The 16 Best Profitable Businesses to Start in 2023

From a network of vending machines with snacks and food for vegans, to a ghost cafeteria or a portable urinal service for women, take a look at these creative profitable business ideas to start in 2023.

1. A network of vending machines for vegans

Profitable businesses 2023 – Source: Veat

Based in Sweden, Veat is a network of vending machines focused on vegan and vegetarian consumers. In them you will find salads, wraps, juices and delicious snacks ranging between 4 and 10 dollars. The most interesting thing is that all the dishes are prepared every day with fresh ingredients by a team of expert cooks and chefs.

2. A network of automated pizzerias

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Profitable Business 2023 – Source: 800 Go

800 GO is a network of kiosks that prepare pizzas automatically in 3 minutes. Customers just have to place their order on a touch screen and watch the machine prepare the pizza through a window. Each kiosk is equipped with the necessary supplies to make up to 80 pizzas.

3. Delivery of orders at home using robots

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Profitable businesses 2023 – Source: Blogto

From the creative hands of entrepreneur Ignacio Tartavull, Tiny Mile emerged, a small pink robot that weighs only about 4.5 Kg and is in charge of taking restaurant orders to customers’ homes in Canada, for delivery without contact. and a much more fun and safe experience.

4. Children’s toy rental

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Whirli

Whirli is a project that uses the power of sharing to instill lessons in children through games, while helping parents save money and consume in a much more ecological way. Basically, the company’s service consists of renting toys to minimize household clutter and waste in the environment.

5. An ecological diaper subscription

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Dyper

Based in the state of Arizona, Dyper is a subscription service that, month after month, takes care of bringing to your home a supply of diapers that stand out for their ecological commitment, as they are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol and other substances. commonly used by large corporations.

6. A detergent that arrives in your mailbox

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Spring

Spring is the first clean, effective, plastic-free laundry detergent delivered straight to your mailbox. Thanks to this detergent you can forget about the cumbersome and polluting plastic bottles, as Spring packs its product in super-thin recycled cardboard boxes that contain capsules of the cleaning solution inside.

7. Vegan milk delivery service

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Rerooted

In ReRooted they are in charge of extracting milk from walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, oats and coconut. The result is a thick, creamy drink with a natural flavor, and far removed from artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Currently, ReRooted plant-based milks are delivered to homes and in reusable bottles in 5 cities in England using electric vehicles.

8. A bookstore of objects for rent

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Tulu

Tulu is a new way to consume items of all kinds, since, instead of buying them, you can rent them for as long as you need them per day, saving money and space. From electric scooters, vacuum cleaners, chairs, tables and sheets, to video game consoles, televisions, suitcases and cocktail equipment, in Tulu you will be able to find practically any object you may need in your home. You just have to book it from the app and return it when you no longer need it.

9. A ghost cafe

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Goffee

Born out of a love of cappuccino and a hatred of queues, Gofee is a coffee shop with a pretty challenging business model. It is a coffee shop that operates in a “ghost” way through strategic alliances with various coffee shops in New York.

This means that Goffee does not actually have any establishment, that is, all sales generated through its website or app are channeled to various allied coffee shops according to the customer’s location and, once the order is prepared, a Goffee delivery man collects it to make the home delivery.

10. A female portable urinal service

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Lapee

Although it may seem hard to believe, Lapee is the first portable urinal that has been developed putting the needs and comfort of women above anything else. It is a product that seeks to offer a clean, safe and efficient alternative for those attending all kinds of massive events.

11. An app for home services

Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Behance

Booka is an innovative app that aims to make your life much easier. Proposal? Get in touch with carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and other experts in your community so you can schedule a service with them super quickly and reliably.

Unlike other similar apps, this one is distinguished by allowing you to view, in real time, the calendar of each provider. In this way, you will know when it is available and you can schedule an appointment when it suits you best.

12. A recruitment agency for people over 50

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Profitable businesses 2023 – Source: Nestor

Nestor is an agency that helps people over 50 or retired to find a job where they can fulfill themselves. This company was founded at the beginning of 2016 with the idea that job aging is not a threat, but an opportunity to take advantage of the experience of these people and reflect it in companies based in the Netherlands and Belgium.

13. Bricks made from construction debris

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Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Stonecycling

Stonecycling is a company that uses construction and demolition waste materials to later turn them into bricks. Each brick conforms to industry requirements, so they are strong, durable, and thermal.

14. 24/7 Laundromats for College Students

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Profitable business 2023 – Source: Miele

Miele Laundry boutique is a chain that has focused on installing automated laundries in student residences throughout the main cities of the Netherlands. Its purpose is to offer a social and fun washing experience, instead of a monotonous and boring one.

It is important to mention that these laundries are designed to work without interruptions 24 hours a day, which makes them a super convenient option and within the reach of any student.

15. Plastic recycling microfactories

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Profitable Businesses 2023 – Source: Designboom

Circular Economy Manufacturing is a network of small urban micro-factories where citizens and waste management companies can go to dispose of plastics so that they can be crushed and extruded right there. As a result of this process, an ideal uniform mass is obtained for the creation of new plastic products.

16. A mobile supermarket

Profitable businesses 2023 – Source: Metro Market

Food deserts are regions where access to fresh and healthy food is quite complicated for citizens. Imagine these regions as “forgotten areas” to which, mainly due to lack of infrastructure, large companies do not reach because it is simply too expensive for them.

Based in Missouri, Metro Market is a supermarket on wheels that aims to end food deserts in that locality through a simple and powerful proposal: to bring fresh, nutritious and affordable food to those communities that still do not have access to it.