Apple iPad 10th generation, the price of the basic iPad no longer makes it the most recommended option

The 2022 iPad arrives with updated hardware and a design that catches up with the rest of the iPad range. We’ve been testing the renewed 10th generation iPad for a few weeks and we’ll tell you everything we liked and what we didn’t.

One more year Apple has renewed its most basic iPad , a model especially aimed at students and occasional users that, traditionally, was Apple’s  most competitive option in the consumer tablet market.

The new generation of iPad of 2022 does not arrive without novelties and launches a complete redesign that brings it much closer to the aesthetics of the 5th generation iPad Air and adds a color palette that suits it really well.

Another important novelty of this 10th generation iPad is the integration of a USB C port, being the last iPad to adopt it, although this has forced Tim Cook’s people to make some of the most questioned decisions in recent years.

The most notable controversy has come from the notable price increase suffered by this basic iPad, which has undoubtedly put aside the name of cheap iPad. The 2022 iPad comes out with an official price of 579 euros , 200 euros more than the same finish as the 9th generation iPad.

Technical sheet of the iPad 10th generation 

Leaving aside the controversy unleashed as a result of its price increase, the 2022 iPad continues in the line of improvements expected in a new generation of iPad with the usual changes in the processor, cameras, etc.

Without further ado, we are going to discover in more detail if it is really worth buying the most basic iPad of 2022 .

USB C arrives at a basic iPad that finally looks like an iPad

One of the first feelings I had when I took the 10th generation iPad that is the focus of this review out of its box is that, finally, the basic iPad looks like an iPad from 2022 and not one that has traveled in time from 2015 .

The only but that I can put is that Apple has forgotten to give this 2022 iPad some distinctive feature of its own, as, for example, happens between the 2022 iPad Pro and the 5th generation iPad Air.

In fact, I have the 5th generation iPad Air and they are identical to the naked eye. The 10th generation iPad comes in 4 colors: silver, pink, blue and yellow .

The 10th generation iPad has finally adopted the straight-edged, rounded-corner design adopted by the first iPad Pros and later by the rest of the iPad range.

On the front, the Touch ID is removed to bring it to the power button at the top, just as the iPad Air and the 6th generation iPad Mini already did. Of this new format of Touch ID to say that it works as well as in the rest of the iPads that mount it.

This decision has freed up the lower frame, allowing better use of the front with more contained frames that maintain the correct size to rest the thumb on when holding the tablet, while allowing the screen size to be slightly enlarged.

With dimensions of 248.6 x 179.5 mm and 7 mm thick, the new iPad of 2022 is somewhat more compact and lighter than the previous generation, being halfway between the iPad of 2021 and the iPad Air of 2022. The same It happens with the 481 grams (477 grams the Wi-Fi version) of weight.

On the back, a single camera is kept in the upper left corner, but instead of being integrated into the back, in the new version it adopts the design of the Air and the camera protrudes a couple of millimeters making the iPad wobble when placed. use flat and without cover on a table.

The front camera has changed its location and is now located on one of the sides, a much more appropriate position for use in video calls, a point that we will expand on a little later in the corresponding section.

On the edges we find the configuration of volume buttons located on the right side, while on the opposite edge the magnetic contacts of the Smart Connector for keyboards and accessories have been integrated. On the upper and lower edges are the perforations that let the sound out of the headphones and lose the headphone jack .

Another of the great novelties of this 10th generation iPad is that Apple has finally given its arm to twist with the Lightning connector in favor of USB C. Unlike the iPad Pro, in the 2022 iPad USB C does not have support for Thunderbolt , but it represents a great advance in terms of ease of connecting accessories to the iPad with a more universal and standardized connector on the market.

Apple has shipped us a unit that features dual-band 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) connectivity and speeds up to 1.2 Gb/s, as well as the ability to accommodate a nanoSIM card with 5G support . or the possibility of configuring an eSIM card .

Stereo speakers and a decent screen, but it’s not the best of an iPad

As we have already mentioned, the 2022 iPad screen grows slightly as a result of the removal of the Touch ID button on the front, going from the 10.2” that the 9th generation iPad brought to the 10.9 inches of the 10th generation iPad .

That in terms of size, because in terms of benefits and characteristics of the screen the changes are minimal. It is a Liquid Retina IPS screen with a resolution that grows to 2,360 x 1,640 pixels to adapt to the new size, but leaves the same density of 264 ppi .

