Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

This guide will help you understand which are the best vacuum cleaners , divided into various categories and uses. No matter the size or type of your home: from the small apartment to the large villa, from the presence of carpets or pets and children, we immediately discover which are the perfect products for your individual needs.

A brief introduction

Looking for a modern and avant -garde vacuum cleaner with which to carry out household chores with ease?

Whatever the type of your home, the best appliances are able to speed up the cleaning routine and guarantee the best in terms of silence, speed and excellent value for money; the reason? The growing marketing of vacuum cleaners and electric brooms of all types, shapes and sizes allows you to choose from a wide range of products, ideal for every consumer need.

In this article we have opened a brief informative overview about the best vacuum cleaners , so as to follow you step-by-step in choosing a tool that is able to meet your expectations in the short and long term.

Best vacuum cleaners: reviews and tips

This is our list of the best vacuum cleaners of the moment :

  • Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner – Rowenta RO2933
  • Amazon Basics Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner
  • Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT
  • Proscenic P11 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Ecovacs Robotics Deebot N8 PRO
  • Dreame L10s Ultra – Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaning with Self-Cleaning Station
  • Tineco iFLOOR 3 Floor scrubber
  • Aspirabriciole senza fili BLACK+DECKER DVJ325J-QW
  • Bissell 2026M MultiClean Wet & Dry multifunction vacuum cleaner

Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner – Rowenta RO2933

Rowenta RO2933

For those who want to start getting familiar with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a cyclonic collection system without spending exorbitant amounts, surely the Rowenta RO2933 represents a valid solution considering also its excellent value for money.

Compact in size and able to move with a wide range of action thanks to the 7.6 meter long cable , this Rowenta bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner model is equipped with a kit of accessories that allow you to keep an old house in order. medium size that needs a good daily cleaning.

In detail, we are talking about a high-efficiency brush that cleans hard floors, carpets and rugs very well, a crevice nozzle capable of reaching tight spots and a very good upholstery nozzle on sofas and armchairs.

Dirt accumulates inside the transparent tank which is very easy to empty and the three-level filter is able to retain up to 99.98% of dust particles so that you always have a healthy and clean environment around you.

The low weight – just 5 kg – makes it very easy to handle and the noise level – 77 dB – is also within the average expected for this type of products as well as the capacity of the dust container which is equal to 2 liter

Amazon Basics Multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner

Amazon Basics cylinder vacuum cleaner

Amazon Basics cylinder vacuum cleaner

Amazon Basics’ multi-cyclonic trailed vacuum cleaner is one of the most purchased budget vacuum cleaners of the last year.

Compact and not too bulky to drag, the vacuum cleaner weighs 6.8 kg but is very handy and light in the part that is used to clean surfaces and that must be handled.

This cyclonic device is capable of developing a suction power of 700 W and is available in three different sizes regarding the size of the intake cylinder: 1.5 L, 2.0 L or 2.5 L. The basket has a blue color with the other black plastic components.

To ensure excellent suction levels, the vacuum cleaner has a knob that allows you to adjust the suction power if, in addition to simple dust, it is also necessary to suck up larger elements that need more suction energy given their weight.

During the suction phase, the air sucked in with dirt passes through a HEPA filter capable of capturing over 99.5% of dust particles, cleaning the air exiting the filter. The filter itself is washable and can therefore be reused for a new suction cycle without the need to purchase a new one.

Being a cyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner, it does not have dust bags. In this way, maintenance costs are also further amortized.

In addition to the main accessory for cleaning floors, the vacuum broom with switch between tiles and carpets, the vacuum cleaner is supplied with an accessory for precision cleaning that is the classic fine-mouthed tube in hard black plastic, the accessory for cleaning. cleaning the upholstery and finally the cleaning brush for cushions and hard surfaces.

The suction noise when in operation is 78 dB , not very quiet but still an acceptable noise given the suction power.

Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT

Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT

Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT

With the Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT cordless electric broom we are faced with a cordless vacuum cleaner therefore characterized by a battery that must be charged to face the cleaning cycles.

When we move away from the trailed vacuum cleaners we are faced with greater handling and a lower weight, this Hoover model weighs 2.6 kg. The consequence of such a low weight is the size of the dust collection bin which has a capacity of 0.9 L, it will therefore be necessary to empty it quite frequently.

