Is Russia ready to use a dirty bomb? Washington warns Moscow

“There would be consequences for Russia if it used a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb.” Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said it during a briefing: “I won’t go into details on where, how and when” he said, “but needless to say, it’s something we take. very seriously and that we continue to monitor 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ” Ryder also added that all of this “has been communicated” to Russia “at various levels”.

Where do fears about using a dirty bomb come from? As we told you in recent days, it was Russia, through the mouth of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that spoke of a possible use of this type of weapon by the Ukrainian forces. The Moscow propaganda thesis is that the Kiev army is ready to drop a radioactive bomb on its territory to accuse Russia of using weapons of mass destruction. On the contrary, Kiev argues that Moscow’s intent is to get its hands on and create a pretext for a false flag operation. According to the Ukrainian version, it could therefore be Russia, which is ready to blame Kiev, to throw the dirty bomb. 

What is a dirty bomb and what are its effects

The Pentagon spokesman reiterated that the United States does not believe Moscow’s fears. Moreover, there is no evidence that Ukraine is preparing a dirty bomb, so much so that the Kiev authorities themselves have requested an inspection by the UN and Aiea (International Atomic Energy Agency). 

A dirty bomb is a device that combines traditional explosives and radioactive material. It is a very different type of weapon from a real nuclear bomb and with much less devastating effects. A “dirty bomb” in fact does not give rise to any nuclear reaction, but in any case causes the release of radioactive material into the environment, although the impact of radiation would be much more limited than that of a real nuclear bomb.

Russia prepares for the battle of Kherson

Meanwhile, shooting continues at the front, in the southernmost part of the country. According to another Ukrainian official, Russian forces are preparing for the “heaviest battle” in the strategic southern region of Kherson.

“With Kherson it’s all clear. The Russians are replenishing, strengthening their group there,” Arestovych said in an online video. “It means that no one is preparing to retreat. On the contrary, the heaviest battle will take place in Kherson.” The Kremlin therefore intends to defend the city by all means, which is strategic for the Russian forces as well as being a conquest of great symbolic importance. 

Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said there is no sign that Russian forces are preparing for retreat. 

Meanwhile, in the last few hours, a Russian missile attack hit the city of Dnipro, killing two and wounding four. This was reported by Ukrinform, which relaunches the complaints received this morning via Telegram from the governor of the region, Valentyn Reznichenko. Two women are among the injured. According to Ukrinform, the victims are civilians.