90 best TV series of 2022 to watch

If there is one thing that we really can’t do without anymore, it’s a good series. The one that keeps us company, that makes us forget all the problems and nails us to the TV for days, if not weeks.

That this is a particularly profitable period was shown to us even just last year (see, for example, our ranking of the best TV series of 2021), and that is why we have decided to continue our tradition and report this too. turn the titles absolutely not to be missed. So here, in strict order of release, the best TV series of 2022 to see.

1. Stuck

2022 began with the sympathy of the duo Ficarra and Picone, for the first time protagonists of a TV series, moreover written and directed by them. The two protagonists find themselves by chance on a crime scene and, to avoid being accused, they decide to clean up the crime scene as they have seen done so many times in crime series. From here on, a large number of misunderstandings will end up complicating the story more and more. On the edge of comedy and thriller, this Incastrati turned out to be a big surprise hit for Netflix and is now ready to hit the rest of the world as well. In the meantime, the series has already been renewed for a second inevitable season, also because there are so many mysteries still unsolved!

2. Landscapers – A near-perfect crime

Olivia Colman and David Thewlis are the absolute protagonists of this four-episode miniseries entitled Landscapers – An Almost Perfect Crime. The story tells of a married couple who are accused of a double murder. The two deem themselves innocent even though the evidence appears to be against them. Landscapers is a dark comedy based on a true story, long enough, which makes the particular style its own quality. Between quotes from old westerns played by Gary Cooper, a taste for staging that makes the episodes sparkling and intriguing, and a crime that must be solved, this miniseries will charm the audience thanks to the interpretations of the two protagonists.

3. Archive 81 – Alternative universes

Based on a famous podcast, Archive 81 – Alternative Universes is a Netflix series that has managed to thrill a large audience of viewers in a short time. The story follows two timelines, trying to solve the mystery of a secret sect of an apartment building. Dan, a young boy, agrees to restore some old videotapes, shot by a student named Melody, who was investigating the mysteries of the building. Together with Dan, the viewer will watch the tapes trying to find a solution to the mystery, where horror, strange apparitions and the fantastic complement each other. A real invitation to binge-watching, Archive 81 will delight any fan of the weird.

4. After Life – Season 3

The TV series conceived, directed and starring comedian Ricky Gervais comes to an end with this third cycle of episodes available on Netflix, and it is certainly not difficult to admit, right away, that we will miss it. After Life is a small jewel not only of irony but of sensitivity: it is a series that talks about the elaboration of mourning in a moving yet never banal way, a story that makes you think and invites all of us to enjoy the small joys of life. And to always find comfort in those close to us. Just like Tony’s character (played by Gervais himself) has been close to us these three seasons.

5. Euphoria – Season 2

The HBO series returns, after a long wait from the finale of the first season and a year after the second special, on the small screen, replicating the over-the-top style that made it famous. Because the second season of Euphoria continues the story of the troubled adolescence of a group of high school students, including the Rue played by Zendaya and Jules, the girl he loves, staging existential crises and family problems in the most straightforward and hard way possible . Neon lights, a pop patina and blaring music are just the surface of a series that is having more and more success, becoming a real cult product that represents, in a disarming way, generation Z.

6. Monterossi

Fabrizio Bentivoglio is the protagonist of Monterossi, an Italian TV series in six episodes based on the novels of Alessandro Robecchi This is not a song of love and Di rabbia e di vento . The plot follows the vicissitudes of Carlo Monterossi, a well-known author of a successful television program who, one evening, is attacked on the doorstep by a stranger armed with a gun. The man thus begins an investigation parallel to that of the police to find out who is behind the numerous attacks that are taking place in Milan. The Prime Video TV series is characterized by close and brilliant dialogues and a general “mood” that is more reminiscent of overseas thriller-investigative shows, all framed by a Bob Dylan-based soundtrack.

7. Ozark – season 4 (part one)

Another great Netflix series is about to end: the award-winning Ozark has reached its fourth season, the last one, but the Byrde family will be leaving in style only later, with the last episodes already filmed and expected for the next few months. For the moment we have had to settle for seven new (excellent) episodes that on the one hand continue to surprise and amaze with unexpected twists and on the other promise a particularly painful ending for all our protagonists. But we were already prepared for this from the first season, right?

8. Servant – season 3

Servant is also back, which is the most mysterious and distressing series of recent years. And it returns in style, with a beautiful new episode directed by M. Night Shyamalan, also producer here. The plot resumes exactly three months after the shocking events shown in the season 2 finale but what matters is that the almost unreal atmosphere of the Turner house remains intact, the same one that has conquered us in recent years. Will this third season finally be that of the answers? Will we finally find out what truth lies behind Leanne and her “her powers”?

9. Snowpiercer – season 3

The second season of Snowpiercer, an American TV series produced by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho and set 8 years before the events of the eponymous film, had brought us into the midst of the fight between Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean ) for control of the Snowpiercer, the convoy that travels relentlessly across the frozen wasteland that has become Earth. In the third season of the show, we see Layton and his group in command of a small pirate train, as they search for a place with warmer temperatures where they can create a new civilization. Meanwhile, aboard the Snowpiercer, Mr. Wilford consolidates his power, waiting for Layton to return.

10. The woman in the house opposite the girl from the window

Anna (Kristen Bell) is a woman disappointed in life and full of psychosis who, after losing her daughter and being left by her husband, spends her days sitting on the sofa drinking red wine and looking out the window. Until one day, during a storm, she witnesses the murder of a woman in the house opposite her, without being able to intervene. Too bad that, once the police arrive, there is no trace of a body or a possible crime scene. Thus begins an insane search for clues by Anna who, despite being considered exhausted by most of the people around her, she is determined to find the killer. The woman in the house in front of the girl from the window, who in her very long title hides a desire to parody towards the thriller genre,

11. The Afterparty

Another series halfway between thriller and comedy, this The Afterparty tells of a reunion between high school classmates that ends in a mysterious murder. Who is the culprit? Each of the eight episodes tells what happened on the night of the murder but seen from a different perspective: the result is eight episodes that are very different from each other but all share the typical irony of directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, known for the acclaimed Spider. -Man: A New Universe, The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street.

12. Christian

Christian (Edoardo Pesce) is a henchman of a boss from the outskirts of Rome who suddenly finds himself with stigmata on his hands and with powers that are nothing short of miraculous, such as that of resurrecting Rachele (Silvia D’Amico), drug addict overdosed. The more Christian seems to become aware of his powers, the more the whole neighborhood seems to acclaim him as a real “savior”, something that the boss Lino (Giordano De Plano) does not like at all and above all he captures the attention of the Vatican which sends to investigate the postulator Matteo (Claudio Santamaria). In short, an almost supereoristic but Italian-style series, inspired by the graphic novel by Claudio Piersanti and Lorenzo Mattotti (Stigmate) who manages to bring a fresh breath to a genre that now seemed to have nothing more to say.

