10 tricks to lose weight fast: How to lose weight in no time

Losing weight quickly and with minimal effort is the dream of all of us. With these 10 tricks to lose weight quickly you can show off an enviable figure in a short time, without having to make too many sacrifices. From movement to regular meals, from slimming herbal teas to purchasing strategies: discover all the most suitable systems to lose weight in the blink of an eye!

Are you looking for tricks to lose weight quickly ? Here you are served! Losing weight in a short time is possible: just follow these simple tips ranging from nutrition to physical activity, up to real tricks to avoid binge eating.

Arm yourself with cunning, therefore, and also with perseverance: you will see that it looks great at the costume test!

1. Move more: lose weight quickly with physical activity

The first trick to losing weight fast is to increase exercise and move more. The ideal would be to devote yourself to one of these sports , the most suitable for rapid weight loss.

If you don’t have much time to play a sport, set yourself the goal of walking fast or going for a run at least half an hour a day: you will give your metabolism a good wake up and burn a lot of fat! You may find it helpful to use a pedometer to help you track your calorie burn and encourage you to move more.

Quickly losing weight with physical activity is not as difficult as it seems: you just need to go up the stairs every day instead of taking the elevator, or spend more time on housekeeping . Housework can cause you to lose up to 200 calories in an hour! When they say, two birds with one stone.

Generally speaking, a quick way to lose weight is to walk, if possible, every hour for at least 10 minutes. A sedentary lifestyle hurts and two steps every now and then help to dispose of ingested food faster. Pay attention, however, to your health: we recommend that you always use sneakers to absorb the impact and protect your knees and back.

2. Don’t skip meals! Fasting is not used to lose weight quickly …

Contrary to what you may believe, fasting or skipping meals does not help you lose weight quickly, quite the opposite! It is a counterproductive practice, useful only for slowing down your metabolism and taking away your energy.

Never skip a meal, starting with breakfast , which must be the most abundant of the day. The trick always applies: breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess and dinner like a poor man. If you start your day with a big breakfast, you will have the energy to face the day and all the time you need to burn calories.

3. Be regular at the table

Respecting meal times is one of the most effective tricks to lose weight quickly. Remember that the meals of the day must be three: breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are able to avoid snacks between meals , it will be easier to lose weight faster.

In any case, if you really don’t see us hungry anymore between meals, favor low-calorie and nutritious snacks, such as fresh fruit or yogurt, avoiding biscuits, chocolate bars and snacks.

Finally, try never to have dinner after 8 pm : this simple trick will help you lose weight faster because you will have time, before going to bed, to move and consume calories.

4. Review your eating habits

Poor or disordered nutrition is the first reason why we get fat. To lose weight quickly, you will need to review your habits and follow some simple tricks :

1. Eliminate all fatty foods from your diet (and your pantry) : if you don’t have them at home, you won’t be tempted to eat them! So avoid buying. 2. Say no to cheeses, fried foods, sweets (especially industrial ones), cured meats and canned foods. 3. Limit your intake of carbohydrates (but do not eliminate them completely) and prefer the consumption of lean meat and fish. 4. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables: raw, cooked, in soup … it won’t be enough! It is the most genuine and leanest food you can consume. 5. Ok also to fruit, but in more moderation and possibly as a snack between meals. A great hunger-breaker trick is to always have a nice apple in your bag for sudden attacks. 6. Adding pepper or parsley on your dishes will help you digest faster: pepper has a fat-burning effect, while parsley helps against water retention and is a great way to deflate quickly. 7. Finally, avoid meals outside the home as much as possible and get into the healthy habit of preparing a nice lunchbox to go to work. This way you can control the calorie intake of what you ingest and keep your figure under control.

5. Drink lots of water and forget alcoholic and sugary drinks!

Drinking plenty of water will help you lose weight quickly: in addition to promoting a detox effect, it will make you feel more satisfied. Always carry a bottle of still water with you and don’t forget to take a sip from time to time.

During the day, you can also choose to sip water with lemon (half to a liter): it will have a diuretic and draining effect, great for helping you lose weight quickly.

Say no with all your might to alcohol and sugary drinks , they are among the main causes of fatness! If you really can’t say no to a glass, perhaps on the occasion of a celebration, always choose a glass of red wine .

6. Lose weight quickly by resting well

In order to lose weight quickly, it is important that the body works to the best of its ability and has the necessary strength to support itself . Sleeping well is essential to recharge your body and reduce stress levels that inevitably lead to gorging.

A good night’s sleep – the usual 8 hours a night – will help you activate your metabolism and lose weight quickly.

7. Brush your teeth after eating!

This simple trick, in addition to responding to normal hygiene needs, is very useful to avoid continuing to overeat after meals. As soon as you finish having lunch or dinner, run to the bathroom to brush your teeth! The taste of the toothpaste in your mouth will help you to take away the desire to open the pantry again after an hour …

8. Drink tea and herbal teas to lose weight quickly

Sipping two to four herbal teas a day is a great trick to lose weight fast. Infusions, in fact, have a slimming, draining and purifying power , and in addition they help us to break hunger.

Always remember, however, not to sweeten them with sugar, honey or other substitutes! It is precisely the often bitter aroma of herbs that helps the body detoxify itself, introducing liquids that are completely free of calories into the body .

Among the herbal teas with slimming power we remember that with nettle , which is an excellent anti-inflammatory and natural diuretic, which helps eliminate excess fats.

Green tea also has a known slimming power: drinking it can help you lose up to 80 calories a day! In fact, it has the ability to act directly on the basal metabolism , helping it to activate and giving a sense of satiety.

9. Go shopping on a full stomach

It has certainly happened to you: going to the supermarket on an empty stomach and with a certain peckish leads you to buy more caloric products, snacks and other crap that certainly do not help you lose weight quickly!

Try to go shopping after eating, in order to be guided by your head in choosing the products to buy and not by your stomach.

10. Don’t eat in front of the TV!

It is a mistake that almost all of us make: eating in front of the TV on . This bad habit leads us to ingest twice as much food without even realizing it! Distracted from our favorite show, we continue to bring food to the mouth as a pleasant accompaniment to the images.

Instead, get into the healthy habit of eating at the table with the TV off before the program starts, and then move to watch it on the sofa. A simple trick that will help you lose weight faster without too much effort .