Flood in Australia, hundreds of homes submerged and thousands of displaced people in the Southeast

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The three days of uninterrupted torrential rains that hit Southeast Australia caused flooding , flooding at least 500 homes and thousands of people evacuated in Melbourne and several other cities in the state of Victoria, Benalla and Wedderburn. Extreme rainfall is associated with La Niña, the meteorological phenomenon that hits the South Pacific area with storms and cyclones at this time of year.

Flood in Australia, interventions

The Victoria State Emergency Service, the second most populous in the country, has carried out 108 flood relief efforts in the past 48 hours. One casualty has been recorded so far but the weather events related to La Niña have killed more than twenty people this year.

The floods that occurred in the last few hours have submerged the streets, forced the closure of schools and cut the electricity to 3 thousand homes and businesses.

Particularly affected are several areas close to the city of Melbourne which with 5 million inhabitants is the second most populous in Australia.

In the north, in the state of New South Wales, 550 people have been isolated or evacuated from the town of Forbes due to the flooding of the Lachlan River.

Flood in Australia, the level of rainfall

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology had already highlighted last month that the atmospheric events related to La Niña underway in the Ocean have recorded above-average rainfall.

In some areas of the country, four times the amount of rain fell within 24 hours that on average would be recorded throughout the month of October.

In the island state of Tasmania, south of Australia, up to 400 mm of rain fell in 24 hours.

The populations of three Australian states have been ordered to evacuate their homes.

Flood in Australia, the emergency

“About 500 homes in Victoria have been flooded and another 500 have been sealed off by the floods,” said Daniel Andrews, premier of the state of Victoria, the second most populous in the country.

Most of the land has been hit by a “very, very significant rain event and it obviously happens with the ground completely soaked,” Andrews explained.

“The real challenge now is that we have another rain event next week and the weather service is forecasting more rain for the next six to eight week period and it won’t take much more water for there to be more flood events. ” added Andrews – So this has just begun and will be with us for a while ”.