The best horror movies and TV series to watch on Netflix

Are you looking for a horror movie or TV series that is worth using the term “scary” for? Nothing is missing in the Netflix catalog and even fans of the horror genre can test their courage with the titles available today on the famous streaming platform.

Paranormal phenomena, vampires, assassins in the guise of monsters, zombies, demons and much more: the best horror titles from Netflixare available in both TV series and movies and here we propose two lists of the most valid products related to each format. Waiting for the public, the latest news from the horror world, Netflix original titles and “historical” productions of this genre. Turn off the lights and start Netflix: it’s time for horror.

Midnight Mass

Revelation TV series that, arrived in the catalog in September 2021, surprised the public with a narrative that tears the hearts, Midnight Mass is one of the original Netflix titles created by Mike Flanagan (author of other contents on our list). Flanagan is once again the creator of a quality horror script, which develops over 7 episodes taking up the themes dear to the author, without hiding an obvious inspiration from the king, Stephen King . Among Netflix’s best horror titles, Midnight Mass brings up the themes of religious faith , sometimes exasperated to the point of fanaticism , and paranormal and demonic presences .

best Netflix horror titles

The series created by Mike Flanagan tells of the arrival of the new young Father Paul (Hamish Linklater) in Crockett Island, a town of a hundred inhabitants lost in its economic and spiritual misery . With the arrival of Father Paul on the spot, the citizens are inflamed by a renewed faith kindled in them by the priest’s sermons, while prodigious miracles seem to have occurred since the young man arrived. Meanwhile, Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford) has returned to his hometown after a spell in detention, and the mysterious miracles he witnesses raise questions within him. On the island, meanwhile, he hovers the dark presence ofa mysterious entity .

We are no longer alive

Korea strikes again, this time with a horror that, like the previous successful Netflix production titled Squid Game , is currently on everyone’s lips . This is We’re No Longer Alive , a zombie -themed horror series taken from the webtoon Now at Our School by Joo Dong-geun , published on the Naver platform from 2009 to 2011. It seems that to attract the public to this new Netflix original title was precisely the success of Squid Game : the South Korean series has been so successful that it has become synonymous with quality, so it is no surprise that We Are No Longer Alive has become the new Netflix phenomenon of the moment.

best Netflix horror titles

Streaming from January 28, 2022, We Are No Longer Alive follows the desperate struggle for survival of a group of high school students, trapped in the school classrooms they attend as a zombie outbreak spreads death across the globe. The young people (including Lee Yoo-mi , one of the protagonists of Squid Game ) will have to try to keep themselves safe, with hordes of zombies ready to slaughter them, but they will also have the arduous task of surviving to save the world from catastrophe.

Archive 81 – Alternative Universes

If the watchword for you is “novelty and innovation” , Archive 81 – Alternative Universes is the most suitable horror TV series. Another original production of the platform, Archive 81Alternative Universes is the new series in the catalog that is rightfully included among the best Netflix horror titles. Inspired by the “found footage” podcast of the same name, this title proved to be a real gem among current horror content: an 8-episode TV adaptation that makes mystery and the supernatural its strengths.

best Netflix horror titles

In Archive 81 – Alternative Universes the protagonist is Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), a talented archivist who is entrusted with the task of restoring a collection of videotapes damaged by a fire. The material is dated 1994 and Dan sets to work to retrieve the content: a documentary filmed by Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi). From here on, we will be dropped into an alternation between present and past : two distinct chronological planes that intertwine through a terrible secret, linked to Melody and a dangerous sect .

Stranger Things

Now a classic of sci-fi horror series, Stranger Things is certainly on the podium of the five best series on Netflix . The story is about some guys who live in a remote town called Hawkins in Indiana , between a session of Dungeons & Dragons and a bike ride they will find themselves involved in a much bigger affair than them between Demogorgons and girls with supernatural powers.

Stranger Things 3

The Netflix original TV show needs no further introduction, but if you haven’t seen this TV series yet , do n’t hesitate to do so , it’s impossible not to love it, both for its recall to the Eighties and all the fascination behind it thanks to the references to pop culture, both for a smooth narrative full of twists. We remind you that the first three seasons of Stranger Things are available on Netflix , while the fourth does not yet have a release date. Absolutely unmissable.


Marianne is a French TV series that tells the story of a young horror novelist who discovers that the nightmares that haunt her also have repercussions on the real world. In a crescendo of tension between wakefulness and sleep, whose atmospheres often recall those of Wes Craven’s Nightmare , the show is really interesting for twists and tension that she manages to create. Really very strong are some images that remain etched in the memory of the viewer.

Horror cinema

The show is strong in its contents, but it is recommended if you don’t want to see a psychological horror, but something classic that winks at the great blockbusters of the past.

