Adidas, stop the collaboration with Kanye West: Controversy for anti-Semitic phrases

Adidas, one of the most famous sportswear companies in the world, has collaborated with rapper Kanye West for several years. But how long will it last?

Kanye West

This collaboration  is not going to last much longer. The rapper was seen involved in controversy related to anti-Semitic attitudes and phrases .

The controversy for anti-Semitic phrases involving West

The news was reported today, October 25, by a source that appears to be very close to the brand. He leaked that Adidas has officially decided to end the collaboration and any kind of relationship with West .

The American businessman  and  musician known by the name of Kanye West has been involved in a controversy over anti- Semitic phrases in recent days or weeks .


This behavior on the part of the rapper meant that Adidas officially blocked any type of relationship and any type of working collaboration with him. This news was leaked after the sports fashion brand, on 6 October, announced that it had discussed it with the artist and therefore temporarily put the working relationship with him in crisis.

The musician uttered anti- Semitic phrases , behavior that made his collaboration with the various brands and companies that have supported him up to now, indignation towards him.

And for this they decided to immediately stop doing business with him.

The statements of the marketing director of Adidas

In the last few hours Sarah Camhi , director of commercial marketing of the sports brand, commented on the story on the LinkedIn social network .

“As a member of the Jewish community, I can no longer remain silent on behalf of the brand that employs me. To say nothing, it is to say everything. “

Obviously, this whole affair has meant that Adidas suffered an economic backlash , in the last week the shares of the brand have not increased, but have decreased by more than 14%.

Will the collaboration continue?

Although the news was reported by a source very close to the brand , a source that states that Adidas intends to officially end any kind of collaboration with the singer and designer Kanye West , for now there are no official announcements regarding what’s going on.

And it is therefore not clear whether the collaboration will actually end or go on. The collaboration between West and Adidas has been going on since 2013.

Kanye West 'Grammy Worn'

The year in which the Yeezy clothing line was produced through this partnership, distributed all over the world.

In early October this year, however, Adidas released a statement: the brand had to review its relationship with West as the latter publicly criticized CEO Kasper Rørsted.

Despite this, there have been no official statements by Adidas regarding this latest story or the controversy over the anti- Semitic phrases of the musician, entrepreneur, and designer Kanye West.