Traveling on a cruise – The 5 advantages to know

Are you one of those travelers who are always thinking of new experiences? So let me tell you if you ever want to get away from it all for a few days, there’s nothing like going on a cruise. But not as you know it, but a new travel model that guarantees you unique experiences. Yes, it’s something you have to experience at least once in your life. But if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, then we show you a series of benefits that you can’t deny yourself.

Because a cruise trip is always an excellent alternative that we must take into account if we want to enjoy as a couple or as a family, exploring new places and of course, doing different excursions to different corners of the world and in a single trip. We don’t want to rush, but these are already some of the great benefits of a cruise vacation like the one we’re talking about. Do you want to know more benefits?

You will choose the area or port that suits you best

Something that also happens with flights is that you can choose different points on the map to embark on your dream vacation. Of all, the port of Valencia is one of the most important because it is both for embarkation and disembarkation. However, the one in Malaga is used more as a stopover, like Vigo. However, the cruises from barcelona they continue to be the leaders, with international cruise terminals. Thus, every year, millions of tourists arrive with the aim of being able to enjoy these holidays that they have so deserved. Among the destinations to which a fleet like Costa Cruises goes, we find the whole Mediterranean, which is one of the most popular places, but also Northern Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, without forgetting the Caribbean or South America. Which would you choose?

You’ll visit more destinations with longer, more unique excursions

Not so long ago, every time I stopped somewhere there was a certain time. Therefore, most of the time we could not serenely enjoy each of the corners that the cities have to discover. Well, that’s something of the past. If you are on vacation, what you deserve is to be able to relax, discover new places and forget time for a moment. Compared to many other trips and companies, Costa Cruises will allow you to soak up the very essence of each destination, with an emphasis on its local culture. Can you imagine cycling around Rome or reaching the interior of Corfu by jeep?Undoubtedly, options that are not always put on a platter and therefore, it is time to make the most of them. Because you have one for every type of traveler, from the so-called Globetrotter who likes to enjoy attractions and bring back memories, to the Connoisseur who seeks more appealing alternatives or the Cosmopolitan who prefers to mingle with locals and the Explorer who seeks more exciting experiences. You will have longer and personalized excursions at your convenience, where you can choose the place: Are you more art or nature?

You will enjoy better gastronomic experiences on board

There is also no need to disembark every moment, because traveling on a cruise also allows you to discover many options on board. One of the most exciting, and one that everyone loves, is enjoying an onboard dining experience . Because it’s about tasting the typical dishes of the countries you visit. Which becomes a treat for your palate and for your experience in general. This is possible thanks to a wide variety of restaurants and bars where the best chefs offer you haute cuisine. Where you will have aperitifs at wine bars so that you do not miss anything in your best gastronomic experience. Also the sweetest recipes will be present!

More sustainability in your trip

Another of the great advantages of traveling on a cruise like this is the commitment to sustainability, taking maximum care of the environment. Something that must also always be kept in mind and more, when we travel. Today, disposable plastic containers have been almost completely eliminated on Costa Cruises. On the other hand, In order to make a trip more sustainable, sea water is also used and for this it is desalinated and purified so that it can be used on board without problems. Doesn’t that sound like a good approach?

Prices are cheaper than you think

When we budget for a trip, we know it’s not always easy. Because holidays include spending everywhere. But it is that another of the advantages of traveling with Costa Cruises is that you will have everything organized and therefore the price you pay is not expensive compared to the comfort they offer you. Since you have both lunch and dinner, excursions, activities and much more in the same package. Meaning You don’t have to pay the adults for the drinks you crave or for those delicious breakfasts or lunches, it’s really all included! So that in this way you only think about enjoying. And you? Thinking of going on a cruise?