The Haunting

Within the anthological series The Haunting it is possible to find two seasons, both created once again by Mike Flanagan : The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor . Produced for Netflix and released in 2018 and 2020 respectively, the two seasons are now hugely successful and represent some of Netflix’s best horror titles. The titles contained in The Haunting move on a horrific level by finding the real ghosts that haunt the human soul: the supernatural events that occur along the course of the two TV series are flanked by the horrors capable of arising from individual weaknesses.

best Netflix horror titles

In The Haunting of Hill House the Crain family is the protagonist: after buying the Hill House mansion to renovate it, the family members spend an entire summer there, nevertheless becoming witnesses of frightening paranormal phenomena . A tragedy hits them on this occasion, forcing them to flee. Many years later the Crains, who have now given up their bond, reunite due to a new death in the family and attempt to face the ghosts of their past. The Haunting of Bly Manor instead follows the story of Dani , a young governess who is hired by Lord Henry Wingrave to educate her grandchildren., Flora and Miles. Having moved to Bly Manor for this purpose, she feels that the staff of the estate are still upset by the suicide of the previous governess, while the two children hide unspeakable secrets and strange happenings are perceived by all at night.


Previously produced by ABC1 and then officially become a Netflix product, Glitch is one of the series that we include on our list of the best Netflix horror titles. It is an Australian TV series that, debuted in 2015, has reached its third and final season in 2019 . This time the pivotal theme is the resurrection of the dead , but not understood as the return to life of empty shells without conscience intent only on devouring beings who are still fully alive. The mystery of Glitch therefore revolves around the extraordinary event that occurs, pushing the protagonists towards an ever more intense search for truth.

best Netflix horror titles

In Glitch we are witnessing an inexplicable event: in the fictional town of Yoorana , the dead rise from their graves, remembering their lives. To witness this phenomenon, the policeman James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) and the doctor Elishia McKellar (Genevieve O’Reilly). The revived, however, cannot cross the city border: if they did, they would die again and for good. Their resurrection, however, has nothing to do with a prodigious miracle …


Requiem is a disturbing British TV series whose story revolves around the figure of the protagonist, Matilda Gray , a very famous and appreciated musician, and her journey into the past to discover her origins. In addition to understanding her own birth and where she belongs, she will discover a dark past that lies behind the people who have accompanied her throughout her existence.

Horror cinema

The series, although it may seem a bit slow at first, reserves some excellent surprises in terms of acting and technical sector. Above all, photography is very captivating and functional to the narrated matter. The story is full of suspense and some jumpscare thrown here and there does not disturb but keeps the viewer glued to the screen even more. This TV series is self -contained and you will find the first and only season on Netflix .


Ares is a fairly recent product, its release on Netflix dates back to last winter , and it’s really hard to forget. The show is very disturbing, so much so that petitions have also been made to prevent it from airing , but apparently they have not been successful. The Dutch TV series is a sort of hybrid between horror and psychological thriller but manages to blend these two instances together perfectly.

ares 1

The story follows the events of Ares ‘ exclusive elite in Amsterdam and Rosa , a young medical student who, by a series of coincidences, finds herself part of this secret society. The show does not spare splatter and disturbing scenes that greatly destabilize the viewer. Recommended for those with a strong stomach.


iZombie is a horror TV series but not only. Fun and irreverent. iZombie tells the story of Olivia Moore, a young medical student completing her internship as a medical examiner. During a beach party she didn’t want to attend, the young woman gets scratched by a zombie and turns herself into a monster too. However, Liv (Olivia) retains her human characteristics and her morgue work seems perfect for trying to eat semi-fresh brains.


The TV series is a partial adaptation of the comic series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred published in the Vertigo series of DC Comics . The show is a lot of fun but sometimes splatter, and we are sure it will be able to entertain even the most demanding audience.


A dramatic, disturbing, profound horror , capable of putting the viewer in front of uncomfortable truths of which however it is necessary to take note. Mother! is one of Netflix’s best horror titles that we highly recommend. Directed by Darren Aronofsky , starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in a film that only apparently presents itself as a “home invasion” , to turn into a distressing critique that involves the destruction of planet Earth.

best Netflix horror titles

Mother! takes off from the quiet life of a married couple, who live in an isolated house being renovated by the wife after a fire, while the husband is busy writing his new book About her. Their routine is upset by the arrival of a stranger who asks for hospitality : the husband welcomes him against the will of his wife. The situation worsens when the stranger is joined in the house by his wife and two children, one of whom dies killed by his brother during a violent quarrel. Furthermore, when the writer’s wife discovers she is pregnant, she knows that she will have to protect her baby at all costs against the invasion of strangers.that destroys his home and his life.

Silent Hill

A horror that has terrified audiences since 2006: Silent Hill , the film adaptation freely taken from the Konami video game saga of the same name . The Netflix catalog currently hosts the film directed by Christophe Gans which stars the terrible town of Silent Hill wrapped in its heavy mists. Among the stars of the film are S ean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Jodelle Ferland, Alice Krige and Laurie Holden.

silent Hill

It all begins with the sleepwalking episodes that afflict Sharon Da Silva , a 9-year-old girl who seems to be tormented by the memory of a city: Silent Hill . Her mother, Rose , then takes a car trip to the town with her, to discover the child’s past, but upon her arrival an accident of her makes her unconscious. Awakened, Rose discovers that Sharon has disappeared and finds herself in a town shrouded in a thick blanket of fog and ash. While searching for her daughter, she will stumble upon unspeakable horrors as she gets closer and closer to the terrifying secret about Sharon’s past.

