8 keys to a good marketing strategy on Facebook

Social networks are an unavoidable part of any digital marketing mix and, among them, none lends itself as efficiently to branding, customer loyalty and reputation management objectives as Facebook. This is possible thanks to the multiple advertising options that, together with a large radius of reach, this contact platform offers. Only when all these promotional possibilities are used, it is possible to take advantage of Facebook as a marketing tool . Below, we list 8 tips to optimize the company’s presence on the social network and extract the best from this digital channel:

1. The company page: the basis of Facebook marketing

The foundation on which success on Facebook rests is a professional company page , also called a Fanpage. Therefore, it is convenient to invest the time that is necessary in its preparation to achieve the best possible result.

2. Connect all social networks

If you want to include Facebook in a company’s global digital marketing strategy, you cannot ignore the synergy resulting from the interrelation of the different social channels where the company is present. This can be achieved with links to the different platforms, especially on the company’s website, since through these links the so-called important social signals for Google are generated and, therefore, they are a factor to be taken into account. in search engine optimization. A lively exchange of comments and an active “shares” counter suggest relevance for the search engine, but also for those who visit the page for the first time.

3. Don’t forget mobile devices

Facebook already has almost 1,600 million active users according to the most current data and more than half connect exclusively via smartphone or tablet. These figures speak for themselves and remind us of the importance of optimization for mobile devices also in the field of social networks, starting with design and images. Facebook provides very exact indications in relation to the measurements that the images for the profile and for the header of the page must have.

4. Promote the involvement of followers

The success of a company page on Facebook is not measured exclusively by the number of “Likes” or “Likes”, since these only contribute something to the company if the follower is really active on the network. For this reason, we must rule out those more dishonest Facebook marketing practices such as buying “Likes”. In theory, it’s all about organically building followers and motivating them to engage, which can only be achieved through relevant content.

5. Communication and interaction

A company page on Facebook is the ideal way to disseminate information and news related to the company. However, its use should not be limited to these purposes: it is worth seizing the opportunity to react to requests and establish the constructive dialogue that the free platform provides. Responding with concrete proposals for solutions to situations that users present to us offers an unquestionable added value that strengthens customer loyalty .

6. The right time

A good Facebook marketing strategy requires 24/7 constant attention, but with handy social media management tools that let you schedule post posts, you don’t have to be available at all times. all hours. However, the temporal aspect plays a fundamental role on Facebook.

7. Video is the new selfie

In particular, since the introduction of the new Facebook video player with Autoplay function, it is highly recommended to use videos on this platform , since, thanks to them, it is very easy to attract the attention of the company’s target audience. 

8. Advertise on Facebook

If it is not possible to organically increase the community of followers of the Facebook company page, you can resort to the paid advertising modalities available on the platform. With the help of Facebook Ads, companies can target their target audience directly and show them exclusive content. 

The commitment to the correct digital marketing mix

Facebook is an influential platform that can provide very wide exposure to businesses, especially if these recommendations are taken into account. However, this network, and social media marketing in general, should be considered a part of a global digital marketing strategy.

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