Nothing complicated as it will be enough to press the red button on the bottom of the container to open the lower door and let the contents fall. It is possible to wash the components piece by piece for optimal maintenance but in this case it is necessary to make sure to completely dry each piece before turning the vacuum cleaner on again to avoid short circuits that compromise the functionality of the device.

In any case, a good quality of construction materials and a careful eye to the cleaning needs of those who will use it can be immediately observed, for example the cleaning roller is easy to remove in order to guarantee easy and fast maintenance, especially when it will be necessary to go to remove hair and dust from the brush bristles. Another very important plus is the possibility of blocking the trigger that activates the suction. In fact, it is enough to touch it twice to activate the continuous cleaning mode that will allow us not to have to hold the button down during all cleaning.

Last noteworthy trick is found on the brush which is equipped with LED lights to illuminate dark floors and make visible the areas already passed by those still to be cleaned during cleaning under the furniture.

The battery life is around 20 minutes of use, if you believe that your home may need a longer battery life it is still possible to buy an extra battery since this vacuum cleaner has a removable battery.

Last note in favor of this vacuum cleaner is the possibility of leaving the electric broom vertically on itself, without the need to place it on chairs or furniture.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the Hoover H-FREE 100 HF122GPT is equipped with a brush brush for delicate surfaces and a hard plastic crevice nozzle for the tightest spaces.

Proscenic P11 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

proscenic P11

Proscenic P11

Having arrived on the market a few years ago, but already capable of establishing itself as a leader in the sector, the Chinese company Proscenic has launched several home care products that immediately attracted attention for high performance and advanced technology.

The Proscenic P11 cordless vacuum cleaner represents one of the strong pieces of the brand thanks to its innovative and captivating design and its latest generation performance.

Equipped with a 450W Brushless motor capable of preserving battery deterioration and prolonging the performance of the vacuum cleaner over time, the Proscenic P11 weighs only 1.8 kg – with an accessory mounted it can reach a maximum of 2.8 kg – , is equipped with a tank with a capacity of 650 ml and a very intuitive touch display on which it is possible to view and adjust the cleaning mode, the battery level and the presence of any malfunctions.

The suction power is very high – we are talking about 2500 Pa – and can be adjusted according to 3 different levels to adapt its performance to every single need. The autonomy it can reach also depends on the suction power, in fact, set on the first level it easily reaches 60 minutes, while the 4-stage filtering system – among which the HEPA filter stands out – allows you to eliminate all traces of dust for also preserve those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Also in this case, the accessories supplied are numerous and, if desired, the Proscenic P11 can also be used as a floor cleaner by filling the water tank and using the specific accessory equipped with a microfibre cloth to clean any type of surface. One of the best vacuum cleaners of the year .

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Ecovacs Robotics Deebot N8 PRO

ecovacs n8 pro 2021

Ecovacs N8 Pro

The Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 Pro is a 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner, this means that in addition to carrying out normal cleaning activities by vacuuming the floor autonomously, it is able to wash the surfaces at the same time using a damp cloth and a water tank. water and cleaning solution.

The maximum height of the device in correspondence with it is 9.4 cm, a measure that allows the robot to efficiently clean most of the environments, managing to pass easily under most of the furniture. The diameter of the robot is instead 25.3 cm in line with this type of devices with a total weight of 3.6 kg.

Aesthetically it looks like a normal robot vacuum cleaner, characterized by a circular shape of white color with light gray finishes around the navigation tower and at the front side edge it is possible to observe a rubber anti-collision insert and the TrueDetect 3D sensors to identify the objects scattered on the ground.

Another technology integrated in this 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner is certainly the presence of numerous anti-fall sensors, 6 specifically arranged in a radial pattern on the perimeter of the robot, which make it usable even on the upper floors of a house arranged on several levels.

Like every robot vacuum cleaner, it has a dust collection tank, accessible by lifting the white panel on the upper side of the device, a central brush to capture and collect the dust by means of its mechanical rotating action, two lateral rotating brushes that are used to convey the dust towards the main brush and lastly being a floor cleaner the water tank and a mop to allow the surfaces to be washed.

Thanks to sensors that allow the recognition of the carpets, the robot is able to recognize the soft surfaces on which it is passing in order to increase the suction power and at the same time to interrupt the washing mode so as not to damage the upholstery.

