‘Knives out: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ is one of the best and funniest movies

‘Knives out ‘ was one of the most entertaining films of 2019, which served both to finish off Ana de Armas ‘s career in Hollywood and to once again show that the public was looking forward to murder again. mystery . Then came the big surprise that Netflix had agreed to pay a multi-million dollar sum to get its first two sequels. And I say first because I am clear that the character of Benoit Blanc is for much more than a trilogy.

It will be this coming November 23 when ‘Punales in the back: The Mystery of Glass Onion’ can first be seen in theaters for a limited time, having to wait until December 23 for its landing on the streaming platform. I have already had the opportunity to see this long-awaited sequel and I have been delighted with the result, to the point of not being sure if I like it even more than the great first installment.

Differentiating from the first installment

The first idea that I would like to banish is the fear that ‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ is simply more of the same. Of course, the character played by a hilarious Daniel Craig has to reinvestigate a mysterious crime and the film once again has a cast full of faces familiar to the public, but Rian Johnson surprises with an investigation with a much more comical tone. than its predecessor without sacrificing the credibility of what it is telling us.

For now, the approach is radically different, since ‘Punales por la espalda’ already started with the beginning of the investigation, while here it takes quite a few minutes to get there, which allows all those involved to focus first on showing her most playful face . There it is true that priority is given to a more unleashed Craig than in the first installment, but all the new actors have their opportunity to shine and to establish the main lines of their respective personalities.

In addition, Johnson manages to capture the viewer’s curiosity from the first moment and that our interest never depends on something that has to happen like everything that surrounds that event, knowing how to play very well with the expectations of the public and even laughing. of them at certain times . All of this at an agile pace and without forgetting that everything he presents has to make sense with subsequent revelations.

Another common point of ‘The Mystery of Glass Onion’ with its predecessor is that the other character with more weight in the function beyond Craig falls on a woman. Here it is Janelle Monae who takes on a difficult challenge and comes out on top, offering a multi-nuanced performance but sacrificing direct impact to win over the audience. There it is true that she conquered me more that little point of bitterness that the character of Ana de Armas had in the first one, but I don’t have a single fault to put on Monae’s work.

That said, Johnson poses a more elaborate mystery here by sowing doubt in the viewer about the possibility that anyone could be behind what is happening, also playing very well with Craig’s frustration when trying to tie cabos. The resolution of the mystery itself rewards this point even more and makes it clear that the objective here was not so much to play distraction as for everyone to have a good time, both those involved in the film and the public.

Nor do I forget how inspired the dialogues written by Johnson are , both because of the bad mood of some of them and because of his ability to integrate the most expository elements of the story without the fun ever fading. That does not mean that in certain situations he practically dispenses with them and manages to explore their comic possibilities with a brilliance available to few.

The two great complements to round off the show are the stage and the rest of the cast. The idea of ​​transferring the action to a private island works wonderfully, since it restricts the possibilities of escaping from there and also provides everything with a unique background in which at all times it is noticeable that appearances are prioritized over what is really useful. And Johnson even takes advantage of it to give one last essential turn when he has to clarify everything that has happened there that ends all the main plots.

On the other hand, the idea of ​​a cast with such a familiar face is still inherited from the first part, but here that world of the rich in which many appear to be more than they really are works in a radically different way and places Edward Norton at the epicenter of it all as the billionaire on whom, so to speak, others feed. All of them perfectly differentiated and contributing to their grain of sand so that this party of suspense never goes off the rails, not even when the script proposes some idea that on paper may sound somewhat crazy. Perhaps that is why Johnson chose to give everything an extra bit of madness.

In short

‘Knives in the Back: The Mystery of the Glass Onion’ is one of the best and most entertaining movies of the year , being also an excellent extension of what already worked so well in its predecessor. In addition, it does so knowing how to differentiate itself and making it clear that this franchise is destined to bring us much joy as soon as Rian Johnson continues to be so inspired and Daniel Craig enjoys giving life to Benoit Blanc so much.