13. We are no longer alive

Directly from South Korea comes this new horror series on Netflix, already at the top of the charts. We Are No Longer Alive is the story of an epidemic that has the walls of a high school as its outbreak and that turns students into angry zombies. A group of students will have to put aside their differences and, waiting for some help from outside, try to survive inside the school. A blood red coming of age, which knows how to properly entertain the viewer by focusing everything on speed and, after an introductory but necessary first episode, overwhelms and thrills. The plot of the zombie movie works by inserting itself in the tradition of a growth path, which sees young protagonists as a symbol of the new generations in a world of adults.

14. Pam & Tommy

Born from the true story of the theft of the red light film by Pamela Anderson and her then husband Tommy Lee, the miniseries created Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen becomes an almost tragicomic narrative of what happened to the couple and how the spread of something so intimate and personnel hit them. Sebanstian Stan and Lily James – in particular the latter – become absorbed in the role giving life to a multifaceted portrait of the two protagonists, who find themselves against their will at the center of a worldwide scandal. In the cast, in addition to Seth Rogen himself, Nick Offerman and Taylor Schilling.

15. Reacher

Yet another adaptation of Lee Child’s novels, this time produced by Prime Video, Reacher tells the story of a former soldier who, free from the conditioning of the “system”, aims to help people. Traveling around America without a phone and with the bare minimum to get by Jack Reacher, here played by Alan Ritchson, will arrive in the town of Margrave, where the first murder of the last twenty years has just occurred. Too bad that someone wants to frame him and put the blame on him: will he be able to exonerate himself and find the real culprit?

16. The brilliant friend 3 – History of those who flee and those who remain

Adaptation of the third novel of the tetralogy created by Elena Ferrante, The brilliant friend 3 – Story of those who flee and those who remain continues the story of the life of the two friends Lila and Lenù, once again interpreted by the splendid and talented Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco . The story this time includes Elena’s marriage years and the new reality that Lila, as an exploited and underpaid worker in a cured meat factory, has to face. It is the seventies, those of student demonstrations and feminist conquests, but also of terrorism and extreme violence: a story that is intertwined with the one with a capital s and that tells us a powerful bond and, even if put to the test by diversity and from distance, indissoluble. 

17. Inventing Anna

Created for Netflix by Shonda Rhimes and inspired by the true story of scammer Anna Delvey, Inventig Anna tells an incredible story: a young woman of Russian descent manages to pass herself off as a wealthy heiress and to cheat – for years! – The New York elite, coming very close to being financed, without any guarantee from her of course, an art foundation in her name. In the cast Julia Garner, a chameleon in the role of the protagonist, and Anna Chlumsky in that of Vivian Kent, the journalist who will unmask the fraud after a long investigation. 

17. What We Do in the Shadows 3

The series inspired by the mockumentary created by the crazy mind of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement continues with its third season. What We Do in the Shadows 3 tells once again the improbable coexistence between four vampires, followed step by step by a television crew who documents their (mis) adventures. This third chapter of the story of Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja and Colin promises to be even more absurd than the previous ones, among vampire hunters, gargoyles, werewolves and tempting sirens.

18. The fantastic Mrs. Maisel 4

Among the most anticipated seasons of the last period there is undoubtedly the fourth of The Fantastic Lady Maisel: distributed on Prime Video for the first time weekly, two episodes every Friday, the new chapter of the series created by Amy Sherman-Palladino promises to be even more fun and exciting than those that preceded it. In the cast we find Rachel Brosnahan in the role of the protagonist, career comedian Miriam “Midge” Maisel, and Alex Borstein in that of her agent Susan, but two exceptional guest stars are expected to enter the scene: Kelly Bishop and Milo. Ventimiglia, which we had already loved in Una mamma per amica (also by Amy Sherman-Palladino).

19. Space Force 2

We still talk about comedy with the second season of Space Force, the series with Steve Carrell (created by the same with Greg Daniels for Netflix): the story is centered on the tragicomic (dis) adventures of the first military space force on Earth. Carell is the highly decorated pilot Mark R. Naird, who will try, together with a group of scientists and very special astronauts, to undertake the conquest of space, as requested by the White House. In Space Force 2 we find the protagonists of the first season, grappling with the accusations of the pentagon and determined to prove their value once and for all. In the cast, in addition to Carell, John Malkovich, Diana Silvers, Tawny Newsome, Ben Schwartz and Lisa Kudrow.

20. Severance

New promising series landed on AppleTV +, Scissione once again demonstrates the preference of Apple’s streaming platform for truly unique and particular projects. Produced and directed by Ben Stiller, Scissione is set almost entirely within Lumen Industries, a company in which some employees are subjected to an innovative procedure, the split, which separates work memories from those of private life. Each of them will therefore find themselves living with two separate consciences, which know nothing of each other: an experiment that simply aims to improve work productivity or something much more disturbing and mysterious? The cast includes Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette and John Turturro. 

21. The Cuphead Series!

The Cuphead! Series has arrived on Netflix, an animated adaptation of the hugely popular video game: on Inkwell Island we follow the adventures of the brothers Cuphead and Mugman, one as reckless as the other is more cautious. The two will have to cope in different situations bordering on the absurd, first escaping the terrible Satanassus, who steals the souls from the visitors of his Villain, and then participating in the first prize game of the island of the Inkwell. It may be missing some of the nastiness of the original game, but The Cuphead Series! it is however a fun and engaging product, of which a second and third season have already been confirmed.

22. Vikings: Valhalla

More than a hundred years after the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, Michael Hirst and Jeb Stuart take us back to the violent world of the Vikings with Vikings: Valhalla, this time exploring an era of great social and cultural change. It is no longer the desire for discovery and the desire for conquest that gives way to the narrative, but the revenge for the Vikings massacred in England by King Aethelred II. To make things even more difficult, the internal clash between those who still believe in the ancient divinities of the Nordic pantheon and those who have already converted to Christianity: the real villains of this season will in fact be groups of religious fanatics absorbed so much in their faith that they do not want to. other than purging the world of pagans. In the cast Leo Suter, Bradley Freegard, Sam Corlett and Frida Gustavsson.

23. Killing Eve 4

Another beloved series reaches its fourth season: Killig Eve 4 brings us back in the company of detective Eve Polastri, played by Sandra Oh, and professional killer Villanelle of the splendid Jodie Comer. At the helm of the fourth and final season is Laura Neal, who drags us back into the lives of the two protagonists: Eve is now part of a private agency and lets herself go to very passionate encounters with her colleague Yusuf (Robert Gilbert), Villanelle instead he finds himself within a Christian community, fighting against his own inner demons. Will this fourth season live up to the previous ones, once again conquering the hearts of the fans?

24. Fragments of you

A new thriller series arrives on Netflix, this time based on the best seller of the same name by Karin Slaughter, with an exceptional protagonist: the talented Toni Colette. At the center of the story we find a mother, Laura (Colette), and her daughter, Andrea (Bella Heathcote): both live in Belle Isle, a quiet corner of Georgia, and spend their days between work and family lunches. Everything changes suddenly when, one day, a boy starts a shooting in a restaurant: in the general terror Laura is the only one who seems to know how to deal with the situation, and with quick reflexes kills the attacker saving many lives. .

