The Best Webcam of 2022

 The pandemic has briefly changed our lives, forcing us to be hyperconnected . Online classes, teleworking, videoconferences and life on the net. All this would not be possible without a good internet connection and a compatible webcam . That is why today we show you the best webcam of this year.

Webcams have become a resource that goes beyond the need to be seen, it has become a need to have it .

Multitasking is something that we have been doing for a long time… but at what cost? Sometimes our mobile phone’s own camera can free us from not having a webcam at hand, but not forever.

We need to work with multiple devices to speed up all the work we have, and needing to use the mobile as a camera for the PC or even to use programs like Zoom or Teams, is not the smartest option.

That is why today we bring you a multitude of aids so that the search for your ideal webcam is a breeze. First, we show you a ranking with the 7 best webcams of this year . So that you not only choose the first one of this, but that you value among all the options that we propose so that you can find the best webcam.

Followed by a comparative table to make it easier for you to compare the products. Then we will show you our recommendations .

Finally , a guide so that, if you continue without knowing exactly what you want or how to find it, you can without any problem.

The 7 Best Webcams of 2022

Are you looking for the best quality-price webcam ? A webcam with a microphone ? Or are you thinking of getting into the internet world and getting a webcam to stream ? Whatever you are looking for, in the following ranking we show you a wide variety of webcams so that you can find the one that suits you best. What are you waiting for?

7. Logitech C270

“A humble webcam for those who want quality but without many frills.”

  • Dimensions: 8 x 21.4 x 15.4 cm
  • Resolution: 720p/30 fps
  • Lens: Standard
  • Microphone: Mono

If what you are looking for is a cheap , high-performance webcam with a microphone capable of filtering out background noise, this Logitech C270 is the one for you! 

It is true that it is quite basic compared to the others in the ranking, but for its price and quality it can compete with all of them.

For example, if we look at the Papalook AutoFocus.

It is true that its qualities in many aspects surpass this one.

But if what we need is a humble, good quality camera with a built-in micro, why do you need more?

In addition, the brand (Logitech) must be highlighted, being one of the best sellers on the market due to its excellent value for money , as well as being a reliable brand .

Throughout this ranking we will be able to realize that, although it is not positioned in the top three positions, it is a popular brand that gives very good results. 


  • Cockroach
  • Reliable brand
  • excellency


  • mono microphone
  • low resolution

6. Tanouve

“A webcam with an incredible price and high lens precision. Try it!”

  • Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 3cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/30 fps
  • Lens: High precision
  • Microphone: Double

Tanouve , a more unknown brand than the one mentioned above, but quite similar,  becomes hollow .

Unlike the Logitech C270 webcam , this Tanouve beats it by quite a bit, and not even on price. Not only is it cheaper, but it has two built-in microphones (one on each side of the lens).

The precision of the lens is high and it has a resolution of 1080p/ 30 fps (a bargain). 

We must highlight its compatibility for Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as for Mac OS, all of this making it possible for you to telework, study, videoconference and so on, without any problem.

If we look at the dimensions, it is not something exuberant or that it is going to take up a lot of space. It has a robust design , even though it is fine, with elegant tones but daring touches .

Without a doubt, this webcam earns its place in this ranking by being noticed and stomping. 

But wait! Although this product has left you speechless, they continue to remain. Keep scrolling down and find the webcam that best suits your needs and your pocket.

  • High lens precision
  • double microphone 
  • Very cheap
  • unknown brand
  • little thin design

5. Leprosy ‎C926

“Image smoothness and excellent audio quality for your streams, games, online classes and more!”

  • Dimensions: 11.6 x 11.2 x 7cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/60 fps
  • Lens: Wide Angle
  • Microphone: Dual, stereo

We are only going for number five in the ranking and it is starting to be hard to choose which one we want, huh?

Well, hold on because strong things are coming that will leave you wanting to buy them all.

This Spedal C926 , with an impressive resolution of 1080p and 60 fps, comes to surprise the most connected, for those people dedicated to streaming and “online life” : YouTube, Twitch, online games, etc.

No more jerking or video delayed videos, as its 60fps make the quality of movement clear and smooth to get the best image.

This webcam has a double microphone to achieve stereo audio, in addition to filtering background noise , which means that you get studio audio. 

Maybe he has a small detail to envy his partner Tanouve , the price. It is true that the features of this webcam are impressive and it is still cheap for all the advantages it offers us. However, if what you want is something not so “professional” and you are looking for something simpler, this is not the camera you are looking for. It offers you many advantages, but sometimes you don’t need as much to just attend an online class or a meeting.

  • sharp movement
  • Background noise filtering
  • wide angle lens
  • something expensive

4. Do not read N960E

“Attend your telematic conferences like a complete professional”

  • Dimensions: 5.99 x 4.52 x 8.71 cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/60 fps
  • Lens: Wide Angle
  • Microphone: Integrated

Who said that professionalism and style cannot be reflected from home?

