What are the worst features of Windows 11?

Let’s see what is not entirely good in Windows 11 or what we can say is a bit of a nuisance in Microsoft’s new operating system.

Windows 11 is an operating system that has left practically no user indifferent and everyone has an opinion about this system, usually something at odds, since normally you either love it or you think it’s the worst, there is no middle ground.

There are some users who consider that the new version of Windows is a step back from Windows 10 and that the only thing that saves it is that they have polished the aesthetics somewhat. Some people buy it with Windows Vista, the version of this system that has the “honor” of being considered the worst in history.

For others, we are talking about an operating system that is liked for having a more modern interface, more options available, and more and more options to integrate with other devices.

Be that as it may, no version of Windows is free from having errors and things that can be improved, not only because they are bugs, but because they can be facets that are a nuisance to the user.

Let’s see what are those Windows features that Microsoft should improve.

Hardware requirements

This is one of the fiercest criticisms made of Windows 11, since the list of requirements for the operating system to work is not only the largest in history, something that can be normal, but it is also extremely restrictive in terms of many senses.

While previous versions of Windows could be installed on older devices, even if the system wasn’t as smooth as it should be, the user could still choose to have it.

Now that is extremely complicated, because it is Microsoft itself that has set strict requirements and that is why many computers that could perfectly run the operating system are left out, except for details that are not so important.

The best example is the already famous TPM 2.0 encryption, which more or less old boards do not have, which means that Windows 11 cannot be installed, although without this detail it is known what would work in excess of many of those computers discarded by this fact.

This is something that many consider discrimination and a way that Microsoft has for people to spend money on changing the computer, which is a clear consequence for the market.

Contextual menu 

At the moment in which in Windows 11 we execute the context menu in a folder, application or on the desktop itself, we realize that we do not have all the possible features, having to select Show more options (or press Shift + F10) to get them all to show up.

This was done so that this menu did not seem so overloaded at times, but it is also true that we have come to have to perform an additional step , something that if you have to use it many times, it becomes tedious.

Sign in to a Microsoft account

For a long time, Microsoft has emphasized that the account that starts our Windows belongs to the ones they have for users , something that for many people is a real nuisance.

There are users who don’t have an Outlook account, so it doesn’t feel good to have to open another additional account just to get it to work with Windows to sign in.

The fact of having to open an account out of obligation is not something that users like too much, nor does it seem like the way to get them to trust what they offer from that place. 

When something is imposed, it usually generates suspicion , more than sympathy, making us do it to make the cut and nothing more.

Start Menu

One of the most criticized parts of Windows 11 is its start menu.

For years this part of Windows was one of the ones that had the best comments, since it was one of its hallmarks and it was very well implemented in what was the taskbar, with clear areas, applications at hand, searches and others. parts of it.

With the arrival of Windows 11, all this promised to improve and take a leap forward, but it has not been the case.

Compared to Windows 10, this start menu takes up a lot of space and does not offer as much information as you would like, in addition to leaving certain parts that used to go more smoothly in a second phase that does not satisfy many users.

To go to the programs we will have to press a button that shows us in a longer window , with a view similar to what the previous version of Windows offered, but in a more minimalist space.

This means that immediate access to the apps is no longer present, in addition to the fact that we do not see the Documents or Images, unless we open the area of ​​the applications themselves.

Protection software

Windows Defender is a good protection system for Windows 11, but many users and experts consider that it is not enough and that we must have additional security against malware, viruses and others .

According to some studies, the Windows protection system is efficient when we are not talking about powerful attacks, but when things get complicated and we suffer some kind of massive contagion attempt, it is not capable of protecting us effectively .

That is why having another type of protection software is highly recommended, which is an issue that Windows 11 has not been able to manage well either, and that ideally we could be well protected only in the system.

In any case, this whole issue will always be very complex, since many times or in a fairly high percentage of the time, the problems are caused by the users themselves due to excessive confidence that we know what we are doing.

All these are the points on which Windows 11 can be improved and which should be aspects that they work on for future updates, listening to what many users reliably claim.

Microsoft should take note and make Windows 11 a success and not an operating system that will go down in history as software with too many things that do not satisfy users.