The incident soon reaches the ears of local and national newspapers, and Laura turns into a real heroine for public opinion. Too bad that the woman does not seem to want to have anything to do with all that media attention: a terrible secret from her past, which the woman has tried to hide all her life, could in fact come to light, bringing on her trail a dangerous individual. Andrea will thus find herself discovering a side of a mother that he did not know about her existence, retracing the years of her childhood and youth, marked by some traumatic events. Fragments of her is an intriguing and rather engaging series, opened by a truly breathtaking first episode but which does not disdain more reflective and slower-paced moments. We recommend it to lovers of thrillers full of twists and unexpected surprises. that the woman has tried to hide all her life, could in fact come to light, leading a dangerous individual on her trail. Andrea will thus find herself discovering a side of a mother that he did not know about her existence, retracing the years of her childhood and youth, marked by some traumatic events.

Fragments of her is an intriguing and rather engaging series, opened by a truly breathtaking first episode but which does not disdain more reflective and slower-paced moments. We recommend it to lovers of thrillers full of twists and unexpected surprises. that the woman has tried to hide all her life, could in fact come to light, leading a dangerous individual on her trail. Andrea will thus find herself discovering a side of a mother that he did not know about her existence, retracing the years of her childhood and youth, marked by some traumatic events. Fragments of her is an intriguing and rather engaging series, opened by a truly breathtaking first episode but which does not disdain more reflective and slower-paced moments. We recommend it to lovers of thrillers full of twists and unexpected surprises. retracing the years of his childhood and youth, marked by some traumatic events.

Fragments of her is an intriguing and rather engaging series, opened by a truly breathtaking first episode but which does not disdain more reflective and slower-paced moments. We recommend it to lovers of thrillers full of twists and unexpected surprises. retracing the years of his childhood and youth, marked by some traumatic events. Fragments of her is an intriguing and rather engaging series, opened by a truly breathtaking first episode but which does not disdain more reflective and slower-paced moments. We recommend it to lovers of thrillers full of twists and unexpected surprises.

25. We

Number of episodes: 12 Publication date: from 6 March, double weekly appointment Platform / Channel: on Rai1 and streaming on RaiPlay

It is called after a horror by Jordan Peele, but in reality Noi is an Italian series, remake of This is Us, an American series that has had extraordinary success with critics and audiences. In place of Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, here we find Lino Guanciale and Aurora Ruffino in the roles of Pietro and Rebecca Peirò, a couple who in 1984, after the death of their third child, decide to adopt another baby, who has lost his mother.

Compared to This is Us, the premises of the story begin a few years later, but always in the early 1980s. Apart from this and a few other details, there are not many narrative differences between This is Us and Us, and this choice not to completely deviate from the original material, has not convinced everyone. The Rai fiction, produced by Cattleya, is punctuated by many classics of Italian music that help to evoke the atmosphere of those years.

26. The last days of Ptolemy Gray

As absurd as it may seem, a giant actor like Samuel L. Jackson, one who has a very long resume, had never been the star of a TV series of his own until now. With this The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray, Jackson makes a great recovery, providing one of the most successful and complex interpretations of his career as a 90-year-old suffering from senile dementia but who, through experimental technology, is gradually able to remember the past. and what it was, and to investigate the death of his nephew. A project that the actor cared very much for, also considering that in his family there have been several cases of Alzheimer’s, and a role for which he has been preparing for over 10 years!

27. The king

This Italian television series directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi stars Luca Zingaretti in the role of Bruno Testori, controversial director of a border prison, the San Michele. Within the structure, of which Testori is in fact the absolute ruler, the laws of the state and the courts have no value, as good and evil depend exclusively on his judgment. Extremely severe with some and even too lenient with others, the Mephistophelian director exercises a completely personal idea of ​​justice, influenced by a dark and distorted morality. When, however, a double murder threatens to jeopardize his own domain and to open the Pandora’s box of San Michele, Testori will find himself fighting the most difficult battle of his life.

28. WeCrashed

Based on the “WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork” podcast, this new Apple series tells the true story of one of the most famous startups ever, WeWork. And it does so with an authorial and pop air, recounting its birth and fall, madness and recklessness, illusion and romanticism. Directing are two experts such as John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (Crazy, Stupid, Love and the This Is Us series) while for the two protagonists two superstars such as Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway were chosen.

29. The Gilded Age

For those who loved Downton Abbey, one of the most loved costume series ever (a genre of serial product to which we have dedicated an entire article), the new title not to be missed is definitely The Gilded Age, also created by Julian Fellowes. The story, from England in the early twentieth century, moves to New York in the late nineteenth century, a period of great social and cultural ferment. It is precisely the change, the clash between “old” and new “, that is at the center of this series: the families of old New York who clash with the new rich, like the Russells, whose breadwinner made a fortune with his talent for business. The Gilded Age tells the life of the most privileged elites of the city, but also moves to the “lower” floors, following the days of the servants who work in the great mansions of the rich (as happened in Downton Abbey). Leading the cast are the beautiful Christine Baranski and Carrie Coon.

30. Bridgerton 2

Bridgerton’s first season quickly morphed into a phenomenon, becoming one of Netflix’s most watched series. Bridgerton 2, released in the last days of March on the platform, was no exception, and immediately won the title of the most viewed English-language product in its first weekend (with more than 193 million hours of viewing! ). The story, which is the adaptation of author Julia Quinn’s romance saga, in the second installment centers around the Bridgerton family’s older brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), who decides to settle down and find a wife. At the center of his interest is the young Edwina Sharma (Charithra Chandran), perfect in all respects. Too bad that over time the Viscount begins to feel something for his older sister Kate (Simone Ashley), who, however, does not seem interested in him at all. An intriguing second season and, even if less passionate than the first, capable of capturing the viewer with the tormented love between the two protagonists.

31. Pachinko – The Korean wife

Among the most interesting series of the last period we can only include the newcomer to Apple TV +: Pachinko – The Korean wife, based on the bestselling novel by Min Jin Lee. A fascinating and engaging family saga set in different periods and places: Korea occupied by Japan at the turn of the century, post-war Japan and that of the 1980s and even the United States. A story capable of capturing since its first episode, leading us to follow the life of a woman, Sunja (Yoon Yeo-jeong, and her family over several decades, against the backdrop of a world in constant change.

32. Moon Knight

A television miniseries based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, Moon Knight stars actor Oscar Isaac in the role of Steven Grant, a meek and ordinary employee in the gift shop of the National Gallery in London and a profound connoisseur of ancient Egypt. Repeatedly struck by memory lapses and memories from another life, the man discovers that he has a dissociative identity disorder and that he shares his body with the mercenary Marc Spector, earthly personification of Khonshu, an ancient and merciless Egyptian deity. deputy to the Moon. Steven finds himself grappling with a dangerous mystery, while a lethal battle between the mighty gods of Egypt is involved.