Once out of the area, the robot will resume the functions set via the app previously. In fact, inside the Application it is possible to set the suction power (four options) and the amount of water to be used for washing (four options).

The strong point of the robot is certainly its suction power which is 2600 Pa, a remarkable force especially in relation to its noise level of 67 decibels in maximum suction power.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS DEEBOT N8 PRO robot vacuum cleaner with cleaning function, suction power …

  • INTELLIGENT OBJECT DETECTION: With TrueDetect 3D real-time detecting and avoiding obstacles, N8 PRO detects small objects such as slippers, toys or carpets with precision to the level …
  • PRECISE LASER MAPPING AND NAVIGATION: With d-ToF TrueMapping technology, N8 PRO maps your home with 4X accuracy compared to previous DEEBOT with LDS. Save maps of your home to multiple …

Dreame L10s Ultra – Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaning with Self-Cleaning Station

Dreame L10s Ultra

Dreame L10s Ultra

A premium product from the Dreame company, the Dreame L10s Ultra was released in October 2022 and is by far one of the most complete and performing robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers on the market .

The mission of the parent company for the creation of this device was to create a semi-autonomous product, capable of independently performing most of the tasks it intends to perform. It was possible to achieve this higher degree of autonomy by creating a charging station capable of carrying out a series of maintenance actions for us.

Starting from the general design of the actual robot, this one does not present great aesthetic novelties compared to others, it is white in color, with high quality plastics and measures 35 cm in diameter. On the front of the robot it is also possible to observe the AI ​​action camera, an integral part of the navigation and object recognition system.

The total height with the included lidar navigation turret is 9.7 cm, enough to ensure good cleaning under most furniture. The robot is also equipped with excellent tracked wheels that allow it to tackle and overcome differences in height of a few centimeters without getting stuck inexorably.

The big difference that sets it apart from many 2-in-1 robots, however, is on the bottom of the device; unlike many competitors, in fact, we do not find a visible water tank which in this model is inside the body of the robot but above all we can observe the presence of two magnetic mops able to rotate on themselves up to 180 times in a minute.

Together with the superior washing abilities the robot boasts a maximum suction power of 5300Pa and a renewed design for the central dust collection brush with anti-tangle technology and the presence of a single rotating brush on the right side of the robot.

The charging base as we said is the real revolution of this robot, a revolution that makes it semi-autonomous. Through the charging base, the device is in fact able to self-empty the dust container once each cleaning cycle is finished. The dust is conveyed inside a normal vacuum cleaner bag.

Another capacity of the charging station is dedicated to washing floors; in fact, in the upper section of the same it is possible to find two containers dedicated to water, respectively clean and dirty, with a section in the center dedicated to a small tank with the detergent for floors.

In addition to supplying the robot with clean water, the charging station takes care of washing the robot mops and when the cleaning operation is complete the charging station dries the small rags in order to prevent the proliferation of mold or bacteria. which can cause bad smells.

Dreame L10s Ultra Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Scrubber with Self-Cleaning Station (Empty Dust, …

  • [Advanced Technology] DrameBot L10s Ultra is a perfect combination of the most popular robotic cleaning technologies, a fully automated robot vacuum cleaner that cleans floors and …
  • [Fully Automated Cleaning] The automatic emptying system uses the unique DualBoost 2.0 technology, which is designed with low noise to self empty in seconds the …

Tineco iFLOOR 3 Floor scrubber

Tineco iFLOOR 3 Floor scrubber

Tineco iFLOOR 3 Floor scrubber

This Tineco model represents an excellent solution for those who want a modern cordless electric scrubber capable of effectively vacuuming and washing with a single gesture thanks to a high-performance motorized roller.

Very easy to handle in all its components and made with excellent materials, the Tineco floor cleaner is very handy thanks to its weight of just 4.5 kg and has an LCD display on which to display various functions and warnings

One of its strong points is certainly the automatic cleaning function that makes life even easier for those who can’t stand the final cleaning phase of the floor cleaner, in fact, once the house cleaning is finished, just empty the dirty water tank and fill it. with clean water, press the self-cleaning button to ensure that the device autonomously cleans the roller and its various ducts.

In this regard, the clean water tank has a capacity of 600 ml, while the dirty water tank has a capacity of 500 ml. The HEPA filter guarantees effective and allergy-proof cleaning and, once its work is done, in addition to cleaning itself, it can be recharged at its convenient charging station.

