Car accessories: the best gadgets

Do you want to actually know what a person is like? Then take a look at how his car treats him: each of us experiences his own car in a unique way, embellishing it with a whole series of accessories that fully reflect his way of being. That’s why we wanted to draw up this special ranking on the best, but also the most useful and “curious” gadgets that can be found on the well-known Amazon e-commerce portal.

Customization in this sector has no boundaries: from the essential minimum like the USB chargers to be attached in the cigarette lighter to the steering wheel cover, from the cushions for long journeys to the thermos for coffee. But let’s go see them one by one!


Let’s start with the inevitable USB charger, an accessory that, nowadays, must never be missing in a modern car. Let’s take an example: you are away from home for work and all of a sudden your trusty smartphone turns off . How do you recharge it? Simple, through the charger to attach to the cigarette lighter! On Amazon there are all types and with different voltages: the price is also really low, for a maximum of 15 Euros.


Let’s continue with another gadget that has now become indispensable. Do you want to listen to your favorite radio station but the car radio you have available does not receive it? Don’t worry, the Firefly will take care of it! It is one of the most compact Bluetooth receivers in the world, which allows you to stream music from your smartphone to any device, simply by connecting its built-in AUX socket. Its price? Just over 30 Euros.


Try driving at the same time using your smartphone to call your best friend… and you will soon be able to say goodbye to your driving license! In fact, anyone caught using a mobile phone while driving is subject to a deduction of points, the possible suspension of their driving license and a hefty fine that can reach up to 1,697 euros. To avoid all this, our advice is to equip yourself with a pair of wireless earphones: on Amazon there are all kinds and, with a minimum expenditure of 20-30 euros , you will be perfectly in line with the Highway Code.


Do you want to give a new perfume to the interior of your car? Well, because fortunately there is an alternative to the “usual” Arbremagique : we are talking about aroma diffusers, deodorants and any other device capable of refreshing and “softening” the air in your car.


For all those who can’t do without coffee, here is a gadget that will soon become their best friend. It is called Handpresso and is in effect an espresso coffee machine , which works with pods or with dissolved powder . It must be connected to the 12V cigarette lighter socket and filled with cold water… and in two minutes your drink is ready to be savored! There is also the variant produced by Lavazza , which however costs even more: almost 300 Euros!


The smartphone , while driving, should not be used: it is required by the Highway Code , which is why a car cannot miss the dedicated support, which allows the driver to use his phone in complete safety. Even, for example, using it as a navigator! Also in this case the prices are really low: even under 10 Euros!


If, on the other hand, you need a bag that collects all the useful items for your next trip around the world, here is a really comfortable and effective alternative! It is a device to attach to the seats of your car, built with a series of pockets that can really keep everything in order: from books to electronic equipment, to food. The price? From 15 to 30 Euros.


Here is another essential accessory for those who love to travel: we know very well how uncomfortable it can be to relax in the car , which is why a travel pillow will guarantee you a much more comfortable seat. There are different types: from those to be simply installed on the main seat cushion to those to be applied to the headrest, with support for the cervical . Prices? Less than 30 euros.


If you treat your car like your loved one, then surely you already have in mind an essential accessory for the care of the leather goods of the passenger compartment : we are talking about the steering wheel cover, a gadget that will prevent sweat and dirt from ruining the original steering wheel fabric. giving at the same time a touch of class, sportiness … or humor! The minimum price on Amazon is around 10 Euros and there is something for all tastes : from the classic black one to the sporty two-tone one… to get to the colored and fur ones!


We end our ranking with an accessory that could be very useful to all those who are already used to having a personal assistant like Google Home Mini or Amazon Alexa with them . We are talking about Chris , a voice -activated personal assistant produced by German Autolabs specifically to help all motorists while using their car, avoiding all those distractions that can cause possible accidents. The cost of him? At the moment it settles at just under 200 Euros … but to guarantee your own and others’ safety at the wheel, honestly, this and more!