10 most beautiful men in the world

When it is said that it is difficult to choose… surely one of the hardest choices is to decide who is the most beautiful man in the world. Recently we also tried it with women, and this is our result!

The title of the most beautiful man in the world is certainly among the most coveted: in the golden years it was fought by extremely sexy and fascinating men, among which we find Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp ; more recently, we have no choice but to name Robert Pattinson or Ian Somerhalder . Who has more of it, wherever you turn it is an eternal race.

This is why we also wanted to draw up the ranking of the most beautiful men in the world of this year just past, 2021 , a year that for the 10 personalities we will see was extremely significant and this, together with their beauty, has decreed their place in the standings. But we never forget that beauty is extremely subjective: what is beautiful is not beautiful, what one likes is beautiful!

You are ready? So, let’s get started!

Micheal B. Jordan

most beautiful men in the world of 2021

In 2020, actor Michael B. Jordan was voted the sexiest man in the world; even if this year he had to pass his scepter to him, he could not miss in our ranking.

Regé-Jean Page

most beautiful men in the world 2021

His face is now inevitable and we have all learned to love him: we are talking about Regè-Jean Page , British actor absolute protagonist of Bridgerstone , a decidedly sparkling TV series signed by Shonda and broadcast on Netflix. The actor has been hugely talked about this year and his part in the TV series may in fact have opened up several avenues for him.

It certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Harry Styles

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

A style icon who has embraced the fluidity and beauty of not being labeled, handsome and talented actor, model, Harry Styles cannot miss from this ranking. Ah, I forgot, the boy is also very good at singing …

Henry Cavill

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

We know that Henry Cavill is one of the most beautiful actors around today since he got the part of Superman, his blue eyes are unmistakable even behind the thick lenses of Clark Kent. But 2021 was his year, the year in which we finally saw him wearing the – perfect – role of Witcher Geralt of Rivia for the second time, for the Netflix series whose second season arrived last December 17th. .

Henry Cavill is so handsome that he even looks good with long gray hair and yellow eyes. More than this…

Chris Hemsworth

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

That of the Hemsworth family will be luck or call it what you want, the fact is that it is impossible not to fall in love with one of the brothers. But we put Chris in the ranking, very busy playing the part of Thor for the Marvel universe.

Mariano di Vaio

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

There is also an Italian in the ranking of the most beautiful men of 2021 and the lucky one is the model and influencer Mariano di Vaio : one can only say congratulations to the mother. They envy us all over the world!

Shawn Mendes

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

Fresh from a love disappointment, singer Shawn Mendes is too good to be true for us. We are sorry only because together with Camila Cabello he formed a really nice couple. Not bad boys and girls, now it’s free!

Paul Rudd

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

Paul Rudd , interpreter of Antman, a film from the Marvel universe, is considered by People to be the sexiest man of 2021, so he has a little advantage. We agree: it seems that Paul never gets old indeed, his smile is always more radiant and fascinating.

Kim Taehyung

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

Kim Taeyhung , known by the fans of the band he belongs to, BTS , under the pseudonym V, sings, dances, is an actor, model, composer and so on and so forth. Along with all this, the 26-year-old just happens to be beautiful too! Generally regarded as the most beautiful even among his companions, V makes the hearts of people all over the world beat faster, and not just for his beautiful baritone voice.

Jason Momoa

most beautiful men in the world in 2021

But on the podium to the sound of triton shots there can only be him, Jason Momoa , the Aquaman of the DC Universe as well as being watched this year for his part in the film Dune, by Denis Villeneuve .

This is the ranking of the most beautiful men in the world in 2021: do you think someone is missing? Who do you think is the man who deserves to be in first place? Write it in the comments!