Tineco iFLOOR3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Floor Cleaning, Dry / Water Cleaning for Floors and …

  • Smart Washing, More Time for You: Tineco’s iFLOOR3 cordless and bagless vacuum cleaner sucks and mops the floor at the same time. So you will have to spend less time and get a cleaning …
  • Powerful & Quiet Suction: We’ve put together the best technology to create the powerful spatula-free digital motor with the best noise-isolating materials.

Aspirabriciole senza fili BLACK+DECKER DVJ325J-QW

Aspirabriciole senza fili BLACK+DECKER DVJ325J-QW

Aspirabriciole senza fili BLACK+DECKER DVJ325J-QW

This is the best-selling handheld vacuum cleaner in the last year and, moreover, the well-known company Black & Decker knows about products and accessories intended for cleaning the house and its care. Thanks to its 27 Wh of power it is able to vacuum even very small components so that its performance is close to that of a common electric broom.

The Black & Decker cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a solid and robust design given by the excellent quality of the construction materials – premium plastic – and, in the front, has a nozzle that can be extended according to any cleaning need so as to being able to reach even the places that are usually difficult to clean.

The dust container has a capacity of 610 ml and the convenient opening allows immediate emptying, moreover it can be completely extracted from the main body of the handheld vacuum cleaner to be washed and always kept in perfect condition.

The presence of the lithium battery guarantees greater autonomy (10/16 min ) and charging speed (about 6 hours against the 14/16 that require other models), while the cyclonic action and the double action filtering system make this highly performing handheld vacuum cleaner.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to use and handle even in the presence of animal hair that is collected with extreme ease and efficiency just like a common vacuum cleaner would do. It weighs only 1.55 kg and supports 2 speed levels (Eco and Boost), while the accessories range includes the aforementioned extendable crevice nozzle and a foldable brush.

BLACK + DECKER DVJ325J-QW Powerful Wireless Mini Vacuum Cleaner with Lithium Battery, Vacuum Nozzle …

  • Powerful lithium battery-powered tabletop vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the design of the nozzle and its suction power, it reaches the most critical points. Lithium technology guarantees full power …
  • Removable and washable transparent container, for maximum cleaning and performance monitoring. With cyclonic action, to reduce the risk of filter obstruction and optimize over time …

Bissell 2026M MultiClean Wet & Dry multifunction vacuum cleaner

Bissell 2026M MultiClean Wet & Dry

Bissell 2026M MultiClean Wet & Dry

Leader in the industrial and household cleaning sector, Bissel always offers very valid and innovative products that often teach other brands.

One of its latest products that is enjoying greater success is certainly the 2026M multifunction vacuum cleaner which, in its shape, is very reminiscent of a common vacuum cleaner bin, but which in essence is capable of effectively cleaning both inside and outside the home by thoroughly vacuuming both dry debris and liquids.

This model has a 1500 Watt motor and is equipped with a 23 liter tank, features that increase its versatility since the Bissel multifunction vacuum cleaner can be used both at home and in the garage, or in the garden or cellar.

The included accessories allow for various uses such as, for example, the machine cleaning kit, the multifunction brush that, with a simple touch of the foot, cleans hard floors and carpets with the same effectiveness. ‘specific accessory to collect liquids on large surfaces and save time or the 3 specific nozzles that allow you to inflate and deflate mats and other inflatable items.

In addition, the Bissel multifunction vacuum cleaner can also work as a blower in case you need to remove leaves and debris.

Types of vacuum cleaners: which one to buy?

types of the best vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaner

The bagless vacuum cleaner is a type that allows you to vacuum any content using the bagless technology that collects all the dirt in a collection bucket. This can then be conveniently extracted, cleaned and then repositioned for a new use.

Thanks to the filters inside it is not necessary to empty the tank every time and above all germs and bacteria are retained and therefore not released into the air when the container compartment is opened for emptying. The dirt is therefore automatically separated .

In addition to cleaning the tank, it is also important to replace the filters in order to keep the absorption capacity and power intact. In the case of the more advanced cyclonic-type models, filtering increases but everything, as in the standard models, ends up in the special internal box, with greater power that allows even the smallest particle to be incorporated in the best possible way.

