How to be good in bed

A few tips to be good in bed and enjoy the joys of sex to the fullest! We have all had positive and negative experiences regarding sex : normally, if there is trust and complicity with the partner, the understanding is greater and the experience can be considered satisfactory, but sometimes, due to inexperience or damned complexes, it’s hard to be completely uninhibited and consider it pure fun. 

Enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and a desire for sex are all it takes to be good in bed . But, as with everything, there is always room for improvement.

If you’ve started dating someone, you should learn what they like and let them know what you like. Each person is a world! In any case, here are 10 tips that will allow you to improve your performance between the sheets.

1. Express appreciation

If so, let your man know that this is turning you on. This will increase the pleasure of both and will trigger an even more intense mechanism of understanding and complicity.

2. Experiment

Experimenting in the bedroom , of course only if you like, is a great way to improve and feel pleasure, of course! This too can help to increase complicity and understanding with the partner, avoiding feeling bored or falling into habit .

Any healthy sex life requires you to talk to your partner about your fantasies and be willing to explore new things.

3. It is not just a question of sex

Even in bed, sex isn’t everything. It may be the main attraction, but there is so much more! Kindness and sweet gestures of affection are also essential. Run your hand through his hair when he does something good, for example. An interesting option is not to jump straight into the action (although many men would like to), but to take some time to warm up and get both of you excited – this way you’ll have twice as much fun!

The atmosphere around you is also essential. For example, try lighting some incense or scented candles or use a suitable soundtrack.

4. Don’t be selfish

The worst quality one can have in sex is being selfish . Avoid it! Don’t let him do all the work, just as he can’t expect you to do it. It’s a two-way street !

You must always remember that you are two people involved and that it is not fair to let one of you take care of everything. The temptation is great but remember, it is important to give as much as to receive. and both of you get involved and try to please the other, you will end up getting amazing orgasms .

5. Trust yourself

It may seem like a secondary issue, but it is very important: have faith in yourself . You can’t imagine how exciting it is for a man to see you move confidently in bed … even if it’s a lie!

Even if sometimes you are not sure how to behave in bed, believe in yourself and let go of frailty and insecurities. Have fun and your partner will too.

6. Learn to accept criticism

Knowing how to accept criticism is a skill that will come in handy in life, even in bed! It is very difficult to accept criticism without getting angry, this is also an art and it is good to learn it as soon as possible to grow in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

Nobody likes being told what he’s doing wrong, but sometimes it’s the best option. It is better to change in time than to find out when it is too late , perhaps even compromising the relationship.

You can do the same: if your partner does something you don’t like, don’t hesitate to tell him. Trust and communication are the foundation of any satisfying sexual relationship .

7. Laughing is exciting!

Having a sense of humor and being able to laugh even when in bed is a big plus. It makes everything lighter, complicit and exciting. So, find a way to introduce some funny jokes to unleash a smile even under the sheets.

8. Make him feel special

Making your partner feel special should be your number one priority. The rest of the list is important, but less than that. Surveys have shown that having sex with someone you are involved with is much more enjoyable.

You may have both had different partners in the past, but let him know that no one is more special than him and that he is the one you have the most fun with in bed. He will go crazy.

9. Tell him what you like

If you buy a table and have to set the table, the most normal thing to do is to read the instructions first, and the same goes for sex ! To have good relationships, most people need a little guidance first . Communicating in these cases is essential, so don’t be afraid to say what you like.

Don’t wait for him to find out for himself, as it could take months. When you are in the middle of the act, tell him what you want .

10. Let yourself go

Stop constantly thinking about what you are doing and the look on your face as you do it, enjoy the moment . Everything will be lighter and more sensual, and both of you will benefit from it.