What is the most difficult game in the world?

The difficulty within a video game is one of the values ​​to which more attention is being devoted in recent years. It is a complex characteristic to analyze that depends on a multitude of factors and the person who is playing the game . Despite this, there is always something that tells us if it is difficult or not, and it is the number of attempts that we need to meet the objectives that the game proposes to us.

Right now, one of the bastions of difficulty is the game saga created by the Japanese developer, From Software. W hen someone hears “Dark Souls” one of the first associations they make is with the term “difficult”. 

However, there are thousands of games that have been characterized by their extreme difficulty and this wide range is divided into genres that may be more difficult for some players, but not for others.

For example, sticking with the same theme, someone might find it impossible to pull off a good killstreak in Call of Duty or get a Victory Royale in Fortnite, but they can play Bloodborne like a charm. Both are difficult, but traditionally, multiplayer titles are relegated to the background due to the fact that the confrontation is human against humanAnalysis of Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo SwitchThe search for motivation and a feeling of progress and satisfaction is greater if we play a title that puts obstacles in our way, elements that we don’t know about. In online games, mechanics and themes are revealed shortly after starting to play. The same is not true in single user games, since progress and possibilities vary depending on more factors.

The more difficult a title is, the more frustration we will have when playing it, but also the more satisfaction we will achieve by overcoming it. This is directly, which is why the difficulty is so important in a medium like video games, which interacts with the user directly. 

Therefore, fans of these types of games that focus on the machine against the player, ask themselves: what is the most difficult game in history?

This extensive introduction acted as an opening and to exemplify the various factors that have to do with the difficulty and show how tremendously complicated it is to answer this question. There are many difficult video games out there and awarding the crown to one is not easy . We have selected a series of applicants (we warn you that it has cost us a lot) so that the spectrum of games is not reduced to just one. Here are the hardest games ever:

Super Meat Boy

This game made by Team Meat could represent platform games as one of the great titles that are known for their difficulty. Super Meat Boy came to consoles and PC in 2010 and has given us a lot of headaches ever since.Super Meat Boy ForeverIt is one of the titles that you have to consider whether to play or not, because once you enter its proposal you will be trapped due to its tremendously addictive system. With simple mechanics, Super Meat Boy presents us with a truly devilish challenge that will generate a lot of screaming and tension due to its frenzy. 

Trials HD

Trials HD is a classic among the classics. RedLynx created a masterpiece of challenge within the arcade genre. With Trials HD we were able to attend the toughest competitions that have ever taken place, those that make you challenge yourself. The critics praised this title at the time and sales have already exceeded 2 million copies since it was released in 2009.Trials HDThe circuits and the skill they required made it necessary to be extremely meticulous. Not without reason, many commented that the final levels were “ridiculously difficult”.

Shadows Die Twice ax

Before we talked about Dark Souls, but we have decided that the game of the year 2019 is on the list. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice opened a debate this year in which they talked about whether the games should have an easy mode mandatory so that everyone had the option to enjoy and complete it.Shadows Die Twice axFor that alone, it already deserves a place on this list. This title polishes the already abundant philosophy of Souls (a genre already in itself) and has given us some of the most tense and complicated moments in history. Sekiro is very difficult and has been proven on many occasions. 

We left many titles in the pipeline as the most difficult game options in history. That is why we wanted to make a battery of honorable mentions: Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario Maker, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Battletoads, Geometry Dash, Cuphead, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Guitar Hero III and many others. For you, what has been the most difficult game you have played?