The most famous writers in the world

Today we are going to see the most famous foreign writers in the world . There are so many successful literary authors , but some have captured my attention so much that I can mention them in this article.

The following list will mention the best known and most famous writers , their books have always been appreciated by millions of people around the world.

It was difficult to make a list of all the most important narrators, poets and novelists in existence, so, in all likelihood, someone will have fallen into oblivion.

The most famous foreign writers in the world

Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King is one of the most famous foreign writers in the world . He was born in Portland, United States, in 1947 and almost all of his writings are based on fictional narratives, especially horror, in which he manages to immerse the reader, causing tension and curiosity.

When he was two years old, his father abandoned him on leaving home and this fact greatly influenced his future life and relationships with his family. Even the loss of his best friend at the age of 4 further marked his mood.

Even his health was not in his favor, in fact in the first year of school he remained in bed for 9 months. This event led him to read a lot and become passionate about books so much that in 1960, at the age of 13, he wrote his first story for a magazine.

In the following years he graduated from the University of Maine and his career began in 1974 with the publication of his  first novel  entitled ” Carrie “. She wrote many novels and one of his texts, transported in the cinema and known all over the world is ” The green mile “.

The latest volume written by Stephen King, entitled ” Billy Summers ” is coming soon but if you want to know  which are the best books by Stephen King read the article by clicking on the link.

Ernest Hemingway

Another of the best known writers of all time is Ernest Hemingway , of American origin (1899-1961). Thanks to his highly regarded novels and short stories, he won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the following year the Nobel Prize for literature .

He was born into a wealthy family, father a doctor and mother opera singer. As a child, his parents introduced him to animals and nature, and he was also interested in the topics of fauna and flora in school.

He was a very resourceful boy so much so that 10 years old he was already able to hunt quail with a rifle. Attending elementary school he became passionate about literature and from here he began to write his first stories.

As a young man he enlisted in the First World War, but once finished he continued his writing with satisfaction and success; in 1952 one of the most beautiful and famous novels of him was released entitled ” The old man and the sea ” ( The old man and the see ).

He had a somewhat eventful life, got married 4 times, had depressive problems and loved dangerous adventures; in fact, due to this peculiarity of “going beyond the limits” several accidents happened to him. He committed suicide, shooting himself with the rifle.

George Orwell

Another world-famous foreign writer is George Orwell , born in a country in India in 1903 and died in London in 1950. In his life he was a writer, journalist, literary critic, political commentator, essayist.

His most popular short stories are prose books and he became famous above all thanks to two literary works: ” Animal Farm ” and ” 1984 ” (Nineteen Eighty-Four) by  George Orwell , one of his most famous novels published in 1949 ( for more detailed information click on the link).

He was 15 when he attended college and became acquainted with well-known literary authors who inspired him to write short stories. The first article by him, which had a great appreciation, was published in 1928 in the magazine “ Le Monde “.

It participated in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 and also in the Second World War. After these events he completed various collections of essays and collaborated with some magazines of the moment and to direct the weekly ” Tribune “.

He often wrote explanations of the power of supranational systems, but many of Orwell’s famous works were written from 1933 until the year before his death from tuberculosis.

Paulo Coehlo

Well known as a poet, here is another of the most famous foreign writers in the world . Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1947 and his inspiration for literature was noticed since he was a child so much so that he received a school prize for his beautiful poem.

He had a tormented and rebellious adolescence towards his parents for they decided to entrust him to an institution thinking of solving some behavioral problems. In 1971 he met a poet / singer who changed some of his ideas about him.

He began to study magical arts trying to develop an “elixir of life” obsessed with the fear of nothing after death. He dedicated a time to deepen alchemy too, but all this did not bear much fruit.

In 1981, thanks to an encounter with a spiritual teacher, he began to believe in Christianity and began to write his first short stories, including “The Camino de Santiago”. In 1998 Coelho’s most successful book “The Alchemist will be released .

From here his fame became known everywhere and thanks to his skill he won many international awards. During the 2007 International Day of Peace ceremony in New York, the UN called this author a ” messenger of peace “.

Charles Dickens

Among the most famous British literary authors, Charles Dickens (1812-1870) cannot be missing . He is also considered one of the most famous novel writers of all time, including the well known ” The Adventures of Oliver Twist ” of 1937.

He had a childhood marked by poverty and due to family debts he finds himself in prison albeit at a young age. Finally when he was 15 his father wrote him to a school and so he discovered his passion for literature.

He began to make himself known as a chronicler and in 1836 his first collection of texts and C. Dicksen’s first novel entitled ” The Pickwick Circle ” came out. In the following years he wrote many others, including The Haunted House.

In 1865 he was involved in a serious train accident that left a deep mark on his memory. In this same year his health began to deteriorate considerably, but despite this he continued in his passion for writing.