The screen maintains the automatic brightness and hue adjustment of True Tone , but maintains a refresh rate of 60 Hz. To be honest, this refresh rate is sufficient for most usage scenarios in which this iPad will be used. , but if you are going to play you will miss the extra fluidity provided by ProMotion and its 120 Hz.

The latest iPad works great when it comes to watching series and videos since Apple mounts screens in which colors are represented very well, offering very good sharpness and a maximum brightness of 500 nits .

This brightness in itself is enough to use the 10th generation iPad screen outdoors, but it has the handicap of not having an anti-reflective coating, so all the reflections from the environment are projected onto the screen , making it difficult to see it correctly outdoors. free.

On the other hand, the 2022 iPad lacks a laminated screen , so the sensation of separation of the content is greater with respect to the protective glass on the surface, subtracting some precision from the tactile experience and, above all, when it comes to use the Apple Pencil on very specific elements such as the sliders of a photo editing app.

The screen matches perfectly with a sound that, despite not being as spectacular as in the iPad Pro, maintains a very well-defined stereo sound that is more than enough when watching series or playing games on the 10th generation iPad.

The headphone jack is gone , so the best alternative is to use a wireless headset or connect an adapter to the USB C port.

A14 Bionic that meets basic tasks and iPadOS adapts well to this iPad

The 10th generation iPad is still the most basic iPad , so it was expected that it would not adopt the latest hardware available, but it has opted to advance one more generation in the processor.

The input iPad goes from carrying an A13 Bionic processor to an A14 Bionic, the same chip that we found in the iPhone 12 or the iPad Air 4 , with which it is a processor that Apple knows well and has fine-tuned to the extreme in this new stage inside the 2022 iPad.

Its operation has been impeccable in navigation, office tasks and when watching series, all of them key scenarios for this model. However, some specific weaknesses can be seen in very demanding games or when editing 4K video.

The A14 Bionic is supported by 4 GB of RAM to offer total fluidity when switching between open applications or when launching new ones. Proof of how well Apple has tuned this chip is that it gets even better AnTuTu results than the 2020 iPad Air 4 that had the same processor.

Where they have not been very successful at Apple is in the available internal storage options, something that, on the other hand, was already happening in the 2021 iPad. This time only the 64 and 256 GB options are available .

Considering that the operating system and a few basic apps are already going to take up around 13GB, and that titles like Genshin Impact take up to 20GB of memory, 64GB tends to be a bit short.

I do not doubt that this option could be reasonable in a model with a price as tight as that of the 9th generation iPad, but the 10th generation iPad no longer has that justification after a price increase of 200 euros . However, scaling up to an input memory of 128 GB would have justified this increase.

On the other hand, the processor upgrade has not been enough to meet the minimum requirements to access all the features provided by iPadOS. The most notable is Visual Organizer (Stage Manager), the multitasking window manager that is available on the rest of the 2022 iPads (and even on macOS Ventura), but is not compatible with the 10th generation iPad .

It does allow you to use Split View or Slide Over with split screen, although in reality the full screen is the natural habitat for iPadOS apps. This, which may be a drawback that I have already discussed in the iPad Pro reviews, is not as evident in the 10th generation iPad.

It is not an iPad so focused on productivity, where the workflow has to be impeccable, so not having multitasking functions is not so limiting and the truth is that iPadOS 16.1 goes smoothly on this iPad that guarantees a good experience of use for many years .

New camera location for video calls and continuity in 12 Mpx

The cameras are still an anecdotal section on a tablet with a 10.9 “screen. Taking photos or videos with a device of this type plays against ergonomics and the minimum stability to take a good photo with guarantees.

However, including them – especially the front one – makes perfect sense since documents can be scanned with them, used in augmented reality applications or make video calls.

The 2022 iPad has moved the front-facing camera to the right side , instead of keeping it on top. This puts it in the best position for use on video calls as it offers a higher frontal plane when using the iPad horizontally on a table.

This front camera maintains a 12 Mpx sensor, f/2.4 aperture and a wide-angle lens that lays the red carpet for functions such as Center Framing , which keeps the user centered on the screen at all times by following their movements, or allows them to zoom in or out the frame depending on the number of people on the screen.

For its part, the rear camera is standardized at 12 Mpx present in the rest of the iPads in the range. The photographic results are good, taking into account that the photographic use of a tablet of this size will be merely anecdotal.

In the video section, the A14 Chip allows you to capture videos in 4K at 60 fps with the usual quality in Apple devices.

