How to make money? 30 ideas and tips to make money fast

The difficulty of making ends meet or the desire to live more comfortably lead to the question of how to make money?

It is not always enough to save, sometimes you need ideas to make money in a short time. The good news is that today it is possible to earn quickly even from home, thanks to the Internet, without necessarily making large investments.

The possibilities to make more money and get rich are not lacking and in this article there are 30 ideas to improve your economic situation in a serious and legal way.

How to make money then? It is a very common question not only among young students but also among workers.

Often, while working, the salary is not enough and one is forced to find alternative and quick methods to meet expenses: rent or mortgage, insurance, food, training.

In this study we will focus on: how to make money in a broad sense.

You will see some methods to make money online thanks to the Internet, but also some live activities that allow you to spend a part of the day outdoors and in contact with people.

We have often dealt with the topic, offering specific solutions to those looking for a job, perhaps to be done online, or any method to supplement the salary.

How to make money: where to start

There are many ways to make money, some require specific knowledge and years of study, others are more practicable and ideal even for those who need money quickly.

For example, opening a business can certainly bring profits but also involves an initial investment that not everyone can afford.

While, activities such as: leafleting, dog sitter or food delivery can be undertaken fairly quickly, but have the disadvantage that they are unlikely to bring in enough earnings to cover all the expenses.

First, the advice is to understand what kind of path to take. This article describes various possible methods to provide as complete an overview as possible.

Make money fast or invest?

Anyone who is looking for ways to make money or needs liquidity right away and earning in the shortest possible time. Or he doesn’t need to make money right away, but can afford an investment and start seeing results after a medium to long period of time.

To these two macro distinctions are added other aspects that need to be taken into account.

Some, mainly underage children, may wonder how to earn money at 13, 14, 15 , perhaps without working.

Others, usually adults, have different needs and are generally more likely to invest time and resources in winning business ideas that can bring interesting gains in a few years.

Let’s start with the first necessity: how can I make quick and easy money?

Home delivery

A first alternative that answers the question: how to earn money by working and in a hurry, is to dedicate yourself to home deliveries. The possibility is mainly aimed at all those who live in medium-large cities where there are home delivery services such as: Deliveroo, JustEat, Uber Eats, Glovo or My Menu.

With a little practice and experience it is possible, on the best days, to earn up to 50 EUR per day , delivering lunches and dinners around the city.

Delivering pizzas, burgers or Japanese food around town is an ideal job for college students and young workers eager to earn extra money.

The home delivery market, also known as digital food delivery, sees many young people engaged throughout Italy.

Most of these belong to the generation of Millennials and Generation Z, as confirmed in the latest report published by Just Eat.

Baby sitter

The twentieth annual report drawn up by INPS on 12 July 2021, includes the babysitting profession among the more than 700,000 jobs carried out on an occasional basis that can be found online.

Those who love to play and help children as they grow up can easily offer themselves as a babysitter, or by registering with an online platform, or by word of mouth – a method to find this type of employment that is still widely used.

It might be useful to know that over 60% of parents looking for a figure to whom to entrust their children are between 36 and 45 years old and, as can be guessed, in most cases, the couple has a full time job.

Dog sitter

The work of the dog sitter allows you to earn quick and easy money. There are many people who, despite having a dog, do not have the time to walk it around two or three times a day.

The dog sitter is an ideal job that allows you to earn the first money even for a minor of 13, 14 or 15 years.

Walking the dog is a fun, easy and outdoor activity. You can propose yourself as a dog sitter simply by placing an online ad and printing some flyers to be displayed in your neighborhood. Surely more than someone will be happy to entrust their pet to you.

It shouldn’t be difficult to acquire the first customers in a short time. The activity can also be optimized by walking even more than one dog and this has a positive effect on income.

Selling used

The sale of used items never goes out of style. Anyone who has clothes, shoes, various objects in the house, in the attic or in the garage that they no longer use can think of selling them online or in some neighborhood market, so as to earn some money quickly.

Selling used items and clothes can quickly become a real business and you may find that you have excellent sales skills.

This idea can also be easily implemented by a minor as well as by a part-time worker who needs to round up his salary. With a bit of luck, selling used items can earn you as much as 500 EUR per month .

Online surveys

A great classic that allows you to earn money on the Internet is to engage in online surveys. This is a temporary job that, while not enriching, can earn some money to set aside.

