Best VR Headset – October 2022: Cheap, for PC, PS4 and Standalone

Virtual reality in recent years has made great strides and has finally arrived within the reach of consumers, entering the daily life of millions of people around the world. Living a virtual 3D experience is now possible both using the latest generation consoles and PCs and the most powerful smartphones, which greatly expands the possibilities of use of VR equipment. There are also some standalone viewers, capable of doing “everything by themselves” reducing costs and difficulties of use.

In this guide we offer some of the best VR viewers currently on the market. The various categories that you find below represent a valid classification of the platforms or devices most used for the management of VR content.

Best VR headset for PC

The PC world is the real test of virtual reality, where the games get really serious. Here we find the toughest challengers, with some of the best VR headsets ever on the market. The price , in this case, is very high, but above all you need a PC with high-end hardware to be able to use these peripherals in the best possible way. If you have all these resources, here are the products to better enjoy VR.

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC ‘s  Cosmos  replaces the basic Vive offering the same build quality as the previous model, but increasing resolution and implementing a completely new tracking system, based on cameras integrated into the body, thanks to which it will no longer be necessary to have sensors. The new  controllers are also beautiful , characterized by constant lighting of the body that improves tracking. It continues to be  wired  but is compatible with the Vive sensor, sold separately, which can turn it into a wireless headset.

  • HTC VIVE Cosmos - Virtual reality headset, integrated tracking and flip design

HP Reverb G2

In the current landscape of  wired headsets  for virtual reality, the  HP Reverb G2  is probably one of the most interesting products. The reason is obvious: very high resolution, some solutions inherited from Valve Index and a particularly enviable build quality. HP Reverb G2 is certainly one of the  most comfortable  and immediate to wear. The harness in its entirety rests comfortably on the user’s head thanks to a series of rear and front pads. Its  controllers they boast the classic upper crown and an equally classic handle with lanyard, two triggers (one for the index finger, the other for the middle finger), a small pressable analog stick and two options buttons. This product was designed to integrate with  Windows , launching  Windows Mixed Reality on every boot .

Recensione HP Reverb G2

  • HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset VR3000 Reverb V Controller G2

Valve Index

This is the absolute best viewer available for PC . The image quality is crazy, as long as you have a good PC: thanks not only to the high resolution, but also to the wider field of view than the current solutions (130 ° against the approximately 110 ° of Oculus Rift). In addition, the lenses are angled 5 ° outwards to improve the view even more.  Valve Index then runs at 120Hz and goes up to 144Hz thanks to an experimental mode. Not to mention the convenience, truly exceptional. In short, an expensive viewer , but certainly the best on the market ever.

Oculus Rift S

One of the most famous products when it comes to VR , synonymous with virtual reality itself. The  Rift  was among the first to bring  VR  to  PC , extending its compatibility more and more over the years: at first mainly games and 3D experience demos, then much more, all collected in  the Oculus store . Its evolution, called  Rift S , features a higher resolution panel and, above all, cameras integrated into the body that allow real-time tracking of what surrounds us without the need to connect external sensors to the  PC .

  • Oculus - Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset - Two Touch Controllers, 3D Positional Audio, Insight Tracking, Adjustable Halo Headband with TWE Cleaning Cloth

Best budget VR headset

Virtual reality and low price don’t get along at all, but if you are looking for a product that can give you even just a taste of this world, there are some interesting proposals to take a look at. The ones you find below are all viewers to be used with a smartphone inside them, but the cost is so low that you will not regret their purchase too much, even if VR is not for you.

Google Cardboard POP!

This viewer certainly stands out for its out-of-the-ordinary design. The version we propose is not the cheapest , but it is perhaps one of the most creative: it is called  Google Cardboard POP! This model includes a small layer of rubber inside, to increase comfort. It supports smartphones up to 83mm wide and is super easy to use – just open it, insert  your smartphone  and start the  VR experience .

  • Google Cardboard POP!  CARDBOARD of MR.CARDBOARD.  VR headset Virtual reality glasses with head strap for Android and Apple iOS.  Made in Germany.

Splaks Google Cardboard

The  cheapest  of all can only be the Cardboard, literally a piece of cardboard with two lenses, some Velcro stickers and little more. It comes with a simple and minimalist design. Important is its wide  compatibility  (compatible with  Android ,  iPhone  and  Google phones ). In addition, it is very easy to use as you just need to open it, insert your smartphone and start the  VR experience . An excellent product sold at a truly competitive price on the market.