It doesn’t matter what you do, your job or the foot you’ve raised, this NexiGo N960E , despite being just a webcam, provides you with the energy and elegance you need to stand out and get the best out of you. . 

We start from the magnificent that this webcam provides us, 1080p and 60 fps , so that everyone can see you in Full HD and feel that you are even closer.

When giving your ideas or providing information, feel free, express yourself and take advantage of the fact that no one is going to take their eyes off you to stand out.

Forget about bad approaches or lack of lighting. Unlike other cheaper webcams such as the Logitech C270 or the Tanouve , this one has autofocus so you look radiant and focused at any time.

In addition, it has a luminous ring with up to three intensities so that you can choose the appropriate lighting and that you can be the center of attention of all your companions. 

  • magnificent resolution
  • auto focus 
  • small and manageable
  • regular microphone 

3. Ekacom K50E

“This EKACOM K50E webcam meets your needs without you having to worry about anything”

  • Dimensions: 10.93 x 2.4 x 3.7 cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/30 fps
  • Lens: 360º rotating
  • Microphone: Dual omnidirectional digital

Since when has quality been synonymous with expensive? In this ranking we make it clear, they do not go hand in hand even remotely.

The Ekacom K50E webcam has been imposing and establishing its number three position without a doubt.

Absolute marvel of resolution , autofocus and camera with Full HD technology so you can achieve the best video quality.

You can also forget about the videos that go out of time with the audio. 

Turning to the microphone that it has incorporated, what can I say? which is wonderful. Not only is it noise-reducing, it absorbs sound much more precisely so your voice is the only thing heard, without annoying neighbors or unwanted noise. 

Does security seem a worrying factor to you? This webcam takes away that problem for you too. It consists of a small sliding cover that will completely cover the vision. And not only for privacy and security, but also for the protection of the lens in case the webcam is transported or even while it is not in use.

  • privacy cover
  • Full HD technology
  • noise reduction
  • low light image

2. Papalook AF925

“Be an excellent host of video conferences with this Papalook AF925”

  • Dimensions: 8 x 21.4 x 15.4 cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/30 fps
  • Lens: auto focus
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to have everything under control and make a great impression?

The Papalook AF925 webcam gives you what you are looking for. A lens with autofocus and a professional resolution so that everyone sees you great and you only take care of talking. 

It is compatible for both Windows and Mac OS in addition to Chrome OS.

One of the most amazing features of this webcam that makes users fall in love with it is its ability to correct the image by brightening it in low light conditions. 

Despite being an amazing webcam, it has an extremely similar twin, being the Papalook ‎4K

It is flatter but with a much newer and more futuristic design , although it also gives the impression of ostentatious. One point that this other version surpasses to the one exposed is that it works on various platforms such as OBS Studio, Amazon Chime, Mixer, etc. But on the other hand, the compatibility is precarious and only reaches Windows (Vista, XP2, 7, 8 and 10).

Finally, praise its integrated omnidirectional microphone with noise reduction , so that only you are the focus of attention. 

  • autofocus lens
  • Automatic Image Correction
  • For different platforms
  • precarious compatibility
  • A little expensive

1. The sign

“Do you need a webcam for… whatever? Without a doubt, this Tecknet TL-CA001 is what you need”

  • Dimensions: 12.45 x 2.79 x 5.08 cm
  • Resolution: 1080P/ 30 fps
  • Lens: 5-layer glass, high definition
  • Microphone: Dual stereo

Heading this ranking we find a webcam that includes the best features of all the above to provide you with this amazing product.

Tecknet is a webcam that, in addition to being cheap , is super complete and with excellent quality

It has a built-in dual microphone with stereo effect, as well as noise reduction.

However, they take it to another level, making it sound so natural it feels like you’re actually talking to the people on the other side of the screen. 

In turn, it carries an oval rectangle of light with three different intensities so that you can be seen at all times and the lighting in the room no longer poses a dilemma.

Stream with OBS or YouTube, play games online, make Skype calls and much more. This webcam allows you to use practically any program for whatever and always with the best quality

On the other hand, the lens, apart from being high definition, has a 90º angle so that the image is clear and without distortion. 

Finally extol the fresh and modern look so that you feel like a professional when you use it.

  • Great value for the price
  • dual microphone
  • wonderful lens
  • Image noise

What is the best webcam? recommendations

So you still haven’t found your ideal webcam , have you? Do not stress. We are here for you .

Here are some ideal ones for specific needs. You will find the best webcam for streaming , the best cheap webcam and the best value for money . Go ahead, find yours!

Best Streaming Webcam: Logitech C920 HD Pro

“conquer your viewers with this webcam!”

