommuting in your workspace? What should you improve or add?