33. The ignorant fairies

Released in 2022, The ignorant fairies – the series takes up the plot of the homonymous film by Ferzan Ozpeket and expands the stories of the main characters (those that revolve around the two protagonists), introducing new ones and making some changes. Cristiana Capotondi and Luca Argentero interpret the roles of Antonia and Massimo (who in the film were played by Margherita Buy and Andrea Renzi). In the role of Massimo’s lover there is Eduardo Scarpetta (who also allows himself to some nude scenes) and a cast made up of several recurring faces of Ozpetek’s cinema: Ambra Angiolini, Serra Yilmaz, Anna Ferzetti, Paola Minaccioni, Carla Signoris and Filippo Scicchitano. The series, centered on the story of a woman who discovers that her husband, who died tragically, was having a secret homosexual relationship with a younger man, received a mixed reception. Many have criticized the author for having painted a gay universe a little distant from reality and current events, others have found themselves in the secondary stories that dot the episodes. The main song of the series is entrusted to Mina, a monumental artist, who is also one of the most famous Italian gay icons.

34. Outer Range

Among the most recent TV series to arrive on Prime Video is Outer Range, created by Brian Watkins and produced by Brad Pitt. The story centers on Milk, played by Josh Brolin, a taciturn Wyoming farmer, and will kick off when he and his family discover a dark chasm right on their land. A series of frightening and unexpected situations will upset the peaceful life of Milk and his neighbors, dragging them into a mystery with disturbing supernatural implications. The cast includes Lili Taylor, Tamara Podemski, Tom Pelphrey, Imogen Poots, and Lewis Pullman among others.

35. Anatomy of a scandal

A television miniseries based on Sarah Vaughan’s best-selling novel of the same name, Anatomy of a Scandal follows the dramatic story of Sophie Whitehouse (Sienna Miller), the privileged wife of a powerful British MP, James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend). When James’s extramarital affair with one of her assistants comes to the surface, Sophie’s life begins to crumble and she is forced to face the consequences of her husband’s decisions publicly. What she doesn’t know, however, is that an even more terrible secret is about to emerge. During the six episodes of which the series is composed, the blurred boundary between what is consensual and what is not is investigated, highlighting how the concept of sexual violence is still far from being impartial.

36. Better Call Saul 6

Here we are. Last ride for Jimmy McGill, known by us serial fans as Saul Goodman. Last season, divided into two parts of 8 episodes, to close the series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, born as a spin-off of Breaking Bad, and ready to take its spiritual legacy. Yes, because it would be enough to notice the first minutes of this sixth long season to see how the series starring a great Bob Odenkirk is everything we want from the TV series. A crazy direction, writing at the highest levels, characters that we are no longer able to abandon to their fate. Full of emotion, Better Call Saul promises to be one of the best series of the year and with an explosive ending.

37. Russian Doll 2

Three years later, one of the craziest Netflix original series in the catalog returns. Russian Doll 2 sees the return of Natasha Lyonne as Nadia, a woman who – if in the first season she was forced to live a time loop on her 36th birthday – here she finds herself catapulted into the past after taking the subway. Focusing more on the guest stars already appeared in the first season, Russian Dolls 2, in seven episodes of about half an hour, will make the protagonist and her spectators live an adventure that does not live by reflection from the success of the first season, but tries to make take the story a step further, staging an all-female generational story.

38. The Dropout

After Inventing Anna, the thirst of the public around the world for stories of scammers has not yet subsided. On Disney + comes The Dropout, the true story of Elizabeth Holmes and her Theranos: the series created by Elizabeth Meriwether, with Amanda Seyfried in the main role, tells the rise and fall of what was defined by Forbes as the youngest and most rich self-made billionaire of America. Too bad much of what Elizabeth told the media and investors about her was nothing more than lies. A series in eight episodes that captures the viewer, dragging him into a story that at times is truly incredible.

39. Devils 2

The Sky series that sees Alessandro Borghi and Patrick Dempsey as two sharks of high finance returns with eight new episodes. Diavoli 2 focuses on the online data war, revealing, as in the best thriller atmosphere, the behind the scenes of finance, social networks and cryptocurrencies. With a story as tense as a violin string and many links with current events and the contemporary world that builds a successful atmosphere of a 2.0 gangster movie , Diavoli lights up thanks to the performances of the two protagonists, who are simply magnetic.

40. Heartstopper

Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alice Oseman, Heartstopper is a British teen romantic series that has turned out to be a small phenomenon on Netflix and has also been very popular with gay audiences (even by viewers larger than the ideal target of the series) . Heartstopper tells the story of Charlie and Nick (Kit Connor and Joe Locke) two boys who meet at school and become friends. Their friendship, over time, will evolve into a deeper feeling. Many stressed the freshness of the performers and the story, which was considered a bit anti-Euphoria, as it outlines a very different adolescent world from the more restless and glamorous one of the HBO series.

41. Bang Bang Baby

Set in the Milanese suburbs of the late 1980s, Bang Bang Baby is the first Italian series produced by Prime Video. The protagonist of the events narrated is Alice, an insecure and taciturn teenager who becomes the youngest member of a criminal organization. The reason for such a dangerous choice? Winning the love of a father who she believed dead and who, instead, is part of one of the most powerful and notorious mafia families in Calabria. Bang Bang Baby is an immersive and violent journey into the Eighties (thanks also to its incredible soundtrack) that perfectly mixes the crime genre with the coming of age.

42. Shining Girls

The latest addition to Apple TV +, Shining Girls is a thriller series that talks about violence against women starting from an extremely particular idea: a serial killer who can travel in time to hunt down his victims. One day, however, one of them decides to face her fears and go after her attacker. Created by Silka Luisa and based on the novel by Lauren Beukes, Shining Girls makes the intense interpretation of Elisabeth Moss, in the role of the protagonist, her greatest strength. An intriguing series right from the start, capable of involving and thrilling the viewer.

43. The flight attendant 2

Also returning is party-goer and alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden, played by Kaley Cuoco, who in this role tries to leave behind the unforgettable Penny from The Big Bang Theory. In the second chapter of this extravagant and fast-paced dark comedy, Cassie decides to tackle herself and her alcohol problems by undergoing a period of rehabilitation. Trouble, however, will not be long in reaching her, presenting itself in the form of a collaboration with the CIA, which will suck her into a whirlwind of intrigues and international secrets. Kaley Cuoco passes the test by reconfirming herself as the true magnetic pole of the show, of which she is also the producer.

44. How I Met Your Father

Spin-off of How I Met Your Mother, this new series starring Hilary Duff winks at fans of the famous sitcom of the early 2000s, recovering its dynamics and part of the settings. The protagonist of How I Met Your Father is Sophie, a 29-year-old photographer who lives in Queens with her best friend Valentina (Francia Raisa) and is determined to find, in the shortest possible time, her half of the apple, exactly as it was for Ted in HIMYM. To act as a narrator and tell the vicissitudes of her before meeting the love of her life is, of course, the Sophie of 2050, played by a magnificent Kim Catrall.

45. Starry night

A sci-fi thriller with two exceptional protagonists, Oscar winners Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons, who in this sci-fi play an elderly couple who have been married for over 50 years. Spouses Irene and Franklin York spend their days peacefully. During the night, however, they go to their hut, where they have discovered a mysterious passage that overlooks another planet, in front of which they remain in contemplation of a stellar and suggestive landscape. Until a strange boy appears who does not remember anything about himself, but who seems to come directly from the portal. A series that, thanks to the interpretation of the two protagonists, infuses poetry and sensitivity to a story in which mystery, science fiction and drama are intertwined.

