The 8 Most Spectacular Superhero Deaths Ever Seen In Movies

Nothing worse than seeing the death of one of your favorite superheroes. To curl the loop and make it even sadder, there is a choice, that is why we have collected the 8 saddest superhero deaths in the cinema.

Today we live in a world where superhero movies are released almost every month. Sometimes the story is not as good as others. Sometimes a movie can just be fun and entertaining popcorn. However, there have been some movies that have given viewers a gut punch with the death of the odd superhero.

Of course, superhero movies, especially those from Marvel , should be accompanied by a health warning. And it is that, when we lose someone important on the screen, it is much more devastating, as this list shows. If it’s one of our favorite superheroes, turn it off and let’s go.

Whether the characters were doomed by their history in the comics or have made unexpected sacrifices, their deaths add to a rather complicated moment.

For this report, we are going to remember episodes in which characters died in superhero movies, specifically 8 of them, so get ready to cry again with the best superhero deaths in movies.

The 8 most spectacular superhero deaths that have been seen in movies:

Vision, Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

When Thanos arrives in Wakanda to retrieve the Seeing Mind Stone, Wanda is left with no choice but to destroy the stone and kill the man she loves in order to save the universe. 

But all this proves useless, as Thanos rewinds time and revives Vision so he can take the stone, which ends up killing him again. It’s not often that a movie sees a character being killed twice in a few minutes, but Vision’s double death was certainly heartbreaking, especially for Wanda.

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 Logan, Logan (2017)

With powerful healing power, this character used to be near immortal. In the film, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine survives everything from car crashes to atomic bombs without leaving a mark. That’s part of what made his death in Logan so moving. 

Well, shortly after losing his surrogate father, Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier, Logan dies saving his surrogate daughter, X-23, from an evil younger clone of himself. Logan tried to take her away from the parts of himself that ultimately ended her life. 

In his poignant final moments as Wolverine, the actor gave one of comics’ biggest superheroes a perfect, stylish ending.

Spider-Man, Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 

After Thanos gets all six Infinity Stones, he snaps his fingers and turns half of the cast of life to dust . Though many other beloved heroes fade away in an instant, and it truly breaks our hearts, Spider-Man’s body, struggling to hold on to life as it slowly disintegrates, ends up tearing us apart.

When Peter falls into Tony’s arms, breaks down in tears and goes from being a proud superhero to a boy begging for his life, we already know that this scene will permeate our hearts for many years.

Many viewers knew this wasn’t the end of Spider-Man in the Marvel franchise, but it still doesn’t take away from how tearful his death was. Despite so much death, Peter Parker’s chilling words to Tony Stark: “Mr. Stark, I’m not feeling very well,” still echo in our heads.

Yondu, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

In 2013, James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy introduced us to Michael Rooker’s Yondu as a ruthless and opportunistic space pirate. In early 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 used those few redeeming qualities to set up Yondu’s heroic sacrifice. 

After the Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) discovered his birth father’s true intentions, Yondu revealed that he had adopted a young Star-Lord to save him from his father’s clutches. 

Superman, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

In the final battle against Doomsday, Wonder Woman and Batman hold off the enemy while Superman tries to retrieve the latter’s kryptonite spear. He flies at Doomsday with the spear and plunges it into his chest. Unfortunately, it pierces Superman’s heart with a bone sticking out of his arm.

But this doesn’t stop the Man of Steel, who drives himself deeper into the bone so he can drive his spear through the monster’s chest, killing them both. If we put together the moving musical score by Hans Zimmer here, it becomes a whole that breaks our hearts.

Iron Man, Avengers: Endgame (2019)

In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, Thanos aims to destroy the entire universe and everyone in it. But instead of him snapping his fingers , it’s Tony Stark who deals the decisive blow to Thanos and his armies. 

During their fight, Tony grapples with Thanos, letting the villain think he’s beaten when, in reality, Stark steals the Infinity Stones back from him. So when Thanos triumphantly declares, “I’m inevitable” and snaps his fingers, nothing happens. 

Tony replies, “I’m Iron Man.” They are the words with which Iron Man of 2008 ends, and they are the last words of Tony Stark. He snaps his fingers and lives long enough to see Thanos and his alien armies turn to dust. Unfortunately, Tony knows that using the Stones will be the last thing he does. His final scene couldn’t be anything but heartbreaking.

Harry Orborn, Spider-Man 3 (2007)

James Franco’s Harry Osborn, the other antagonist of Spider-Man 2, also met his end after taking on Spider-Man. As in the comics , Harry blamed Spider-Man for the death of his father Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin. 

In Sam Raimi’s last Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 3 (200)7, Harry adopted elements of the Green Goblin’s arsenal to become a new version and was one of three villains faced by Spider-Man. Man in this movie.

After being impaled by his glider, he reconciled with Parker and Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane in his last moments. Certainly this moment of reconciliation gave the film’s three central characters a good ending.

Charles Xavier, Logan (2017)

Although Patrick Stewart’s Professor X died in the middle of X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006), his return began in that film’s post-credits sequence. However, Charles Xavier had an end in Logan. After an attack caused his telepathic powers to go off and kill most of the X-Men, he lived a life of seclusion in an increasingly dystopian world.

After encouraging Logan to bond with his cloned daughter, X-23, Xavier was killed by Wolverine’s feral clone X-24. In his last moments, Xavier looked at the face of his friend’s clone, also played by Jackman, as his claws dug into his chest.