10 effective sales channels to boost your business

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman you need to know the main sales channels that exist in the market to promote your products or services successfully.

Once you understand their potential, and how they can align with your business objectives, you can make them your greatest allies physically or digitally.

In theory, sales channels are designed to bring your products closer to the final consumer in an intelligent, strategic and profitable way. 

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative of the moment. Its operation is simple:

  • The interested person must join the affiliate programs available in the market. Those from Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten or Aliexpress Aliexpressare some of the most reliable.
  • Receive your affiliate links.
  • Use these links to promote the products or services of a third party on their networks, blog, page or online store.
  • For each sale you make as an affiliate you will receive a commission. 

2. Telesales

Telemarketing, also known as telesales, is one of the oldest and most powerful sales methods on the market

It consists of contacting your potential customers through phone calls, in order to promote products and services directly. 

It has been used by small, medium and large industries for decades to enhance their promotional efforts, and even to retain customer loyalty

3. Points of sale

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This option is also part of offline sales channels and has been active since time immemorial. 

Points of sale, or POS, are physical and traditional means that allow you to impact your potential consumers with efficiency. His most popular representations are:

Own stores:

Stores are the preferred channels in retail and among some self-employed entrepreneurs. 

However, they require great logistical and maintenance efforts, as well as very significant investments. 


For their part, franchises function as an extension of a business. Although their success will depend entirely on the franchisee. 

This figure must comply with the conditions of the parent franchise and respect the use of the brand when promoting its products or services. 


Distributors are the link between consumers and the product, and therefore usually cover a large area of ​​commerce. 

According to a Hotmart report, traditional companies that want to increase their sales and profitability need to establish commercial alliances with distributors. 

4. Direct sales

Direct sales channels serve a very profitable business model in several Latin American countries. 

This is because they promote direct and personal contact between the seller and the final consumer.

One of its greatest benefits is that you do not need a fixed commercial premises to take advantage of it. 


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Virtual platforms are one of the most profitable and powerful sales channels on the planet. 

In theory, they allow other advertisers to market your products or services online in bulk. 

If you make sure to design and implement good advertising, marketing and sales strategies, it is very likely that the profitability of your business will grow rapidly thanks to your marketplace.

Amazon, ebay or Aliexpress are some successful examples that you should know and study if you want to obtain favorable results in the digital commerce environment.

6. Electronic commerce

Ecommerce platforms are ideal for selling your company’s products in a select, exclusive and direct way. 

In recent years they have positioned themselves as the main sales channels throughout the world, given all the comforts, security and facilities they offer.

If you dare to develop and manage your own online store, you will have the possibility to control the:

  • Payment mechanisms.
  • promotions.
  • discounts.
  • Inventory.
  • Site design. 
  • product display etc.

7. Social networks

income does not depend on social networks

If you have a physical or digital business, and you want to diversify your sources of income, or increase your profit margin, you need to have a presence on social networks. 

Keep in mind that these media not only fulfill fun or entertainment roles, but are also powerful business tools. 

In fact, many of them allow you to create your own stores to boost direct sales of your brand or business. 

Earning money with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp or Telegram is completely feasible and the best thing is that you can do it from your own smartphone. 

Likewise, it is important that you understand that your potential clients have a presence in these digital environments, and that if you want to successfully capture and retain them, you need to execute strategies in networks.

8.Google Ads

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Investing in advertising campaigns for your business is a great idea, but now imagine the results you could get if you do it through Google. 

Google Ads is a massive, powerful and effective channel to publicize your products and services online. 

Basically, it gives you all the tools you need to engage with your ideal customer through ads that are interesting, valuable, and relevant to them. 

It can help you a lot if you want to increase sales, increase traffic to your page, blog or ecommerce, or improve the branding of your brand within the virtual environment.

9.Google Shopping

It is intrinsically related to Google Ads and is a service that is responsible for displaying the products that are available in the online marketplace.

They are really shopping ads that contain crucial information, such as the name of the product, its photos, descriptions, the store where it can be purchased and the price. 

The only requirement that currently exists to use Google Shopping is that your company has an ecommerce. 

10. Product comparators

Specifically, a comparator is a page in which products belonging to the same category are compared. 

In addition, its operation is very similar to that of a marketplace, since users must also carry out their searches online.

Comparators make their job easier by showing you all the available product alternatives and their respective brands. 

Today they are considered great ecommerce channels and can be of great use to build your community, increase traffic to your online store, and boost your sales.