There are numerous portals in Italian and abroad that allow you to start, upon registration, to answer the questions proposed by the surveys. The best Italian websites dedicated to online surveys are: Toluna and World of Opinion. While the most reliable foreign surveys sites are Swangbucks and InBoxDollar.


A waiter experience certainly does not allow you to become filthy rich but it is a way to make money quickly .

Often the waiters, especially when seasonal, are paid immediately after the working day or weekly.

Furthermore, the profession is ideal for those who want to start a career in the catering sector and for those looking for a strenuous profession but always in contact with people.

It should also be noted that the demand for waiters is always very high. Just send or hand-deliver your resume to a bar, restaurant or pizzeria.

Mystery shopper

The mystery client or mystery shopper is a fun job suitable for shopping and fashion lovers.

He is an increasingly requested figure by numerous clothing and accessory chains, which, in order to increase the quality of the service offered and the products, rely on “unsuspected inspectors” who pretend to be customers in order to evaluate the behavior of the staff. present in the store.

By reading the article that we have dedicated to the figure, you will find out how to undertake this activity, what is the required training and career prospects.

Private teacher

Many recent graduates or retired former teachers are dedicated to private teaching. According to the AGI, the economy of private tutoring is worth around 1 billion EUR.

The huge figure helps to understand that the demand for repetitions is very high.

From 6 years upwards, up to university students, there are many who need a teacher who can help them during their school and then university courses.

Repetitions of math, physics, Latin, history or English. Online teaching is now a reality and answers the question of how to make money both online and by welcoming students at home or by going to their homes.

How to make money online

Let’s now move on to a second scenario, we are looking for ways to earn money from home , starting a business and focusing on our passions and skills.

Being able to make money on the Internet has numerous advantages. For example, it is possible to think of a career as a digital nomad thus fulfilling the dream of many: working while traveling.

To make money online, the fastest solution is to pursue a freelance career by starting to earn money by selling your skills. On the web, platforms like Fiverr are now a concrete opportunity to earn, ideal for professionals such as: graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, speakers, social media managers, translators and teachers.

A freelancer can actually earn a lot of money, even 100 or 200 EUR per day . Much depends on his abilities, the activity he carries out and the quality of his work.


Charts are highly sought after figures nowadays. Small, medium and large companies are constantly looking for these figures, who, due to the creative work they carry out, offer solutions that allow you to improve the quality of a website, an app and social pages, creating unique graphics. and original.


The profession of the copywriter, with all its forms, from the content writer to the SEO copywriter is another digital profession that, for those who are passionate about writing and at the same time expert in web and marketing, can be a profession absolutely to be undertaken that responds to the question: how to make money from home .

Web and mobile developer

Web developers, like any profession belonging to the computer industry, allows you to make a lot of money. These are highly requested figures, whose knowledge can only be acquired after long study and training courses.

Web developer is a generic term, which groups together numerous figures: computer programmers, back and front end developers or app developers.

The necessary skills, at least to get started, can also be acquired for free by consulting the numerous guides and tutorials available online.

Becoming a computer developer, although it requires knowledge of some programming languages, can be a great idea. In fact, in Italy, as in the rest of the world, digitization processes are only just beginning. App and website development will continue to be in high demand in the future as well.

Social Media Manager

As highlighted by, world spending on marketing and advertising amounts to USD 378.16 billion and is constantly increasing. Communication plays and will play a decisive role and it is in this scenario that thinking about a career as a Social Media Manager can lead to making money quickly, especially for those with diversified digital and communication skills.


Finally, it is possible to earn money online even if you have a good voice. Posing as a speaker or podcaster is perhaps one of the fastest ways to make money from home.

Also in this case the service can be offered in one of the many marketplaces dedicated to freelancers. Making your voice available for short commercials, for an audio book or an audio article, is quite profitable, is a fun activity and allows you to earn up to 100 EUR per day without particular physical effort or specific skills. It is enough to have a beautiful voice, not have dialect inflections and be equipped with a good microphone.

App and website tester

One way to make extra money online is to act as an app and website tester. There are several portals, such as User Testing that pay users in exchange for reviews about a particular website.

The operation takes about 20 minutes and you can earn up to 10 USD for each. A short test is required to measure the user’s assessment skills.

Those who are particularly attentive and able to assess every critical issue can also earn up to 120 USD by offering personalized advice to the website owner.