46. ​​Love, Death & Robots 3

The anthology series created by David Fincher for Netflix returns with a third season that demonstrates, once again, how much can be experienced through animation. Nine short films that, by telling the future, technology and the apocalypse, make the exceptionality of Love, Death & Robots shine, partly lost with a second season not up to par, through the most disparate genres and tones. With a memorable spearhead: the Jibaro episode , a real gem not to be missed.

47. Stranger Things 4

The fourth installment of the Netflix phenomenon series signed by the Duffer brothers is certainly the most epic and scary among those seen so far. In Stranger Things 4, our heroes – much taller and more mature than we remembered them – find themselves facing a new daydream coming from the Upside Down that plagues the far from calm Hawkins: the terrible Vecna. The show adds compelling new characters and a decidedly horror connotation, while expanding its horizons beyond the confines of the Indiana town, from Russia to California. But the nostalgic charm and beauty of the soundtrack remain absolutely unchanged.

48. Obi-Wan Kenobi

The return of Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi, the famous Jedi from Star Wars. The return of Hayden Christensen in those of the fallen student Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader. Set between Episode III and Episode IV, the six-episode Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney + sees these two legendary characters collide once again. Based on the strength of looks, silences and a mythological sense of the story, the miniseries strips the epic of Star Wars as we know it to represent a protagonist in crisis and disillusioned, played by a majestic McGregor.

49. Winning Time – The rise of the Lakers dynasty

Those who follow the NBA know this well. American basketball is dominated by two recurring concepts: dynasty and legacy (legacy), that is, the charm of a winning team that leaves an indelible mark in the history of basketball. This is what happened to the legendary Los Angeles Lakers, who since the Eighties have forged a franchise that still today always starts as a favorite. Winning Time is the story of the first spark. Ten episodes full of rhythm, sweat and contrasts that tell the great rise of yellow-violet through the mythological figure of a phenomenon like Magic Johnson. A man who has redefined the rules of an entire sport. All in the expert hands of director Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Bet), now passionate about great stars and stripes narratives.

50. The Boys 3

Third season of the Prime Video phenomenon series that never as this year proves over the top, exaggerated but also incredibly exciting. The Boys 3 knows no compromises and continues the story of Billy Butcher and his group of boys intent on stopping Vought’s corrupt and limitless superheroes. This time the battle against the dangerous Patriot does not seem to be holding back. Funny, uninhibited, but also strongly critical of the contemporary: The Boys is the superhero series you can’t do without.

51. Ms. Marvel

Away from the usual Marvel Studios formula, Ms. Marvel is a sparkling, colorful and one-of-a-kind superhero teen series. The story follows the events of the young Kamala Khan, a sixteen-year-old Muslim of Pakistani origins, a big fan of the Avengers and, in particular, of Captain Marvel. When she finds bracelets belonging to her ancestors, Kamala finds herself dealing with some superpowers. Reversing the point of view (the spectator who becomes a hero) and with a simply irresistible adolescent style, Ms. Marvel is yet another center for Marvel Studios. Perhaps their best series, certainly the most original.

52. The Staircase – A suspicious death

The Staircase – a suspicious death is an eight-episode TV miniseries that aired on Sky in Italy and that recalls the true story of writer Michael Peterson, who was accused of killing his wife Kathleen by claiming that she fell down the stairs. Colin Firth and Toni Collette play Michael and Kathleen Peterson, the couple who will find themselves at the center of an investigation that will uncover their secrets and the strange dynamics of the woman’s death. Around these investigations move the Peterson children, some adopted, others born from previous marriages (played by Dane DeHaan, Olivia DeJonge, Sophie Turner, Odessa Young and Patrick Schwarzenegger), other family members, lawyers and escorts. The Staircase cast also includes Michael Stuhlbarg, Rosemarie DeWitt, Parker Posey and Juliette Binoche.

53. Peaky Blinders 6

The acclaimed British TV series conceived by Steven Knight and set in the city of Birmingham between the first and second world war ends with the sixth season. Peaky Blinders 6 confronts Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) with the consequences of the violence he perpetrated to get the power he enjoys and sees the Shelby family grappling with violent internal struggles and their own Roma past, while metabolizing the tragic death of Aunt Polly. Helen McCrory, the actress who played her, is in fact missing three months after the start of filming, and this last season of the show can be considered a real tribute to her memory.

54. The Umbrella Academy 3

Finally arrives on Netflix the third season of Umbrella Academy, the series dedicated to a weird group of superheroes created by Steve Blackman and adaptation of the comic by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The story picks up where the second tranche of episodes ended, and the protagonists will find themselves managing the catastrophic consequences of the alteration of space time: in an alternate dimension they will meet (and collide with) the Sparrow Academy, created by Sir Reginald Hargreeves after the events of 1963 to replace them. Among the most significant moments of this third season, the change of Vanya, who finds the courage to declare herself transgender to her brothers and finally become Viktor. Even her interpreter, Elliot Page,

55. Man vs Bee

Almost twenty years ago Rowan Atkinson amused the world audience with the character of Mr. Bean. Today, Netflix is ​​giving the green light to a new series written and performed by the English comedian who makes absurdity and slapstick comedy his strong point. Man vs Bee follows the adventures of Trevor, who must guard an important mansion. The entrance of a bee that Trevor will want to drive away at all costs will be the premise of a series of catastrophic events. Light, funny and able to put you in a good mood soon, Man vs Bee is the (short) comedy series to watch with carefree.

56. The House of Paper: Korea

Number of episodes: 6 Release date: from 24 June Platform / Channel: Netflix

The Korean remake of La casa di carta arrives on Netflix in the ideal period, that is, a few months after the conclusion of the hugely popular Spanish series and after the success of the first season of Squid Game, which sparked interest and the spotlight on Korean seriality. The Paper House: Korea takes up the same dynamics that gave life to the original Spanish version, with the main difference being the temporal setting. The new series is in fact set in the near future, with the two Koreas also reunited as an economic power. The names of the characters remain unchanged, there is the Professor and there are also Moscow, Berlin, Tokyo, Denver etc. and in the same way also the plot is the same as the Spanish series, with the shot designed and led by the Professor.

57. Agatha Christie – Why didn’t they ask Evans?

Number of episodes: 3 Release date: 25 June Platform / Channel: on Sky and streaming on NowTV

Miniseries directed and starring Hugh Laurie (the unforgettable Doctor House) and based on the novel of the queen of detective stories, Agatha Christie – Why didn’t they ask Evans? it is a period tale that will know how to entertain the spectators properly. Two detective friends on vacation will find themselves embroiled in a tragic story: a man falls from a cliff, his last words will be those of the title of the miniseries. From there, the two protagonists (played by Will Poulter and Lucy Boynton) will try to solve the mystery and get to the truth. Twists will follow one another supported by a cast that also sees Emma Thompson and Jim Broadbent, for a yellow perfect for the summer.

