How to meet new people: Useful tips for making new friends

How to meet new people?  This is certainly one of the most common questions among students who want to broaden their circle of friends and go to new places.

The idea of  ​​making new acquaintances  in some people can be intimidating. However, once you get over the initial embarrassment and figure out how to break the ice, meeting people is definitely rewarding. Friends form a large part of our life and they share our ups and downs, pains and joys. Precisely for this reason, without friends our life would not be the same.

But how do you find new friends and expand your circle of acquaintances? In this guide we will explain the best practices you can use to meet new people and increase your social network, even if you are shy and reserved.

How to meet new people and expand your social network

If for some time you have been telling yourself “I would like to make new friends” then you are reading the guide that suits your needs. You must know that a fairly widespread social problem concerns the ability to make new friends and expand one’s network of acquaintances. For some people, making friends is extremely easy, while for others the task is more difficult. If you’re in this second category, fear not – here are the best tips on how to meet new people easily.

1 – Overcome the obstacle of the first approach

Often the biggest obstacle in knowing someone is in our head. What does it mean? We are so focused on making a good impression and maintaining a conversation that it all seems almost scary to us. This initial worry risks turning into a fear, which even unknowingly prevents us from making new friends.

Shyness towards others is actually a result of this fear. If you think about it, however, this initial block that hits you could also affect the person you’re trying to get to know. In reality, others are just as “scared” as you are.

So try to live these moments with absolute tranquility. Nobody wants to judge you after ten minutes of conversation, and if they do, they may not be the best person to befriend.

2 – Be yourself

How to make new friends if we pretend to be who we are not? If you really want to meet new people, one of the rules to follow is to be yourself. Don’t worry about being different from who you are in reality. Too many times, in an attempt to be brilliant, interesting and pleasing to each other, we tend to hide our true personality. In fact, many people play a part trying to be what others expect him to be. Pretending to be stronger and more confident could even prove harmful and pave the way for a greater sense of loneliness. You know that feeling of being alone in a crowd? Here, the risk, when you are not yourself, is precisely this: to be appreciated for those who are not and not to feel understood.

On the contrary, by showing who you really are, you can turn mere acquaintances into friends.

3 – Attend meeting places

Once you have overcome the initial shyness and become aware of who you are, here is a third tip on how to get acquainted . It is time to go to meeting places to expand your circle of friends.

In fact, there are places that lend themselves well to creating situations where you can easily interact with other people and break the ice in a few minutes. We are talking, for example, of bars, recreational clubs, refreshment points, gyms. Identify these places and use your hobbies and passions to connect with other people. This advice deserves a few more details: let’s find out together!

how to meet new people group

4 – Attend local events

One way to socialize and meet new people is to attend local events. Think about how many initiatives are organized in your city. In summer, for example, many municipalities organize festivals and fairs. A good idea might be to invite a colleague to go together so they can get to know you better. If you don’t know how to make friends with strangers, this could be a good solution.

5 – Search among your acquaintances

If you really want to know how to make more friends , another good idea is to start with your own circle of acquaintances. Your own acquaintances may in fact introduce you to many interesting people. How?

You don’t necessarily have to go out alone and meet ten strangers to have a friend. There are probably people you already know who could nurture your new social circle and introduce you to other people.

For example, let’s talk about:

  • Business colleagues or students attending undergraduate degrees at your university
  • Friends of people you know and have dated in the past
  • Someone who has shown interest in being your friend
  • People you meet from time to time but don’t have a real direct relationship with
  • Friends with whom you have gradually lost touch
  • Cousins ​​or relatives of your age

By trying to hang out with people you already know, you could expand your circle of acquaintances and friendships.

6 – Develop your interests

The other way to meet new people is to develop your own interests. Start making a list of the things you like to do. Cinema, theater, reading, sport: all this represents one more opportunity to make new friends.

If you are a movie buff, you might want to try going to a newly released movie with a colleague who shares the same passion as you. If you can’t find anyone to go with, why not try doing it yourself? You may meet other lone movie buffs like you to comment on the movie with.

Another way to meet people is the gym. If you are someone who likes to play sports, gyms are the ideal place to meet new people and share common passions.

In short, by developing your interests, you can also expand your circle of friends.

7 – Maintain contact and scale the model

To meet new people, you need to free yourself from prejudices and fears, go to new places and, if there is the possibility, start from old acquaintances.

Once you have expanded your circle, your “job” is to maintain friendships. Once you’ve made a couple of friends, you already have a good foundation to work on. If you’re not super social in nature, a good friend or two may be all it takes to be happy.

8 – Show yourself a reliable person

In friendship, what matters is to be loyal and trustworthy. If you don’t want to lose a friend you truly care about, make your presence felt and prove yourself a trustworthy person. Make your friends feel that you are someone they can rely on. Be specific and respectful. Small gestures can make a difference.

9 – Use online apps

While ours is a guide on how to make new acquaintances , that doesn’t mean that apps for meeting new people are banned. There are many apps created specifically to promote knowledge between people. Aside from the sites on which to meet your soul mate, there are many opportunities to meet new people online. Many apps also organize virtual events which you could participate in if you are interested in the topic. Through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram you could reconnect with people you haven’t seen for a long time. You could also always be informed about events concerning your passions and interact with interesting communities.

Loneliness: what to do to overcome it

The ones we have listed so far are practical on how to make more friends by overcoming shyness and developing your network of contacts.

Unfortunately, there are situations in which the inability to interact with others goes far beyond a simple initial shyness. This is the case of those who suffer from loneliness, a state of mind that is certainly not pathological, but which requires more effort. For this reason we want to dedicate the conclusion of our guide to the topic. So that you can be of help to those suffering from this condition.

Loneliness represents a state of mind, almost always not voluntary, which negatively affects our psychological well-being.

The feeling of not being important, the sense of sadness and distrust of others can often cause more serious forms of depression. However, it is good to know that there is always a remedy and a way to get better. So let’s see how to overcome loneliness and be able to create friendships.

Stop feeling prone to loneliness

The first step is to stop believing that you have a loneliness-prone personality. The more one believes such a thing, the more difficult it is to free oneself from this state.

Be demanding with yourself

If your tendency is to wait for luck to kiss you and put the people you want in your way, stop now. You must learn to want the best for yourself and have the strength to change. Loneliness is a state of mind that can be solved through an inner change.

Take the initiative

Even if you feel stuck inside you, try to take the initiative. Take heart and act with all your might. Don’t be afraid of blushing or having a broken voice. After the first attempts, the discomfort will disappear and you will become more confident in yourself. So if you really want to meet new people, you should act first.

Don’t insist

When you meet a new person, the fear of not liking the other may play a trick on you and get carried away. Try not to insist on friendship, take what happens lightly and learn to be patient. Don’t expect more of others than they can give you at that moment.

Now that we have also talked about how to deal with loneliness, we can say that we have said everything about making new friends . All you have to do is put our advice into practice and immediately dedicate yourself to research.