This method of making money is particularly suitable for those who have skills and passion in app, software and website development.

Social Lending

When thinking about the various methods of securing extra income, one often seeks the answer to the question: how to make money without working .

This is because, very often, you already have a job and you don’t have the time or energy to undertake a second job .

One of the existing methods to achieve this goal is to invest in social lending. Specifically, these are platforms that allow you to lend money. The loan is then repaid over time plus an interest rate.

Social lending, also known as peer to peer (P2P) loan, is increasingly spreading also in Italy and is a tool that thanks to the high yields can represent a valid alternative to make money in the long term.

Although the activity can be carried out by anyone with capital to invest (even a minimum), it is good to inquire first about every aspect. From the reliability of the platform chosen for the service to the risks that the investment can entail.

How to make money: go on your own

Alternatively, those who have the opportunity to invest a capital, can think of setting up their own business by opening a shop or business.

There is certainly no lack of business ideas and with the right skills and entrepreneurial skills you can think of enriching yourself even in a reasonably short time.

If so far we have seen how to make quick and easy money , now we see how an investment can also lead to substantial gains.

Going on your own for many is the culmination of a dream: abandoning an employee job and opening a business to be managed independently. You can think of opening a bar, a pizzeria, or a pub; or open a clothing or shoe shop, or why not think of something more innovative like an ice cream parlor?

Many experts, consultants, and accountants would say that you shouldn’t think about opening a business solely with the aim of making money.

When passion meets opportunity, and when there are entrepreneurial skills, then nothing is foreclosed and opening a business can lead to making a lot of money and becoming rich, even in a short time.

Fire up a bar

Opening a bar requires an average investment of around 100,000 EUR and is an activity to think about to make money as soon as you have returned from the investment.

Each district has at least a couple of bars and since it is a very widespread activity it is essential to think of introducing innovative and additional services that allow it to stand out from the competition.

Open a pizzeria

From the pizzeria to the cutting, passing through the takeaway pizzerias up to the classic pizzerias with seats. Opening a pizzeria has always been a winning business idea.

Also in this case an investment is necessary which can be contained by choosing to open a small pizza by the slice. In this way the first earnings will arrive faster and nothing prevents you from being able to expand once you have acquired a first clientele.

Burn a pub

More expensive than the two previously outlined possibilities for making money, but out of perspective. Opening a pub means offering a service that is highly appreciated by young and middle-aged people looking for a place to enjoy a good Irish-style beer. A pub is generally a fairly large venue, the success of which can lead to making money and satisfaction.

Clothing store

All activities related to clothing, shoes and accessories can lead to making money in no time.

This type of business is very present in Italy, home to expensive and established brands that can attract an Italian but also foreign clientele if the business is located in a tourist area.

Fire an agrigelateria

And finally, why not think of something innovative? Bringing something new to your city could be the right idea to make money fast. An agrigelateria is an example of an activity that is still not very widespread but with excellent potential.

Home restaurant

An activity that can be undertaken quite easily is to open a home restaurant. A welcoming home, a passion for cooking and a desire to welcome people is enough.

The home restaurant means, in fact, opening a restaurant at home .

There are some regulatory limits and some bureaucratic aspects to be taken into account, but the activity, especially when carried out in large tourist cities, can be profitable and full of satisfactions.

According to Coldiretti and Censis there are over 3 million Italians who use the service attracted by the typical cuisine. One more reason to think about this still expanding business.

Houses for rent

Those who live in a tourist resort and if they have a house or some free rooms can rent the space welcoming visitors. Portals such as AirBnB allow this possibility.

Just create an account and profile, take some pictures of the apartment, enter a description and set the price.

The idea allows both to guarantee an extra entrance , and to perform a much appreciated service used by tourists and workers on the move, constantly looking for accommodation for one or more nights.

If you do not have an empty apartment, you can think of doing this work on behalf of people – friends and acquaintances, who have one or more unused spaces.

How to make money: franchise business

Alternatively, those who want to start their own business but at the same time: reduce business risk and earn money by working can think of franchising.

Almost every type of business today allows you to open a franchise business.

The advantage of taking advantage of market analyzes, know-how and training from the parent company certainly allows the entrepreneur to start a business independently but at the same time followed by an established brand.

Opening a franchise is therefore an excellent idea to make money, an idea that can also lead to high earnings from 5,000 EUR per month upwards for the entrepreneur, who will still have to put into practice all his skills in managing the point. sale.