58. Westworld 4


Number of episodes: 8 Release date: June 27 (subtitled) and July 4 (dubbed), one episode per week Platform / Channel: on Sky and Now The sci-fi series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO, and available from us on Sky and Now, returns after a break of almost two years to continue the story of a rebellion by androids against man. With the clear change of setting and the departure of some historical characters, Westworld 4 surprises the viewer, trying to find much of the charm that made it unique. Visually sumptuous and with a high-level cast, this fourth season seems to have all the necessary premises to captivate the public.

59. Only Murders in The Building 2

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: first two episodes from June 28, then one episode per week Platform / Channel: Disney +

Following the incredible success of the first season, Only Murders in the Building is back with 10 new episodes and another gripping mystery to solve. Of course, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), extravagant crime-loving residents of the Upper East Side that we have already come to know, will take care of it. And to love. The three, however, will first have to prove that they are not the culprits of the murder: in the last episode of the first season, in fact, we left them in handcuffs and in big trouble. Will they be able to unmask the real killer and record the second season of their podcast? What is certain is that this second chapter of the crime comedy created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman keeps all the elements of the previous one intact: an intricate mystery,

60. We Own This City

Number of episodes: 6 Release date: June 28, two episodes per week Platform / Channel: on Sky and Now

David Simon (along with George Pelecanos) returns to his Baltimore in his twenties from The Wire and gives away an adult, raw and real miniseries. Based on a true story, We Own This City is the story of an internal investigation by the city’s law enforcement agencies that will bring to light the corruption and crime that surrounds the streets. The starting event is the arrest of eight special force agents who are accused of reselling and possessing previously seized illegal weapons. A story that travels between present and past and brings the cynical American reality into the spotlight, which has to do with the underworld and racism between crime and institutions.

61. The Terminal List

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: July 1 Platform / Channel: on Prime Video

Adapted from Jack Carr’s work of the same name and directed by Antoine Fuqua, Terminal List stars Chris Pratt as James Reece, a Navy Seal with severe memory problems due to an ambush that ended in tragedy during a secret mission in Syria. Returning to San Diego after the accident, Reece’s main objective will become the discovery of the truth: the reconstruction of the dramatic events at the hands of the feds, in fact, does not fit with his confused memories. A mix between an action series and a psychological thriller that also sees the participation of Taylor Kitsch and Constance Wu.

62. Westworld 4

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: 4 July, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on Sky and NOW

After a two-year wait, the HBO sci-fi saga created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan is back and available in Italy on Sky and NOW. Westworld 4 seems to have found a direction that with the third season seemed lost, resuming the threads of the narrative seven years after the events of the last finale, events so important that they had almost completely revolutionized the plot of the work. We then find old acquaintances in a new context and new characters who seem, however, to belong to old identities (and we know that with Westworld philosophical complexity follows stylistic choices hand in hand). Once again it will be an opportunity to investigate the meaning of free will, continuing a speech suitable for spectators who love challenges, while not giving up a healthy dose of entertainment.

63. The Responder

Number of episodes: 5 Release date: July 6 Platform / Channel: on Disney +

Liverpool-based crime TV series written by former Merseyside police officer Tony Schumacher, The Responder stars a superb Martin Freeman as Chris Carson, a police officer facing a deep personal crisis. Downgraded from inspector to night patrol policeman, Carson alternates work with therapy sessions, while his private life inevitably seems to fall apart. To complete the picture, the weight of his own familiar ghosts: a violent father and a terminally ill mother. A troubled TV series destined to become a real cult.

64. Black Bird

Number of episodes: 6 Release date: from 8 July, on a weekly basis Platform / Channel: on AppleTV +

The Apple TV + catalog is enriched month by month with extremely valid and captivating serial products. The newcomer is Black Bird, the show created by Dennis Lehane, with Taron Egerton, Paul Walter Hauser and Ray Liotta. At the center of the story is James Keene, a former prodigy turned drug dealer who, after being arrested by the feds, is sentenced to ten years in prison. Only way out? To be transferred to a maximum security prison where, taking advantage of his charisma and his talents as a storyteller, he will have to befriend Larry, a serial killer who may soon leave for lack of evidence. James must find out where the man – who is believed to have killed more than ten women – buried his victims, thus earning his sentence overturned.

65. Resident Evil: The Series

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: July 14 Platform / Channel: On Netflix

New adaptation, this time serial, for the Capcom survival horror videogame franchise. Resident Evil: The series, consisting of 8 episodes all available on Netflix, does not seek to adapt the plots present in video games, but to expand the canonical narrative universe. Divided between past and present, the story follows the events of Jade Wesker, daughter of the scientist Albert, first a teenager curious to discover what mysteries lie behind the laboratories of the Umbrella Corporation, then wife and mother in a post-apocalyptic world where the terrible Virus -T decimated the population. It is a series that does not require too much effort from the viewer, combining a teen drama dimension with the purest action. Sure, video game purists might not like it, but the fact remains that Resident Evil:

66. Paper Girls

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: July 29 Platform / Channel: on Prime Video

Please no. Let’s not call it “Prime Video’s Stranger Things”. Because it would mean stopping at the first half hour of Paper Girls, marked by the eighties, by a group of teenagers on bicycles and by a disturbing mystery that is about to hit their city. Beyond the labels, the new Amazon series, based on the comic of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang (published in Italy by Bao Publishing), immediately demonstrates a personality of its own. At the center of the story are four teenagers catapulted into a destabilizing and formative journey through time. Four girls struggling with change and above all with the disappointment of the future. A promising show, which perhaps would have deserved more care in the staging. Merit note for the casting:

67. Irma Vep – Life imitates art

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: from 3 August, two episodes per week Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTv

For some time now, many film directors have been experimenting with the structure of the serial story. Now it is the turn of Olivier Assayas who, with Irma Vep – Life imitates art, dialogues with his 1996 film of the same name. In this 8-episode miniseries, we follow the stories of the actress Mira (played by Alicia Vikander), moved to Paris to play the part of the protagonist in the remake of The Vampires, a classic of French silent cinema. But the subtle difference between the character and the actress, between the set and real life, will slowly begin to fade. An authorial miniseries that reserves surprises, suitable for an audience of cinephiles – who will find a pleasant connection with the 1996 film – but also capable of fascinating the more general audience, thanks to the interpretation of Vikander, which confirms his talent once. moreover.

68. The Sandman

Number of episodes: 11 Release date: 5 August Platform / Channel: On Netflix

A real gem from Netflix, this The Sandman. For years Neil Gaiman’s comic series has been labeled an impossible adaptation, but after several false starts over time, we can finally say that this is no longer the case. Eleven episodes for a first season that fully reflects the poetry and wonder of the literary work, where we follow the events of the Eternal Morpheus, captured at the beginning of the twentieth century by an English magician through a spell and freed after a century. Meanwhile, humans have changed and the Realm of Dreams needs to be rebuilt from scratch. It will be an opportunity for Morpheus to reflect on his existence and on his work, establishing a link with the world of humans that he believed he did not have. A production that shows muscles from a visual point of view and is supported by a particularly well-chosen cast. Full of humanity, but without sacrificing a taste for horror and fantasy, The Sandman is the real August surprise.