His best known short story is titled “A Christmas Carol ” and his last work was ” The Mystery of Edwin Drood ” but he was unable to finish it as he was struck by a brain hemorrhage which was fatal.

James Patterson

Among the best known writers of the thriller genre is James Patterson . He was born in a US city in 1947; in addition to the detective stories, he has also written romantic texts and short stories for children, relying on the help of other authors as well.

In 1983 one of his books was enormously successful, entitled ” Remember Maggie Rose ” and from here was born the literary series ” The cases of Alex Cross “; where a detective faces many situations even if he is severely threatened.

Many of his books were highly successful, such as The Women of the Murder Club and A Nearly Perfect Lie. Some of his works were reported in the world of cinema including ” The collector ” and ” In the grip of the spider “.

His latest work, recently published in June 2021, is ” The President’s Daughter ” written with Bill Clinton. Over 400 million books by this great author were sold to the extent that he was ranked the richest writer in the world.

Leo Tolstoy

One of the most important foreign writers is Lev Nikolàevič Tolstoy , of Russian origin (1828-1910)., Also known as Leo Tolstoi . He was born into a noble family in which his mother was a princess and the father a count.

He had a difficult and troubled childhood. He was soon orphaned of his parents, he was only 7 years old and was entrusted to his aunts. At school he did not get good results and decided to educate himself independently overcoming many problems.

In the mid-nineteenth century, he followed his brother in the Caucasus war and then also participated in the Crimean one. All the bad experiences experienced during the battles pushes him to write a series of short stories on the subject of war.

In 1852 Leo Tolstoy’s first novel entitled ” Childhood ” was released, but in 1869 one of his most successful books ” War and Peace ” was published, followed by ” Anna Karenina ” in 1877; with these two volumes he gained great fame.

In addition to writing novels, short stories and plays he was also a philosopher and social activist, who was committed to bringing about social and political improvements. He married in 1862 to an 18-year-old girl and they had 13 children; the main cause of his death was severe pneumonia.

Alexander Dumas (father)

How not to mention Alexandre Dumas , one of the most famous foreign writers of all time for having made some of his important works known all over the world; among these we mention ” The Three Musketeers ” and ” The Count of Montecristo “.

Of French nationality (1802-1870) he was the son of an African general and an African woman, but his father died when he was still very young. Due to his financial precariousness, he was unable to attend school much, but his passion for literature was already emerging.

In 1824 he had an affair with a seamstress who gave him a son whom they named Alexandre Dumas ; everyone identified him as the ” Dumas son ” Not to be misunderstood, who also became, like his father, a writer and playwright.

The father Dumas wrote many famous works and some also carried over to television and cinema. His notoriety spread to various areas and numerous collaborators lent themselves to write with him.

In his books he recounts several personal experiences and travels made around the world; some volumes instead also describe some fictional stories. His latest novel ” The Knight of Sainte-Hermine ” remained incomplete, as the author died of a vascular disease.

Hermann Hesse

Among the greatest writers and aphorists of all time is Hermann Hesse , born in a German city in 1877 and died in a Swiss country in 1962. He was a well-known literary author as well as a poet and philosopher.

He was born to Protestant missionary parents and his childhood was not very happy. He spent his first years of study in various schools and, due to his mental problems, he was placed in various nursing homes. In 1892 he attempted suicide, but the jamming of the gun prevented him.

At the end of the nineteenth century his first poems came out, in the following years the first novels began to be published, among which the best known are Narciso and Boccadoro, The steppe wolf, Siddhartha, Peter Camenzind, Demian.

He married a German photographer but over time the relationship became complicated and the author spent his time learning about nature, music, photography, painting, esotericism and Indian culture

In his career he was awarded with various awards and some statistics show that H. Hesse is the most famous German writer in the world . Around 150 million of his books were purchased in the 20th century.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Another of the best known foreign writers in the world is Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle . Of Scottish origin (1859-1930) he is known for his literature based mainly on mysteries; therefore in a deductive and fantastic thriller genre.

He also devoted himself to writing historical, adventure and supernatural topics. Among his most famous masterpieces, the investigator “ Sherlock Holmes ”, a character he conceived and described in 4 novels and 56 short stories, should be mentioned.

He spent his school years between England and Austria and in 1881 he graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Edinburgh. His first work is entitled ” The mystery of Sasassa Valley ” written in 1879.

He had a very sharp and bright mind as opposed to his calm and calm appearance. He lent himself to fight for some causes that he believed to be right, such as divorce and justice for human rights.

He wrote many works and among which we remember “The Lost World” of 1912, History of Pirates of 1922, The Mummy of 1892. He also wrote numerous medical and other stories, up to his death from cardiac arrest.