Best bagless vacuum cleaners

Electric brooms

The electric broom is one of the most used models for cleaning the house, it has an easy to manage structure that develops in length. The appliance is able to remove crumbs, dirt and dust from every corner and also from sofas, armchairs, tables.

The suction system is similar to the vacuum cleaner: the motor is small in size and is connected to a filtering system at the end of which there is a removable tank.

The biggest difference with a vacuum cleaner is in the structure. The electric broom is particularly handy and therefore easily portable from one room to another, very light, with a specially designed design and a very small motor that does not affect the power.

Developing in length it also does not require any towing fatigue but everything is correctly balanced. The electric broom can be with or without a bag and with or without cord. Some models offer the possibility of detaching the mini vacuum for the table. It is the ideal model for those who have a space that is not too large and need a cleaning system for daily life, fast and easy to use.

Best cordless electric brooms

Robot vacuum cleaner

The most modern of the suction systems is a real autonomous vacuum cleaner , combined with sensors and robotic units that allow it to be managed remotely and guarantee the cleaning of the whole environment through special programming.

The operation of the robot vacuum cleaners is the same as the other household appliances but their functionality is based on the ultra-small size and the ability of the product to function without humans. The robots are in fact able to clean environments in full autonomy, thanks to the motion sensors they map the space in which they are located, working every corner without leaving anything dirty.

They are equipped with side brushes that reach any corner, thanks to their small size they can easily travel under the bed or sofa and also under any furniture. They are able to recognize empty spaces and some models allow the user to create virtual barriers to prevent the robot vacuum cleaner from approaching a space.

They can be simple with an on and off button, with a charging base for automatic loading when the battery is about to run out and also with automatic emptying, therefore able to return to the base and free all the dirt collected in the bag.

They are managed through the application and it is possible to program cleaning days and times, start them remotely and also choose the rooms and the type of cleaning to be carried out. Perfect for those who want a tool that can perform adequate cleaning in total autonomy.

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Best Selling Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Floor cleaning robot

Floor cleaning robots are an implementation of those that vacuum. These allow you to have two capacities in one, they first clean by vacuuming all the dirt and then also wash the floor, scrubbing the stains of intense dirt.

The floor cleaning robot is equipped with two different tanks, one for the dust with filter and another for the water intended for washing. In the lower part, besides the brushes to collect the dirt, there is also a cloth to wash the floor. The system is completely automated, they work autonomously and are also able to identify the areas where the dirt is stubborn, passing through them until completely clean.

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Trailed vacuum cleaner

The trailed vacuum cleaner is equipped with an engine compartment that is located in a container with wheels which is then easily towed. To this, a long pipe allows you to manage every corner of the house.

The convenience of this model is above all in the ability to move easily without having to lift any weight and above all the possibility of reaching even under the sofa, in the corners or on the furniture since the suction nozzle is long and thin and therefore very practical.

These models are perfect for the home , go well on any type of floor and are very robust and resistant. They also offer the possibility to change various accessories to adapt the cleaning to the carpet, carpet or furniture.

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Best trailed vacuum cleaners

Car vacuum cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner , unlike the other models, is characterized by small dimensions which therefore allow, thanks to the compact design, to reach every point of the car.

However, these models have great power and filtering since they must not only suck up dirt and crumbs but also carefully filter the dust that easily lurks in the cars. There are those with or without wire, with a power that can vary.

The latest arrivals on the market are cyclonic power therefore with a great aspiration. The filtering system is fundamental, in the advanced models it is a double filter, in the classic ones there is only a Hepa filter. Those with a cable have a car adapter so they can be used almost anywhere. They are handy and very powerful, with special brushes designed for seats and mats, some models are even able to handle wet dirt.

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Vacuum cleaners

Much more than a simple vacuum cleaner, it is a high-performance system that is used for very large spaces, companies and professional cleaning .

It has large dimensions but a very handy design. In fact, it consists of a suction bin in which the engine is located, the power of which is measured in horsepower. They are very powerful and capable of capturing anything. They have a large containment capacity up to 50 liters so it is possible to vacuum large quantities of dirt before having to carry out maintenance.

You can go indoors but also outdoors , for example in the garden, they are in fact able to capture even the wet and not just dry elements like normal electric brooms. Highly durable they have a very comfortable portability, you don’t have to make any effort because they are always equipped with wheels.