69. Locke & Key – Season 3

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: 10 August Platform / Channel: On Netflix

The fantasy tv series, adaptation of the comic of the same name written by Joe Hill and drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez, ends with its third season. In recent years we have followed the brothers Tyler, Kinsey and Bode in their transfer – together with their mother Nina – to the historic family home located in Lovecraft. And it is this ancestral home that is the true protagonist of the show, a place with a thousand secrets that will lead children to the discovery of mysterious magical keys capable of doing the most amazing things. In Locke & Key 3, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode will come into possession of a series of new keys capable of taking them to other worlds as they prepare for the final battle against the demon Gideon. 

70. Five days at the Memorial

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: 12 August, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on AppleTV +

Five Days at the Memorial is an Apple + medical drama miniseries based on Sheri Fink’s book of the same name, inspired by a true story. In the aftermath of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005, Memorial Medical Center hospital runs out of electricity, looming flooding and hellish heat. The staff of the structure, already tried by a disastrous situation, thus finds themselves having to make very difficult choices.

In the cast of Five Days at the Memorial, which develops in 8 episodes, we find Vera Farmiga (The Conjuring) in the role of Dr. Anna Pou, then Cherry Jones, Cornelius Smith Jr. and Robert Pine.

71. Never have I ever … – Season 3

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: 12 August Platform / Channel: On Netflix

The hit teen series from Netflix returns to the small screen this year with a third season that’s more fun than ever. In Never have I ever … 3 we find our protagonist Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) at the beginning of the new year at Sherman Oaks High School, ready to enjoy her much-needed social redemption alongside the most popular boy in the school and her inseparable friends . Those who know the show, however, know that things never go as planned by the girl: between wrong choices, misunderstandings and new loves, in fact, Devi will once again find herself the protagonist of hilarious (dis) adventures. A series that, now in its third chapter, is confirmed as genuine and always faithful to itself, as well as one of the best products of the genre that can be found on the platform.

72. Lazarus Project

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: 12 August Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTv

It is a good mix between science fiction and international espionage Progetto Lazarus, a new series available on NowTv that gravitates around the theme (already seen and reviewed) of time loops. The protagonist of the show is George (Paapa Essiedu), a man forced to relive the same day six months before, in which his marriage and his work successes have not yet taken place. Man is not the only one to find himself in this situation but he seems to be the only one to be aware of it. This is until he comes into contact with the so-called Project Lazarus, a secret organization that exploits the ability to turn back time when the world finds itself in danger of extinction.

73. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

Number of episodes: 9 Released: August 17, one episode per week Platform / Channel: On Disney +

Go for the half-hour comedy format She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, a nine-episode MCU series that chronicles the adventures of lawyer Jennifer Walters (played by an incredible Tatiana Maslany). Coming into contact with the blood of her cousin Bruce Banner / Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) due to an accident, Jennifer acquires her own powers, transforming herself into the very strong (and very green) female version of the superhero. The woman will thus have to juggle her demanding career, the life of a thirty-year-old single and her new identity. A show that she convinces from the point of view of the characters and for its humorous approach but which is a bit lacking in the use of CGI.

74. The Cuphead Series! – Season 2

Number of episodes: 13 Release date: August 19 Platform / Channel: On Netflix

There is an animated series on Netflix that is absolutely irresistible, both for the public of children (real target of the work) and for adults … as long as you let yourself be carried away by the crazy adventures of Cuphead and Mugman. The Cuphead! Series, taken from the famous video game, returns with a second season that is more creative and absurd than the first. With a drawing style reminiscent of the early works of Walt Disney and the Fleischer brothers (the expressive animation of the 1930s), these new short-lived episodes will bring the viewer to know the characteristic inhabitants of the Inkwell Island and to experience stories where the irrationality is the host and the gags follow each other relentlessly.

75. Echoes

Number of episodes: 7 Release date: August 19 Platform / Channel: On Netflix

Echoes is a 7-episode Netflix miniseries that tells the story of twin sisters, Leni and Gina. Since they are little, the two girls, taking advantage of their similarity, are used to exchange identities to facilitate each other’s life and overcome some obstacles. Leni still lives in their hometown, she is married to her former school boyfriend and runs a horse farm. Gina, on the other hand, moved to Los Angeles, became a writer and is married to Charlie. When Leni suddenly disappears, Gina joins her family to help track down her sister. This event, however, will bring to light the too many secrets and the double life of the twins. In the cast of Echoes, we find Michelle Monaghan and Matt Bomer.

76. Bad Sisters

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: from 19 August, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTv

Bad Sisters is a new dark-mystery comedy Apple TV + series that has been compared to Desperate Housewives. At the center of the plot are five sisters, who find themselves close again due to a tragedy, the death of the husband of one of them, Grace (Anne-Marie Duff). Alongside Grace in this difficult time, the other sisters Garvey, the eldest, Eva (Sharon Horgan), Ursula (Eva Birthistle), Bibi (Sarah Greene) and the youngest child, Becca (Eve Hewson) huddle. As the narrative continues, we discover that behind the death of Grace’s husband (played by Klaes Bang, who someone will remember in the Dracula miniseries) lies a story of psychological abuse.

77. House of the Dragon

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: from 22 August, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTv

If you were missing the palace intrigues and the power struggles of the first seasons of Game of Thrones, but without giving up the amazing visual spectacle of the last episodes, you can’t miss a series that will make you rekindle (it really should be said) the passion for the world created by George RR Martin. House of the Dragon, a prequel series set almost 200 years before the events of the parent series, tells of the internal clash of the Targaryen family for the succession to the king. On the one hand Daemon (Matt Smith), brother of the regent; on the other, the eldest daughter Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock), sidelined because she was a woman in a patriarchal world. House of the Dragon is already a success: renewed in record time for a second season, it is already inheriting the Game of Thrones fanbaseand, we’re sure, it will be HBO’s new fantasy phenomenon.

78. See – Season 3

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: August 26, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on AppleTV +

With its third season, the post-apocalyptic TV series starring Jason Momoa comes to an end and set in a future in which men, due to a virus, have lost the ability to see. Only a handful of people – including Baba’s (Momoa) twins – have retained the gift of sight, which is considered a heresy in this new world of blindness and tribal life. In the final episodes of See, a scientist develops a fearsome new weapon that he can see and that aims to threaten the future of humanity. Baba will be forced, once again, to save his tribe.

79. Skam Italia 5

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: from 1 September Platform / Channel: on Netflix

With Skam Italia 5, the Netflix series is reconfirmed as one of the most loved by young people. The fifth season continues the vicissitudes of the “historical” protagonists of the series, flanked by new characters. At the center of the story, however, there is the character of Elia (played by Francesco Centorame), who introduces a delicate theme, linked to sexuality and self-acceptance. An issue that has also been much debated on the media and on social networks.

80. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: starting September 2, one episode per week Platform / Channel: on Prime Video

One of the most anticipated series of the year, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is the colossal serial of Amazon Prime Video. The series is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the events narrated in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. At the center of this story a character we know well, the elf Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), the only one who seems to perceive an imminent threat, namely the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron. After making an alliance with the people of Númenor, Galadriel will depart for the Southern Lands, where an army of Orcs is gathering. In addition to the elves and humans of Middle-earth, in the course of the series we will also know the people of the dwarves and that of the shy footed feet.