Opening your own business or franchise certainly does not answer the question of how to make quick and easy money, but these are investments that allow you to achieve hoped-for earnings in the long run.

Some typical examples of franchises are:

Franchising clothing and footwear

Consulting the franchise proposals dedicated to clothing can be an excellent project to undertake.

In Italy there are many clothing, shoes and accessories chains that allow you to open your business in a short time.

Franchise for children

Similarly, you can think of opening a business for children by contacting one of the various franchising chains in Italy.

This will sell items such as clothing, toys, strollers and everything that children need from early childhood to pre-adolescence.

Franchising of organic products

Alternatively, it is possible to think of earning by opening a franchise dedicated to organic products, thus combining the advantages of franchising with the attention that more and more consumers are turning to controlled food products with a short supply chain and zero kilometer.

How to make money: online store or eCommerce

Opening an online store, for example on eBay or Amazon, is an idea that allows you to work on your own, from home and thanks to the Internet at the same time.

The advantage is given by the earnings which, compared to opening a classic business, can come very quickly. The low start-up costs, not having to rent or buy a place, furnish it and a leaner bureaucracy, are increasingly leading people to opt for this type of business attracted by possible easy earnings.

However, to make a lot of money with an online store or eCommerce, it is not enough to showcase the chosen products.

You have to be a communication and marketing expert, choose products carefully, only in this way is it possible to reach a large audience and generate sufficient sales volumes to earn enough to live.

How to make money without working

Making money without working is the dream of many . If it were that simple, many would probably send their resignations.

In general, it is not possible to earn without working, but it is possible to find a job or invent a job that is really in line with one’s passions . In this way, even if you work, you feel less stress, fatigue resulting from a job you don’t like.

Such a thought probably accompanies people who manage to make money by carrying out the profession of YouTuber, playing video games online on Twitch, falling into the broad category of streamers.

Or influencers, bloggers or traders, are other examples of people who manage to earn while doing a job that many find it difficult to consider as such.

Let’s look at these professions in detail so as to discover that even these activities require considerable work:


Many of the youngest are attracted by the possibilities offered by YouTube, the famous video sharing platform.

In particular, it is the possibilities of Youtube monetization deriving from advertising and views that make this prospect attractive.

In the common belief, the successful YouTuber is still the one who manages to make money without working. However, achieving success as a YouTuber implies deep knowledge in making and video editing, the ability to entertain thousands of people, the ability to produce interesting and quality content.


Often a YouTuber is also present on Twitch and manages to make money from both platforms. In particular, Twitch allows you to earn in many ways: donations from users, affiliations and sponsorships.

A successful user on Twitch therefore has numerous channels and this allows him to reach a large audience, which is essential to be able to make money.


In a sense, Influencer is a generic term that also includes streamers and all the personalities who manage to influence the audience.

The profession of the influencer is very coveted especially among young people, who dream of earning without working , simply, for example, by wearing a designer dress to show on Instagram.

However, there are few influencers who really manage to emerge and it is enough to take a look at the life of a fashion blogger to understand how demanding this job is.


Writing a blog is another activity that allows the best and most talented to emerge on the web and make money.

Also in this case, since the blogger is also an influencer, what has been reported so far is valid. Maintaining a blog is a demanding activity, quality content and continuous promotional activities are required. Like other jobs, however fascinating, being a blogger is in effect a job.


And finally, in the common imagination, probably also driven by numerous advertisements and online banners, for many, being a trader is the best activity to make money without working. Imagine a day buying and selling currencies, stocks or bitcoins and earning thousands of EUR in a few clicks is absolutely unrealistic.

The profession of the trader exists and to carry it out you need a specific knowledge of the financial markets and a training in economics. Only particularly talented people manage to be successful in this profession.

How to make money: in conclusion

Those looking for a way to make money without working might think of Confucius’s phrase: ” Choose the job you love and you won’t work even a day in your entire life .”

A maxim that contains a great truth: when you like what you do, not only do you not have the feeling of working but it is also easier to earn a lot of money.

Alternatively, it is not possible to earn without working. Surely there are few, very few, lucky ones who have managed to win at the Superenalotto or who have benefited from a conspicuous inheritance but beyond these marginal cases the money does not grow on the tree and the only way to earn is to seriously engage in a activity .