The Conjuring – The Enfield Case

Netflix also hosts the second chapter of The Conjuring saga created by James Wan and expanded into a shared horror universe. The Conjuring – The Enfield Case is the 2016 film that sees the return of Ed and Lorraine Warren grappling with a scary new case of alleged demonic possession . Probably not as terrifying as its predecessor, The Conjuring – The Enfield Case is however equally full of distressing atmospheres (and always some dear jump scare) and stages one of the scariest demons of the Conjuringverse: Valak , star of the spin off The Nun .

The Conjuring

Based on the testimony of a real event that took place in the town of Enfield , James Wan’s film tells of the mysterious events that catapult the Hodgson family into total bewilderment. It seems that in their home, in fact, an obscure presence claims the house, first terrorizing the daughters, then all the members of the family. Only the Warren spouses can shed light on the mystery and free the Hodgsons from the entity that haunts them.

Annabelle 2 – Creation and Annabelle 3

Two more Conjuringverse products that are among the best Netflix horror titles. Annabelle 2 – Creation and Annabelle 3 , spin off of the saga that tells the misdeeds of one of the scariest dolls in horror cinema. Although the third chapter does not reach the horror levels of its two predecessors, it is still useful to retrieve it to get a complete picture of the saga starring the demonic Annabelle . In Annabelle 2 – Creation we witness the origins of the doll, which attempts to take possession of the body of one of the orphans housed in the home of a married couple upset by the loss of her daughter.


With Annabelle 3 we move instead to the home of the Warren, who keep the doll under lock and key in their small personal museum. Annabelle is here however released from her captivity, terrifying to death Judy Warren , the daughter of the demonologist couple, and the two girls who spend the evening with her as a babysitter, while the Warren are busy investigating a new case elsewhere.

World War Z

Loosely adapted from the novel World War Z. World War of the Zombies by Max Brooks , the film directed by Marc Forster plunges us into a world devastated by an invasion of the undead. World War Z is the 2013 film starring Brad Pit t, in the company of Mireille Enos, Peter Capaldi, Pierfrancesco Favino, Ruth Negga and Michiel Huisman , engaged in the search for a cure for the violent epidemic that is decimating the whole world.

best Netflix horror titles

World War Z in fact develops on a global scale , showing the rapid expansion of the virus that changes humans into ferocious zombies: after being bitten, they become very strong and fast , constantly looking for other humans to devour and infect. Only the insane journey of Gerry Lane through various countries of the globe could represent a hope of salvation for men.

A Classic Horror Story

Among the best Netflix horror titles, an all-Italian production of which you can read our review here. Directed by Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli, A Classic Horror Story is one of the original contents of the platform and takes some classic stylistic features of cinematic horror to subvert them into a truly surprising metaphilmic criticism . The film, set in Calabria , also makes its own the legend of the phantom founding fathers of the Italian mafia, Osso, Mastrosso and Carcagnosso , to transform it into a chilling truth.

A Classic Horror Story

A Classic Horror Story begins with the road trip of some guys who have to reach various destinations using carpooling. During their journey, they are victims of an accident, awakening after fainting in a clearing where there is only a rather sinister house . The protagonists’ journey will become a nightmare made of human sacrifices, monstrous entities and… a film to make.

The Visit

The horror directed by M. Night Shyamalan , The Visit , is part of the Netflix catalog and is ready to disturb the public despite its low budget production . Shot in the style of the fake documentary , The Visit can be classified in our opinion among the best horror titles of Netflix thanks to the chilling sequences that the protagonists experience firsthand.

best Netflix horror titles

The latter are Rebecca and Tyler, two kids who have never met their maternal grandparents and now have the opportunity to visit them in their home, while their mother, Loretta, is away for a vacation. The grandparents haven’t had a good relationship with Loretta for a long time but the woman describes them as two kind elders with whom Rebecca and Tyler will surely get along. After their arrival in their grandparents’ house, the little boys spend peaceful and carefree days, but soon they will witness strange events and horrible behavior on the part of the grandparents that will turn their lives into a nightmare.


A new case of demonic possession inspired by a fact of real news: that of the young Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro , who died in 1999 under mysterious circumstances after using an ouija board. Veronica is the film freely inspired by this event, directed by Paco Plaza and shot in Spain, where it seems that the events took place in the city of Vallecas .

best Netflix horror titles

Veronica begins with the ritual performed by three teenagers in the school basement during a solar eclipse. Veronica and her friends try to evoke the spirit of her deceased father , using an ouija board, but although it seems that the ritual has not worked, strange events take place in Veronica’s house. A sinister presence has been released and it seems that the young woman is the right container to host it.