You can also add any accessories for specific cleaning of objects or environments. They are available both with and without bags. All of them have noteworthy performances.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

How do you choose a vacuum cleaner?

Type of vacuum cleaner

When we talk about vacuum cleaners we refer to very different models: there is the towing model with motor on wheels and very large tank, the electric broom that develops in a linear way and stands out for being particularly light and easy to handle, the robot vacuum cleaner for who needs an autonomous cleaning system.

Then there are the car vacuum cleaner which is a specific model for cars, the mini vacuum cleaner which is sometimes integrated into the electric broom and is used to keep the table clean, the cyclonic vacuum cleaner equipped with innovative technology that makes it very powerful and the vacuum cleaner for liquids that allows you to suck up water as well as dirt.


The weight of a vacuum cleaner is very variable , ranging from about one kilo for the handheld vacuum cleaner to ten kilos for the vacuum cleaner cans. However, you must be very careful, especially when buying a system without wheels that will then have to be towed by hand.

In the case of the classic vacuum cleaner, the weight will not be carried by the person but, thanks to the wheels, it will be distributed easily. However, always evaluate a product that does not exceed 4 kilos, especially as regards maintenance or the possible positioning of the vacuum cleaner in the closet.

The lighter the vacuum cleaner, the easier it works. Obviously it is not necessary to buy an ultra light weight if you do not want to invest a certain amount of capital, but it is useful to find a middle ground.

Power supply: wired or wireless?

One of the big dilemmas of buying a vacuum cleaner is whether to choose a corded or cordless model .

As a matter of convenience, having a wireless model is very practical in spaces where there are many obstacles, when you have to cross stairs and when you have difficulty moving around the environment. In that case, choosing a wireless product is optimal.

In general, however, there is another evaluation to be made. The corded models have a suction power that is higher and therefore, if there are pets or a garden in the apartment, it is better to choose a corded model that is able to guarantee greater power.


The vacuum cleaner is sold with the universal brush , the one that is able to clean smooth surfaces, carpets, natural fibers and rugs.

Apart from you can choose other types of brush, there is the triangular one ideal for corners, the one with retractable bristles that thus do not scratch the floor, the round one for objects and furniture, the brush-shaped one for the radiator, the tubular one for corners. , furniture interiors, cracks and the turbo one for rugs, carpets and above all fundamental for animal hair, hair etc.


The power of a vacuum cleaner is variable , on average it varies between 1200 and 2000 watts. The Eco models, on the other hand, are low consumption, less than 1000 Watts but they are an exception. In general a strong suction system has a high power but this is not a certainty.

To be sure we need to evaluate the air watts that are different and that tell us something certain about performance. In this case the figure fluctuates between 250 and 400. All modern models have an eye for consumption, despite the high watts.


The collection system can be variable, in addition to the common paper bag that must be replaced once full there are models without that simply work with a tank in which all the dirt is nested. For other very rare models there is a floor drain, which means that everything that has been collected in a special container can be eliminated.


The vacuum cleaner is not a particularly noisy appliance , this degree is expressed in dB and can inform the buyer about how much noise he will hear as he passes by.

Usually robotic or new generation systems are practically silent while the older types are noisier. In general, the lower the number, the less annoyance will be. A product that is around 40/50 dB will be more than functional.


In order for the vacuum cleaner to last over time it is necessary to do maintenance. This must be applied to every model even if there are those on which you need to work more and those on which you need to work less. In the models with bag this must be replaced periodically, in the models without the tank must be cleaned: about once a week both one and the other.

It is necessary to replace the filters and wash the fixed ones , clean the outlets and the air filtering systems to always have a clean but also sanitized and bacteria-free environment. In the case of products with washing systems, it will be useful to dry the tank when not in use to avoid limescale build-up.

No tools or aggressive cleaning products must be used in the vacuum cleaner. A wet cloth is enough. To clean the brushes, on the other hand, you can help yourself with a comb and scissors to carefully remove what can be blocked such as hair and hair that could compromise their functionality.

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The price of a vacuum cleaner is totally variable because it depends on a series of elements such as power, technology, type of filters, design, accessories. They range from less than one hundred euros to even one thousand euros for a complete package. It all depends on the characteristics of the product and all the additional systems it is equipped with.