  • Google Cardboard. Nero

Kinga KD-6

Don’t be fooled by the  price , this Kinga branded viewer has nothing to envy to others in its range! It comes with a simple and compact design, two 40mm aspherical optical resin lenses and three adjustable straps. In addition, it boasts wide  compatibility ( iOS ,  Android  and Windows ). Suitable for any smartphone with dimensions from 4.7 to 15.2 cm. If you are a beginner and are looking for a cheap but quality product, this viewer could be for you.

  • Kinga - glasses for virtual reality

Visore Heromask HM-M001

If your kids spend a lot of their time in shooting video games, neglecting the studio, Heromask has the solution! It is a shooting game modified to motivate learning. For the first time, children will learn math while having fun. The headset has been specially created to work with the vast majority of mobile phones currently on the market. You just need to check that your device has an operating system equivalent or superior to Android 4.4 or iPhone 5s . A product that combines business with pleasure, it is practically impossible to ask for more.

  • VR viewer Virtual Reality + Educational game for children [Operations Mathematics and mental calculation] Original gift for child 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years [Christmas - Birthday] Virtual Reality Glasses

Best VR headset for smartphones

If you have a powerful smartphone and want to use its capabilities for VR games and experiences , below are some of the best products that can open the door to this world. These are items with a higher price than those seen previously, which however ensure greater build quality and support more content.

VR Primus VRP024

With this  viewer  you can transform your  smartphone  into virtual reality glasses. The large adjustable lenses ensure good image quality. The adjustable head support and soft face pad provide great  comfort . Note that the  Bluetooth remote  is only for  Android smartphones  (for users with an  iPhonewe recommend the version without remote control). For its correct use, your smartphone must be equipped with a gyroscope sensor. Compatible with most of the iPhone and Android smartphones in circulation. Aesthetically simple and very easy to use (just insert your smartphone and enjoy hundreds of virtual reality apps). This headset is currently among the best sellers, which is why we highly recommend it!

  • VR-PRIMUS VX3 VR glasses + Remote control, for Smartphone.  Compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei.  Google Cardboard QR, Control Button.  Virtual Reality Viewer with Controller


This headset certainly stands out for its high quality stereo headphones with 3D audio technology . The visor mask is made of soft and breathable PU leather, which is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. It is compatible with all Android and Apple smartphones between 4.7 “and 6.53”. What is more, we have a wide viewing angle and an adjustable lens . Comfortable design and wide compatibility, all at a very affordable  price .

  • FIYAPOO VR glasses with headphones, for virtual reality, 3D, for 3D film, video games, compatible with Android smartphone yes 4.7 – 6.6 inches

Samsung Gear VR

One of the most famous VR viewers for smartphones ever, thanks not only to the Samsung brand but also to the dedicated software platform. Available in three versions, the one we particularly recommend is the SM-R324 from 2017, the one with an integrated Bluetooth controller , as well as the easiest to find. This version allows you to insert some of the most popular Galaxy models, while for the most recent models it is necessary to purchase the SM-R325 variant.

VR headset

If you can’t stand cables, these are the VR headsets that best suit your needs. All the hardware is hidden in the headset itself, which you can connect to the Internet and run completely on its own. No smartphone, PC or other connected devices are required. The best solution for those who want to enjoy VR without too much thought and complexity.

Oculus Quest 2

It is the spiritual successor of  Oculus Go : it is more powerful, has improved panels and above all 4 front cameras and two advanced controllers that allow real-time tracking of the environment in which you are and of your movements. It’s one of the best gates to virtual reality you can grab right now. Oculus Quest 2  is one of the best viewers ever. It works completely wirelessly and without the support of support devices, except for a smartphone useful only for the very first configuration. And that’s not all: you can connect it to  your PC  with a compatible USB 3.0 cable to play the titles available on Rift thanks to the Oculus Link feature! In short, do not waste any more time, this is the  more convenient VR headset.

Oculus Quest 2 review

  • Meta Quest 2 - All-In-One VR headset - 128 Gb

HTC Vive Flow

HTC Vive Flow  is the new virtual reality headset from the Taiwanese company once known for its quality Android smartphones. We immediately notice its distinctive and unconventional design. HTC Vive Flow will heavily depend on connectivity with your smartphone, as it will be used as a VR controller(there are therefore no dedicated controllers). Among its peculiarities we have a spatial audio guaranteed by two speakers placed on the side arms, adjustable lenses, a cooling system based on a fan that will expel the hot air upwards and downwards, and what appear to be cameras hidden underneath. the front lenses (probably thought for tracking and augmented reality).

  • HTC Vive Flow

Best VR headset for iPhone

Apple has never dedicated itself to the world of virtual reality, but luckily the third-party manufacturers have thought about it. Among the many viewers available on the market, these are the ones with the most attention to iPhones , even if they still support other smartphones and other systems.

