Who is the murderer? 6 detective movies with all the suspects in one place

Few things motivate us more than discovering the murderer in a movie. Untangling the tangle and lifting the blanket are two acts that produce enormous pleasure in the viewer, who feels the most intelligent in the room… for a while.

Movies give us everything we want without having to suffer hardship, torture, misery and other circumstances. We all want to get the treasure that a dragon keeps in its cave, but very few feel like suffering the whole trip until they get the coveted prize.

That is why we leave Bilbo to go with the 13 dwarves and Gandalf to free the Lonely Mountain while we send him our encouragement from the comfort of the sofa. And the same goes for murder mystery movies. Nobody wants to lose a family member and have to solve the crime.

So you sit back, turn on the TV, and choose your preferred platform, whether it’s Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ , or HBO Max . The idea is to open one that has what we are looking for today: a good movie where there is a crime and we have to unravel what happened.

But, we haven’t gone for the classic murder and detective movies, no. We wanted to give you the crime movies where the suspects are all together in the same house/mansion/train or variants. This way it is easier for us to give our predictions about who the damn murderer might be.

Without further ado, let’s go with our particular list. It is true that there are other films. But we assure you that they are not as good or important as these. There is quality here, some are pioneers in the genre.

6 detective movies with all the suspects in one place

Knives in the back

When renowned mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey is found dead in his mansion just after his family’s 85th birthday celebration, inquisitive and suave detective Benoit Blanc is mysteriously recruited to investigate the matter.

He will move through a network of false leads and interested lies to try to discover the truth after the death of the writer. And in the millionaire’s mansion all the suspects of the murder will be found. And, of course, they are all family.

This movie, a kind of Cluedo, was one of the great Prime Video exclusives in 2019 and achieved some success in viewers and good opinion from critics. It was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

It’s available now to watch on Netflix and on HBO Max , so you can watch it wherever you feel like it. Our only advice is that you should see them because, really, it is worth the 2 hours or so that the film lasts.

  • Title : Daggers in the Back
  • Release date : 2019
  • Duration : 2:04 hours
  • Platform : HBO Max

Murder on the Orient Express

The Orient Express, a legendary train that crosses Europe, is forced to stop its journey due to a snow storm. A lot of important personalities travel in it. From aristocrats to pilots, through gangsters and writers.

During one eventful night, a mysterious murder takes place. Detective Hercule Poirot will be in charge of solving this dark homicide that has taken place in one of the train carriages.

To do this , he will study all the passengers to determine what has happened and, thus, a race against time will begin in which Poirot must decipher the puzzle before the murderer attacks again. But the important thing will not be simply who and how he committed the crime, the crucial thing will be why he did it.

Remake of the celluloid classic of the same name from 1974 (Sindey Lumet), it is based on the book of the same name by Agatha Christie. This film is itself a history of the murder detective genre. Run to see her.

  • Title : Murder on the Orient Express
  • Release date : 2017
  • Duration : 1:55 hours
  • Platform : Disney+

The death trap

Sidney Bruhl is a renowned Broadway mystery playwright who is going through a losing streak of consecutive flops. To add to the humiliation, a student in one of his playwriting seminars, Clifford Anderson, hands him a paper that shocks Sidney at his brilliance.

It is a five-character, two-act thriller so well written that Bruhl considers it a sure hit. Eager to win back the favor of the public and critics, the writer invites the student to his house with the excuse of proposing a collaboration.

The playwright’s real intention is to assassinate Clifford with the complicity of his wife, Myra, to later pass off the play as his. However, this initial plan turns into another surprising one.

Although there are no murders as such, the intrigues, the twists and the well-planned script for the last act is worth being on this list . Think that the objective is to kill someone and the end is not what you expect.

  • Title : The Death Trap
  • Release date : 1982
  • Duration : 1:51 hours
  • Platform : AppleTV+


In a large and secluded Victorian mansion, various colorful characters gather for dinner at a mysterious invitation from an unknown host. All of them have secrets to hide for which they have been vilely blackmailed for years.

When the house is left in the dark because of a momentary blackout, the blackmailer is found murdered in the living room. Now, they must find out who among them was the culprit. A very complicated task considering that all of them had compelling reasons to commit the crime.

Yes, you are not crazy. We’re talking about the big screen adaptation of the famous mystery game Cluedo , which we’ve all played for hours as a family on endless summer nights at the beach.

If you are on this list because you like these types of movies, Cluedo is the first one you have to watch. She practically singlehandedly introduced millions of people to the joy of finding the killer. The police officers who will have become inspectors thanks to this game / movie.

  • Title : Clue
  • Release date : 1985
  • Duration : 1:33 hours
  • Platform : Filmin

Death on the nile

A newly married couple celebrates their recent engagement in Egypt. There, they rent a boat called Karnak with which they intend to sail with their guests up the Nile to Abu Simbel. The voyage is all partying and fun, until a murder is committed on board.

Then, one of the ship’s passengers, the famous detective Hercule Poirot, must investigate the mysterious death of a young heiress with no apparent explanation. Soon, hatred and quarrels begin to arise between the apparently calm group of friends and the investigator begins to perceive that nothing is what it seems in that place.

Sequel to Murder on the Orient Express and without being equal to the first, it is again an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Agatha Christie , the most renowned writer in the detective genre.

If you liked Murder on the Orient Express you have to check it out making popcorn at home and turning off the lights. On the other hand, if it did not convince you, this second installment is a little worse and it will not be worth it.

  • Title : Death on the Nile
  • Release date : 2022
  • Duration : 2:09 hours
  • Platform : Disney+

Rear window

After breaking his leg on a dangerous mission, professional photographer Jeff is confined to his Greenwich Village apartment, in a wheelchair while he recovers. His bedroom window overlooks an interior patio and to kill the summer time, he decides to watch his neighbors who leave their windows open.

Among the tenants he observes, there is a dancer, a lonely woman, a sculptor, a composer, several couples, and a jewelry seller named Thorwald. Everything in Jeff’s life changes when he sees one of them have a heated fight with his wife.

As a result of this moment he becomes obsessed and his observations lead him to believe that the neighbor across the street is a murderer and that he has killed his wife . Every day that he passes he becomes more convinced of his theory… and we don’t continue because we end up telling you the whole story.

It is one of the best movies ever, at least in the murder thriller genre. Shot in the 50s, it was a complete success in theaters, inspiring dozens of subsequent films and series with its brilliant script. Hollywood was making real movies then… or so they say.

  • Title : Rear Window
  • Release date : 1954
  • Duration : 1:50 hours
  • Platform : Filmin