GOLA Photography. Photography and Graphic Design

GOLA, Antonio Gómez Laguna was born in Madrid in 1955. He completed six years of training at the Higher Technical School of Architecture where he studied Urban Planning, integrating himself into work before finishing his degree project. For years he has worked professionally as Head of Real Estate Promotions and Developments as well as Real Estate Agent and Judicial Appraiser.

After an absolute dedication to work, he has recovered what for him was a very early hobby that has accompanied him throughout his life, expanding fields through graphic design and Photoshop, with the intention of dedicating himself professionally to it.

This is how Gola Photography arises , a page that offers, among others, photojournalism services, photography for illustration, portraiture, image processing, Digital Graphic Design, marketing, Corporate Identity Design, posters for events, etc.«Dances» by Gola Photography

We are dealing with an experienced photographer who, through his page and his website, Gola Fotografía , offers us, along with the professional aspect, his vision of photography as an artistic expression. Indeed, a good photo is something more than the result of indiscriminate shots. “The photo must be meditated on”, only in this way is it possible to make a technique that freezes moments through the action of light, an art of fragmentation, a subjective and personal look that transmits a story arousing sensations in those who observe it.

Antonio Gómez Laguna makes author photography, approaches art through images that conceptually convey a story. His photographs denote a perfect mastery of photographic technique and editing, being able to maintain the “invisible” style of great photographers who make easy an art that requires sensitivity and a lot of work with each shot.«Vertical Geometry» by Gola Photography

His taste for black and white and for different textures stands out in order to create three-dimensional effects, focusing on compositions in which geometry and point of view are basic elements with which he plays in many cases.

From his academic past, it is worth mentioning the profound influence exercised by such important masters as Sáez de Oiza or Juan Daniel Fullaondo , who introduced him in a very creative way to the world of form and emptiness advocated by contemporary artists such as Oteiza , Chillida , which has facilitated the subject of composition.«Body Expression» by Gola Photography

In post-production, when dealing with an image, what you have to pursue is to emphasize what you want to express, the photographic treatment should not seek solely and exclusively to embellish the image. In the case of “Body Expression” what was intended was to completely decontextualize the object, both in space and time.

From his firm Gola Photography , Antonio presents us with an impeccable work, arranged in series of very varied themes, in which nature, travel, photographic reporting of a social nature, portraits stand out, all of them treated with the intention of capturing an argument, a story that is observed at various levels of meaning through the different shots that make up the series, each shot constituting a small independent experience.

On these lines, two examples of the latest Digital Graphic Design works carried out by Antonio recently. On the left we can see a collage formed by the labels of a wine brand. This type of work is based on functionality: the message is direct, forceful, there is no room for interpretation. They are flashes, but you should not lose the sense of composition for that reason.

The image on the right corresponds to one of Antonio’s productions for the recital «Inside, two voices and a moon». In this case we are talking about a suggestive image, a creative reproduction of a message that is intended to be communicated through sensations.

I call this assembly the «VIP Room» . I created it to publish it at the time of the recital. I wanted to show an intimate and delicate space… the concept of emptiness as opposed to full (with empty benches that were actually full of people who were following the event from a distance). Just as in commercial productions the meaning is unequivocal, with this one my intention is that it be interpreted.«Restoration» by Gola Photography

Sometimes when you think that a work was finished, you are surprised that it was not. Some subtle and magical brushstrokes show you that it was unfinished: this is one of the cases… Moon applied these brushstrokes with her magical poem. That is why I want to thank you publicly, on the one hand for these brushstrokes and on the other, to express the great pride I feel for our collaboration.