VR Shinecon 2.0

One of the best-selling products on Amazon in the category of VR viewers , and not by chance. Like the BlitzWolf product, Shinecon’s also has an extra headband, but not the dedicated controller. On the other hand, there are integrated 3D headphones here and the overall comfort is slightly higher. Also in this case models between 4.7 “and 6” are supported, not only iPhone .

  • VR Glasses Compatible with all Smartphones from 4.7 to 6.0 Inch - Perfect Christmas and Birthday Gift (Black)


BNEXT-part is a   super  affordable  viewer . We have breathable foam padding  (perfect for extended use),  comfortable adjustable head straps  and eye protection system. What’s more, you can easily adjust the  focus  and  depth  to minimize distortion. It is compatible with  smartphones  and other mobile devices with a 4 “to 6” screen. If you are looking for a  headset  that guarantees you a totally immersive gaming experience even from a smartphone, this product could be for you.

  • Virtual Reality, VR Glasses Compatible with iPhone & Android - Play Your Most Beautiful Games and Watch Movies in 3D & 360 With These New Comfortable VR Glasses (Red)

Best PS4 VR headset

Sony can boast the title of the only manufacturer to have created a VR viewer dedicated to its console, given the disinterest of Microsoft and Nintendo. The PSVR is a very different device from those seen so far: it has an internal display, connects with a series of cables to the console and supports various external accessories, which can be purchased separately.

PlayStation VR

If you have a PS4 , or better yet a PS4 Pro or a PS5 , this is the VR headset for you. It is a product designed for gaming, with attention to every detail, equipped with an internal 5.7 ” OLED display with Full HD resolution at 120 fps, adjustable wearing system and blue LED on the body. The eye-catching rubber padding ensure the right comfort even for the most intense gaming sessions, but above all it should be emphasized the good support that Sonyand third-party publishers have been able to give over time, with a wide range of titles belonging to every videogame genre. Don’t forget to buy a PS Camera, without which the viewer will not work. In the reported package it is already included.

  • Playstation 4 - PS VR Mk4 + Camera + VR Worlds Game (Voucher) - Standard Physical Bundle

How does a VR visor work?

There are various types of viewers, depending on the supported platform, but the operation tends to be very similar for most of the products. These are usually peripherals equipped with two internal lenses – one for each eye – which are worn on the face like large glasses; in some cases there are also special adjustable systems that improve stability on the head and add other connected accessories, such as headphones or transmitters.

The difference is in the display, internal or “external”: the viewers for PC and consoles, as well as the standalone ones, typically have two internal displays , directly integrated into the body; peripherals for mobile devices, on the other hand, allow to house the smartphone and transform it into the display of the viewer.

Once worn, the viewer allows to give a stereoscopic vision to the user, who in this way perceives the sense of depth and obtains a three-dimensional experience of the world around him. Some products integrate remotes, controllers, or motion sensors to interact with more complex VR games and experiences.

At the software level, the landscape is very broad. On Android and iOS there are many apps that allow you to live VR experiences using the simplest viewers, but there is also Samsung’s optimized platform that offers exclusive content. On consoles there is the PlayStation VR, with games dedicated to it. Finally, on PC you are spoiled for choice: many games on Steam support various types of headsets, but there are also exclusive software for Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality technology .

How do we choose the best VR headsets?

As already mentioned, a fundamental part of the decision-making process for VR headsets lies in the purpose: it is important to understand what content we are interested in before deciding which device to buy. If we want a VR viewer to be used sporadically, just for entertainment, there are many items that are right for us, while for hardcore gamers the high-end solutions are less numerous.

However, there are some factors to consider when comparing two or more products. We have listed below those that seem most interested to us, explaining the reasons for our choices.

Design : From the point of view of aesthetics and construction, a lot depends on the platform. There are mainly three types of viewers: those for PC / console, to be connected with appropriate cables; standalone ones, which work without any kind of connection; those for smartphones / tablets, which require the device to be inserted inside them.

Technology : the quality of the lenses and any internal displays is certainly an important point of reference, but other hardware components should also be considered, if any. This speech is worth much more with regard to standalone viewers, which integrate all the hardware necessary for operation into the body.

Comfort : important factors to consider are the weight, size and freedom of movement provided by the viewer, which in some cases has a considerable amount of cables to be connected, which can hinder our movements.

Accessories : some products have support for remote controls, headphones, microphones or cameras, often directly integrated into the body. As for controllers, high-end headsets provide proprietary solutions that you can combine.

Contents : fundamental parameter to keep an eye on. In addition to games and interactive experiences, you can also use the viewers for AR content, digital graphics software or even FPV flight with drones. If you are interested in exclusive content such as those made for Oculus, Daydream or Windows Mixed Reality, pay attention to this parameter.