Couple routine: 8 tips to spice up your relationship

Is the relationship routine weighing on you lately? Have you and your boyfriend been together for years and feel that the passion between you is dying out now? Every time you see a couple kissing on the street does an infinite sadness assail you? Don’t get depressed! It is not because you have been together for a long time that the desire has to subside!

Of course, after a life together by now you know that love is made up of concessions, of ups and downs … with moments of boredom, there are moments when you look at your man and you don’t even remember why you lost your mind for him ! Yet there was a reason…. for sure!

Do you wonder why there is no longer the complicity between you of the past , but don’t you think it’s also a bit your fault?

Weren’t you the one who dressed up for him at first and dreamed of great adventures? Weren’t you trying to seduce him with your eyes and turning red as soon as he touched you?

Give yourself a flash back every now and then , take a journey into the past to rediscover the emotions and transport them to the present and you will see that that understanding you thought was lost is always there … you just have to rediscover it! Here are 8 tips to break the daily routine and escape the couple’s routine.

Couple routine: play the “do as if it were”

Do you see your gloomy him and this gloom of his makes you angry? See that a bad mood is contagious, so don’t blame him for his bad temper, rather try to be cheerful, no matter if you have to pretend! I know it is difficult, but try to do it for a while, try to put some joy in your life and you will see that, if you smile, he too will let himself be infected by your happiness because men are like children : if you know how to make them smile, they will forget all worries!

Be light

Instead of complaining or always seeing the bad side of life, try to be light, try to see the glass half full instead of half empty for once, make an effort to observe situations from a different perspective and learn to play down with a pinch of humor and irony: this will give you strength, energy, will help you make the couple routine positive and your partner will find you irresistible! After all, a little lightness helps not only in the life of a couple but also in relationships with others and even in the diet!

Get out of the couple routine!

Do you and your boyfriend go out every Saturday to go to the cinema or do you spend all weekends in the countryside and you don’t even know why you do it anymore? What happened to your complicity? It is true that, with work, children and social commitments, during the week it is difficult to find time to imagine where you would like to go with him on the weekend but know that men have fewer problems than women to live in the routine, maybe loves adventure or would like to spend a different weekend with you but is too lazy to organize it, so you can propose a particular weekend on a boat or a weekend of trekking instead of the usual Saturday night cinema: you will see that a breath of novelty will strengthen your understanding!

Couple routine: awaken your sensuality

Being sensual means having recourse to the senses… everyone! So don’t overlook any of them! First of all, dedicate yourself to smell by lighting a candle or incense in your room before going to sleep. But be careful to use a perfume that your partner likes, or you risk making him escape! If he has a very sensitive nose, just spray your favorite perfume on his neck, it will be enough to turn him on with desire! Don’t forget your hearing, choosing a warm and sensual music that he really likes or a song you are particularly attached to.

Tickle her sight by carefully choosing what you wear at home (no old overalls or pajamas to go to sleep!) Finally, think about the taste … sure, you are on a diet, but remember that a piece of chocolate can quickly make a burst of euphoria, gratification and satisfaction. Melarossa advises: just be careful not to overdo it!

If it really seems like a colossal job, go for sight because men are very sensitive to visual stimuli!

From sensuality… to sexuality

Couples who have few relationships touch each other very little! And if you have lost the habit of doing it, it is not easy to start touching your partner again because even in love it is all a matter of… exercise! Here are some tips to get you closer to your partner: start by passing him and leaving your hand on any part of his body to feel if your gesture arouses a reaction in him and in you too. It must be an insignificant gesture like, for example, stroking his hand while watching a movie, or brushing his leg under the table and looking him in the eye. You will see that, little by little, the sensual atmosphere of the past will be recreated!

Imagine the worst .. to experience the best!

Are his physical and psychological defects very obvious to you and you have serious doubts about your attraction to him? Are you sure? Before falling asleep try to imagine him making love with another, perhaps a beautiful and sensual woman who is in your place! Are you going to cry? Then it simply means that you still love him! No one is perfect, neither you nor him, so instead of focusing on his flaws, become aware of his qualities and try to appreciate him for what he is!

Forget telepathy

One of the biggest myths about love is telepathy between 2 people in love: if 2 love each other, they understand each other without needing words! What a gross mistake! It is impossible for your man to understand what you are feeling and the same is true for you towards him, and this is true for both thoughts and moods.

The password is COMMUNICATE ! Start telling him everything you feel, from your anguish to your most hidden desires, and you will see that with a minimum of communication your relationship will improve a lot and you will be able to get to know an aspect of him that you never even imagined until now!

It provokes the meeting

A vital need and natural anti-stress, sex is also a pillar of love and the relationship of the couple. Try to create the opportunity, because it is difficult for 2 busy people with a stressful life to have the same desire at the same time and if you wait for it to happen … it may never happen! Even if the children may hear you or you have had a very hard day, try to provoke him even if you feel that he is not in the mood. By forcing fate, you will strengthen the sexual harmony between you!