81. Cobra Kai 5

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: from 9 September Platform / Channel: on Netflix

There is no doubt that Cobra Kai has quickly established itself as one of the cult series of recent years, thanks to a narrative that increasingly abandons every aspect of verisimilitude to focus on one thing: entertainment. Now in its fifth season, once again available on Netflix, the series that continues the story of the protagonists of Karate Kid is now deliberately pushed to excess, with the recovery of many characters from the film saga ready to clash with martial arts blows. One might think that we need more substantial news after five seasons (and indeed it is), but it is impossible to want to hurt a series that can play with our feelings like Cobra Kai.

82. The Serpent Queen

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: from 11 September Platform / Channel: on Starzplay

At the center of the series available on Starzplay we find the famous Queen of France of Italian origins, Caterina de ‘Medici. The series explores the accession to the throne, the intrigues of the court, the difficulties and the triumphs of a woman who has marked her history in her time and in subsequent generations. In the cast Samantha Morton, Charles Dance, Liv Hill and Ludivine Sagnier.

83. I May Destroy You – Trauma and rebirth

Number of episodes: 12 Release date: from 20 September Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTV

A miniseries arrives two years late and in 2020 it was acclaimed as one of the most original and contemporary products of the moment. I May Destroy You, an HBO series in 12 episodes of about 30 minutes, with us on Sky and NOW, tells the story of a successful influencer writer named Arabella, who one night, instead of working on her second book, joins a group of friends in a bar. She will wake up with a broken phone and a cut on her forehead and she will have to try to reconstruct the events of the past night. Michaela Coel directs, writes and interprets, thus giving a series that not only, with its dose of mystery, keeps the viewer glued to the screen, but manages to tell the generation of Millennials through an intelligent point of view, straddling the honesty and satire, between lightness and political weight,

84. Andor

Number of episodes: 12 Release date: first three episodes from 21 September, then one per week Platform / Channel: on Disney +

The Star Wars universe seems to have found a second youth with its original TV series available on Disney +. Andor was a long-awaited project (even from the distant 2018), which tells the past of one of the protagonists of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the 2017 blockbuster film. Diego Luna is Cassian Andor, an outlaw who will assist and contribute to the creation of the Rebellion. Their goal? Undermining and breaking free from the coils of the evil Galactic Empire. The staid rhythm and the slightly more adult and mature tone than the other productions of the brand make Andor a series to keep an eye on. The first season will consist of 12 episodes with a weekly release and a second season has already been confirmed.

85. Petra 2

Number of episodes: 4 Release date: from September 16, a seventh episode Platform / Channel: on Sky and streaming on NowTV

The investigator played by Paola Cortellesi, an actress known for being one of the most recognizable faces of Italian comedy, but here perfectly at ease even in more dramatic circumstances, returns to Sky and NOW with four new episodes. Petra, together with Deputy Inspector Antonio, will have to solve other murder cases in her noir-tinged Genoa. Four episodes with the duration of a film (90 minutes per episode) which, through a rather classic system, still manage to stand out in the series belonging to the same genre, thanks to an excellent alchemy between the protagonists and a particular attention to the emotional side of the affair.

86. Prism

Number of episodes: 8 Release date: from 21 September Platform / Channel: on Prime Video

That Italian seriality is trying to make itself international is shown by another Prime series (after Bang Bang Baby) which could be defined as Italy’s answer to Euphoria. Prisma is an adolescent series, which tells of loves and friendships, but it is also a coming-of-age novel set proudly in our present. Reluctant to cage the characters in predefined roles, Prisma shows today’s adolescence, more fluid, complex, but above all realistic. And with a sensitivity that the cast, made up mostly of young debut actors, is able to demonstrate in the best possible way.

87. Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer

Number of episodes: 10 Release date: from 21 September Platform / Channel: on Netflix

Monster – The story of Jeffrey Dahmer is a miniseries that marks a new collaboration between Ryan Murphy and actor Evan Peters, a partnership that began with the first season of American Horror Story and which is conveyed here by another terrifying story, that of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer who killed 17 boys between 1978 and 1991. The story of the Cannibal of Milwaukee, as Jeffrey Dahmer was dubbed by the media, is one of the harshest, darkest and most unhealthy of the American crime news. Dahmer used to lure guys into gay clubs to take them to his house and kill them. After torturing and killing them, he dismembered the bodies of the victims, kept parts of their bodies or parts of their skeletons, and used to commit acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. These premises to say that the Ryan Murphy series is not for everyone and although it has captured the attention of many viewers, it has alienated others due to the particularly raw scenes. There were also some protests from the families of Darhmer’s victims, who had not been contacted during the making of the series and found themselves facing the consequences of the release on Netflix at short notice.

88. Wanna

Number of episodes: 4 Release date: from 21 September Platform / Channel: on Netflix

Netflix hits the spot again with Wanna, a four-episode documentary focusing on Wanna Marchi and her daughter Stefania Nobile and their rise, television success and the judicial vicissitudes that led to their arrest and sentencing in the early 2000s. Wanna and Stefania they tell each other in a long interview that traces their lives, their origins, the incredible success with the telesales of cosmetics and slimming products and the meeting with the “magician” Mario Pacheco do Nascimento who gave a turning point to their career. The documentary, which we talked about in the review of Wanna, is a compelling tale about a controversial yet fascinating character, but it is also a faithful portrait of what Italy was like in the 1980s and 1990s. Among the testimonies collected by the authors of Wanna, those of other famous television salesmen stand out (remember the legendary Roberto Da Crema?), but also former collaborators and extremely ambiguous and disturbing characters who swirled around the two entrepreneurs. Wanna is a documentary that excites, amuses and surprises until the end.

89. The Old Man

Number of episodes: 7 Release date: September 28 Platform / Channel: on Disney +

Spy TV series based on Thomas Perry’s novel of the same name, The Old Man stars Don Chase, a former CIA agent who lives in the shadows after fleeing the organization decades earlier. However, when a hitman tracks him down and tries to kill him, the man will begin a desperate flight through the United States and among the different identities acquired over the years, while his former employers and his former employers also begin to hunt him down. FBI. Meanwhile, the encounter with a divorced woman and with children who now live far from home, will forever change her life and her prospects for the future. A refined and exciting spy story with a great Jeff Bridges as the protagonist.

90. This England

Number of episodes: 4 Release date: from 30 September Platform / Channel: on Sky Atlantic and streaming on NowTV

Director Michael Winterbottom directs Kenneth Branagh as (now former) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This England is a miniseries with a strong social character, in which it is investigated how Johnson has managed the Covid-19 pandemic in the past years. To do this, Winterbottom chooses to give the work a rapid pace, like a news program intent on staging a harsh reality, without forgetting a strong key of denunciation towards the protagonist that makes This England a miniseries between fiction and story of inquiry. Kenneth Branagh, under the makeup that transforms him into Johnson, gives a masterful interpretation. Available on Sky and NOW.