Lucid dream: what it is, how to have it and what things to do in one?

Many want to have total or partial control over their dreams, to make and undo things within them, and in fact, this is possible thanks to the so-called lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams, although they are not usually so common, many people have had them without realizing it, but it is true that by working and with perseverance, it is possible to have them at will.

But before knowing how it is possible to have a lucid dream, what things to do in one, you must first understand what they are.

What is a lucid dream?

Lucid dreams are those in which we are aware that we are dreaming; that is to say when you know that you are asleep and at that moment you are dreaming.

This is where the different levels of lucid dreams come in, ranging from knowing that we are in a nightmare and being able to wake up, recognizing the dream, staying within it, or changing its content.

When do lucid dreams occur?

Although having control over dreams is possible thanks to lucid dreaming, in order to achieve it, you have to put it into practice and recognize when you are in REM sleep.

That is to say, in a shallow phase that occurs several times when we are asleep, just before waking up, and it is where dreams take place; That is why it is often easy to remember what has been dreamed.

However, as said above, there are very few times when you can have a lucid dream and have control over it; That is why there is a lot of skepticism in your environment.

 How to have a lucid dream?

Much has been said about lucid dreams, what they are and what can be done within them, but how can they be obtained?

Lucid dreaming, as it was said, is the moment in which you stop being a spectator in your dream and start being the director of it, so to speak.

Many of the experts who claim to be able to have a lucid dream say that the first thing is the clear intention and the desire to have it, and from there there are several techniques such as:

  • Reality check to induce lucid dreaming
  • Light stimuli to trigger a lucid dream
  • Dream interruption to return to a lucid dream
  • Dream diary to stimulate the lucid

Reality check to induce lucid dreaming

So the first recommendation would be the so-called ‘Reality check’, where several times a day you have to ask yourself “is this a dream?” And observe reality.

It is as if the mind is programmed to have a lucid dream while we are awake, so that during the dream, it will also be activated.

 Light stimuli to trigger a lucid dream

Another of the tricks to be able to have a lucid dream is a light stimulus that detects the REM phase and gives light stimuli while sleeping, especially during the dream phase.

“These flashes can appear in our dreams in many different ways and help us recognize that we are inside. The problem is that they are very uncomfortable to sleep on and also require a lot of training”

  Sleep interruption to return to a lucid dream

Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) is a technique to stimulate lucid dreaming which is based on interrupting sleep on purpose, setting an alarm five hours after sleep.

When you wake up, try to stay awake for 30 minutes doing something quiet like reading.

When you go back to sleep, it is more likely that you can have a lucid dream thanks to this technique.

 Dream journal to stimulate lucid dreaming

One of the most common recommendations to have lucid dreams is to keep a dream diary, because while we wake up we are able to remember 50% of what we dreamed of; 10 minutes later only 10%.

Remembering the floors helps to have lucid dreams and keeping a journal of them is a simple and effective way to remember them.