Battery for the whole day, but the charge is not the fastest

The battery section, the 10th generation iPad processor shows new signs of optimization since with a slightly smaller battery it achieves a usage time similar to the previous generation.

Apple recognizes a 28.6 Wh battery – which amounts to about 7,730 mAh – while that of the 9th generation iPad had a 32.4 Wh battery – about 8,557 mAh. Despite this difference, the 10th generation iPad maintains an average use time of 10 hours of screen with automatic brightness around 50%.

These are times practically traced to the previous generation, despite the increase in performance provided by the A14 Bionic and a slightly larger screen. As we have already mentioned before, Apple has taken the measure of this processor very well and has greatly optimized its consumption.

By keeping the charging power of the 2022 iPads at 20 W provided by the “fast” charger that Apple includes in the box, charging times have decreased in the same proportion as battery capacity.

The 10th generation iPad achieves 50% charge in 63 minutes , while it will take 2 hours and 24 minutes to complete 100% charge.

Magic Keyboard Folio and Pencil gen 1, accessories have a lot to say about the user experience

Apple has achieved a good user experience with its tablets alone, but since adding support for external keyboards, touchpads and mice, the experience is improved by using some accessories for the iPad. On this occasion, Apple proposes the Magic Keyboard Folio , a keyboard cover with two elements that are sold for 299 euros.

The keyboard part is magnetically connected to the Smart Connector to provide the 2022 iPad with a keyboard and touchpad with a touch on the keys that has little to envy to the Magic Keyboard of the iPad Pro, although in this case the keys are not backlit .

The second element of the Magic Keyboard Folio magnetically attaches to the back of the iPad 10th generation protecting it, and includes a flap that unfolds at different angles keeping the screen in a comfortable working position.

The Magic Keyboard Folio is a perfect choice for using iPad on a table or flat surface, but due to its flexible fold and magnetic attachment, it’s not as stable as previous Magic Keyboards when used on your knees and makes the iPad double His weight.

On the other hand, the 10th generation iPad maintains support with the 1st generation Apple Pencil . Beyond the debatable design of this device and its peculiar charging system, the problem is that the 2022 iPad no longer includes the Lightning port that the 1st generation Pencil needs to charge and sync with the iPad.

The fact of not wanting to make the leap to the 2nd generation Pencil has forced Apple to make a fix that would scare Steve Jobs away, adding a Lightning to USB C adapter so that it can be connected to the iPad using the included cable. In this context, it is difficult to justify the disastrous experience of using the 1st generation Pencil in anything other than using it on the screen.

We’ve gone from having the “giant lollipop” while charging the pencil on previous iPads, to a pencil tethered to USB C on the 2022 iPad thanks to an adapter that’s included free on all 2022 1st Gen Pencils and for 10 euros if you buy it separately.

Versions, offers and price of the iPad 10th generation

The 10th generation iPad iPad is available in 4 colors that give it a more modern and fun look, taking as a reference what we already saw with the iPad Air.

In addition to this new range of colors, you can choose up to 4 different combinations with 64 GB (579 euros) and 256 GB of storage (779 euros) with WiFi or versions with 5G LTE connectivity for 779 euros and 979 euros respectively.

As usually happens, the new 2022 iPads can be purchased for a more interesting price in third-party stores such as Amazon.

10th generation iPad, the opinion of is it worth it?

The 10th generation iPad has gone from being the “cheap iPad” to being the “basic iPad”, thanks to the aggressive upward pricing policy in certain markets that Tim Cook’s company has applied in the second half of 2022.

In Spain, this increase has resulted in a price increase of 200 euros for an iPad that does not provide enough improvements to justify this investment. The bad news is that Apple knows this, which is why it has also raised the price of the 9th generation iPad from 379 euros to 420 euros .

Don’t get me wrong, the 10th generation iPad is a good product for its target audience, both for design and features, but it’s not so easy to recommend it anymore for its price. Especially since for that price the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE offers a better screen, more memory and includes the S Pen stylus.

I have not been convinced by the integration of the 1st generation Pencil either , which by losing the Lightning port loses all its meaning and adds the need to use an adapter and a cable to charge it. How does that fit into Apple’s philosophy of pivoting to wireless?

Plus, in everyday use, it’s not an accessory that feels as part of the iPad as the 2nd-gen Pencil does. Not having a magnetic fastening or a compartment to store it, it is easy to lose it in the backpack or roll from side to side on the table.

In short, the 10th generation iPad is a tablet that, like other iPads, is still very good, but students should think twice before buying it.