Singers actors – From music to movies

From music to films, from singing to acting. In this list we examine the most emblematic cases of actor singers. But be careful, we will not refer to simple cameos or small roles, which are very frequent in the history of cinema, but to musicians who have embarked on a real career in the world of cinema or who in any case have taken part in a certain number of cinematographic films.

Will Smith

He starts out as a rapper, but then the role in the sitcom Willy, the Prince of Bel-Air changes his life. Will Smith is now certainly known as an actor more than as a singer, but in the course of his career he has never given up on music and also to record some pieces for his films, such as in Men in black and Wild wild west .

Lady Gaga

She was on everyone’s ears for a decade, then the turning point as an actress came with her participation in the American horror story TV series , with which she won a Golden Globe in 2016. She then in 2018 the role of her in A star is born , for which she is nominated for an Oscar, which she instead wins for the best original song: Shallow .

David Bowie

The great David Bowie has represented many movie characters during his life, with more or less important roles, in about twenty films. We remember his character in Labyrinth or Nikola Tesla’s interpretation in Christopher Nolan’s The prestige . But Bowie also collaborated with John Landis, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Tony Scott. It is curious, however, to remember that before becoming a successful singer, Bowie studied avant-garde theater and mime, already showing his interest in acting.

david bowie fire walks with me


Cher’s career as an actress began very early, already in the mid-60s, alongside that of a singer. However, it is in the 80s that she experiences her golden age, with the roles of her in Silkwood (nominated for an Oscar), The Witches of Eastwick and Bewitched by the moon , with which she even wins the Oscar for best actress. hero.

cher singer actress bewitched by the moon

Mark Wahlberg

It’s not a very well known thing, but Mark Wahlberg began to make his way as a singer, under the pseudonym of Marky Mark. The single Good Vibrations was successful, but it was mainly him and his sculpted physique that got noticed. Calvin Klein wanted him as a model, then came some acting roles and finally the consecration with Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights – The Other Hollywood, in which he plays a porn actor.

marky mark and the funky bunch mark whalberg


Sure, acting skills aren’t the first thing that comes to mind hearing about Madonna, but the singer has starred in 18 films, married a director of the caliber of Guy Ritchie (period in which he made his worst films) and won a Golden Globe with the film Evita , although we prefer to remember her in Winning Girls. But that’s not all, Madonna has also been the director of two films ( Sacred and Profane and WE – Edward and Wallis).

madonna winning girls

Frank Sinatra

Certainly we will always remember The voice for his musical career, but Frank Sinatra also threw himself successfully into the activity of actor with about seventy parts, mostly for cinema, plus a few television episodes. Even an Oscar, as best supporting actor in the film From here to eternity .

From Here To Eternity Frank Sinatra

Bing Crosby

The singer of White Christmas , the best-selling single of all time, was one of the first singer-actors, participating in musicals and comedies from the thirties to sixties and winning an Oscar for the film My Way .

bing crosby in my life

Elvis Presley

It is clear that when you are a star of great fame and great charisma, the cinema is looking for you. So it was also for Elvis, who in just over a decade (from 1956 to 1969) took part in numerous films.

Elvis Presley the thug of rock and roll

Barbra Streisand

She starts with music, then Broadway with the musical Funny girl , which takes her directly to the cinema with the same role, that of Fanny Brice. From here on, she TV shows, songs, movies and so on and so forth. Also 3 films as a director.

Funny Girl barbra streisand

Justin Timberlake

It starts with The Mickey Mouse Club , then the boy band NSync and finally the cinema: from Alpha dog to The social network , passing through Friends of bed , In time and many other films.

justin timberlake in time film


She was still part of Destiny’s Child, when Beyoncé got a small part in Austin Powers in Goldmember. Major roles followed in Dreamgirls, Cadillac Records and  Obsessed.

beyoncè dreamgirls

Queen Latifah

She is considered the queen of hip hop, but she has a long film career (starting with the musical Chicago ), her talk show, she was a voice actress (Ellie in the Ice Age saga ) and is also a film producer. What more can be expected of this woman?

queen latifah singer actress

Jennifer Hudson

He participates in American Idol in 2004, finishing only seventh. In 2006, however, she is taken into the cast of Dreamgirls , stealing the show from Beyoncé. Jennifer Hudson earned a Golden Globe for her portrayal. From here on, the careers of singer and actress go hand in hand.

american idol jennifer hudson

Jennifer Lopez

Singer and actress, so much so that it has now become difficult to distinguish the two roles, such is Jennifer Lopez’s acting activity. Above all comedies for a long filmography that has not yet come to an end.

jennifer lopez that monster mother in law

Rap and cinema

We have a nice quartet of rappers with a very good film track record, who respond to the names of LL Cool J, Ice T, Ice Cube and Ludacris. We also add Eminem, who beyond a few cameos, has only starred in 8 mile , a film also inspired by his life, with which he also won an Oscar, for the song Lose yourself .

Other actor singers

In recent years it is only right to mention Rihanna and Harry Styles (chosen for Dunkirk ). Looking back, we also remember Dolly Parton, Harry Connick Jr, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, Lenny Kravitz and Mandy Moore.