Benefits of foot massages

Foot massages are usually performed to obtain a state of relaxation and well-being, they must be performed in a calm and leisurely manner to cause the sensation of relaxation that is sought and obtain all its benefits.

The objective of these massages is to attend to tensions and achieve an effect of calm and comfort. Here are some tips for a good foot massage.

Foot massages are given by the presence of the reflection of organs and viscera of our body. It is a gentle and non-aggressive healing technique, which is used to combat and stimulate the body to heal itself.

Foot reflexology

The feet contain thousands of nerve endings and every organ, function, and part of the body has its corresponding reflex point on the foot. Acting on these reflex points stimulates the nerve pathways, the function of the organ or part of the body that is tense, congested or damaged.

Benefits of foot massages

The benefits of foot massages help us:

  • Relieve body tension.
  • Calm the stream of consciousness.
  • Calm the emotions.

For healthy people, reflexology offers:

  • A nice way to feel.
  • Relief from fear, anxiety and frustration.
  • Increased vitality and confidence.
  • Helps secretions.

The benefits of foot massages for not so healthy people:

  • Soothe restlessness.
  • Soothes and treats the root of discontent.
  • Counteracts fatigue.
  • Calms nervousness, worries and fears.
  • Relieves aches, pains and discomfort.
  • Reduces tension by relaxing the muscles.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Cleanses the body of toxic substances.
  • Stimulates hypoactive and lazy areas.
  • Calms overactive and overly productive parts of the body.

Did you know…?

Performing foot reflexology continuously, the basic bodily functions are normalized and tuned, favoring the maintenance and state of health.

In foot reflexology we find all the reflexes, as well as pain, discomfort in the feet and that in the foot there is a reflex zone for each part of the body.

It must be taken into account that with reflexology there is a relative production of endorphins, substances that the brain emits and that constitute a natural defense against pain, until it disappears.

But the action is temporary, it is only suitable for acute pain, but it will manifest itself again a few days later.

A good therapy based on foot massages can cause a slowdown in nervous tension, a feeling of lightness and an improvement in bodily functions.

It will also depend on the type of reaction of the person receiving the massage.Indications

People who receive foot massages may respond differently to the treatment. That depends on:

  • The weather.
  • Personal biorhythms.
  • The food diet.
  • The emotion state.

How to give the massage

Duration Normally the duration of foot reflexology should be 60 minutes.


  • A soft and calming massage will be sedative.
  • A firm and continuous massage will be invigorating.

Speed/ Rhythm

  • A slow and measured massage will be sedative.
  • A quick and uninterrupted massage will be invigorating.

When are the maneuvers repeated?

  • When appreciating a sore area and in which, after the manipulation performed, the discomfort persists in said area.
  • If there are lumps, dry area, flaccid skin.

Precautions with foot massages

There are many, as we have seen, the benefits of foot massages but it is necessary to observe some precautions:

  • Do not perform the massage if you have done an intense sporting activity. It is better to let 2 hours pass.
  • Do not act on your feet immediately after eating a large amount of food, leave 2 hours for the digestive system to do its job naturally.
  • Do not act in the presence of foot infections (fungus, athlete’s foot, etc.) due to contagion problems.
  • Avoid performing undue maneuvers on the bone structure.
  • Avoid carrying out the massage to women in the first days of the period, especially if the losses are abundant.
  • Avoid massage when there are pronounced swellings in the feet or if there are sprains or contraindications of a traumatic type.
  • Also avoid if the person is very agitated, worried or frightened.

Do not act on the feet in the first months of pregnancy, especially when it comes to pregnancies at risk.