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 9.4 x 2.9cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/ 30 fps
  • Lens: Standard
  • Microphone: 2 omnidirectional

Who has not ever dreamed of what would happen if he became famous by succeeding online ? Many well-known Spanish characters had their beginnings on content broadcast platforms such as YouTube. 

Rubius, Ibai, Vegetta, AuronPlay… they all come from the internet despite the fact that their beginnings were not the most professional in the world.

It is true that they all started more than 10 years ago and by 2012-2014 they made the leap, but who says that you cannot be the next?

Times have changed and the quality of webcams today is much better even if it is the same price.

Logitech C920 HD Pro is at your disposal so that you too can launch into the world of streaming with the best quality and the greatest facilities. You just take care of the content !

This webcam has a great solution so that the video goes smoothly , it also has an omnidirectional microphone so that the audio quality is also amazing. The lens is standard, but you’ll still be very happy with the results.

  • very good resolution
  • 2 omnidirectional microphone
  • Compatible con plataformas Streaming
  • Method
  • standard lens

Best Cheap Webcam: TedGem ‎Webcam

“Be a professional, don’t wait any longer and get this Papalook PA-PA452”

  • Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 6cm
  • Resolution: ‎1080p/ 30 fps
  • Lens: Crystal Full HD
  • Microphone: 2 omnidirectional

The impetuous need that technology and its innovations bring us to move forward with it is uncontrollable.

Who would have told us a few years ago that working from home would not only be an option, but a necessity for many people. 

After the arrival of the covid we have been able to verify that having a good laptop and a good webcam is essential to be able to work and make video calls without problems from home with your colleagues. 

Papalook 4k is here to be your ally and accompany you in all your videoconferences and work calls. 

One of its most striking and advantageous points is its Full HD glass lens , providing amazing sharpness and not missing a single detail, you just take care of the internet connection, this webcam takes care of the rest.

In addition, you don’t need headphones or an additional microphone either, as it comes with an omnidirectional dual microphone with noise reduction so you can express yourself freely and without any noise preventing those on the other side from understanding you.

  • Full HD crystal lens
  • excellent microphone
  • noise reduction
  • High price
  • manual focus

Best value for money webcam: Logitubo ‎928

“FUll HD glass and integrated double microphone to stream like a pro”

  • Dimensions: 10 x 7.6 x 6.2 cm
  • Resolution: 1080p/ 30 fps
  • Lens: Wide Angle
  • Microphone: Integrated

There will be people with clear objectives and highly professional aspirations when looking for a webcam.

However, not everyone has to go down that path, far from it. Sometimes you need a webcam to get by, our only goal being to spend as little money as possible.

Also, does it have to be bad because it is the cheapest on the market? 

Obviously it’s not going to be a piece of professional camera, but beware, it more than meets the basic functions and surpasses others that are not so basic.

What gets to record with 4k quality ? Indeed, it reaches a capacity of up to 4K, going at 15 fps. But if we choose faster fps performance, we opt for 1080p achieving 30 fps. 

Built -in noise-canceling microphone , making conversations natural and clear-sounding. In addition, it achieves that the image quality is dynamic , in Full HD and realistic

The lens is wide-angle, providing a wide screen view and more range of motion. 

  • rock bottom price
  • Picture quality
  • Great value for the price
  • does not have autofocus
  • little fisheye

What webcam to buy? Guide.

Today a laptop or a desktop PC is something basic that everyone has, but a webcam is even more necessary .

Video calls, conferences, the desire to join the new streaming platforms, etc.

There is a world full of new opportunities , both work and leisure, that need and demand a webcam

Like everything, we need to know as precisely as possible what we want a webcam for, that is, what function it will fulfill exactly.

Long ago it was rare for it to have more than one or two functions, but now the hard part is finding out what we need it for . 

Sometimes you may need it for work, others for classes or even to make a place for yourself in the virtual world, which as we already know is increasingly present in our lives. 

Resolution, FPs, autofocus, microphone… There are a lot of factors that you need to understand before choosing your ideal webcam! And the price? Is it true that the more expensive the better the product? Or is it something that we have considered to be true? But don’t stress, in this guide we will explain in the shortest and simplest way everything you need to know to get the webcam that best suits your needs.

How to choose the best webcam?


Throughout this article we have been able to appreciate that the word resolution is frequently mentioned and that the majority is around 1080p. But exactly what does it mean for a webcam to have one resolution or another and how can it be measured?

As in the best cell phones with cameras, the resolution is measured in pixels and depending on whether there is more or less, the image quality will be higher or lower.

Currently in the market we find a medium or standard resolution that would be 720p (pixels).

These webcams are not bad at all but compared to the current competitors on the market, it gives outdated and old video quality , but not useless.

On the other hand we find webcams with 1080p , which is high resolution . That is to say, very good quality becoming Full HD . Reaching the top of the resolution we find 4k (4000 pixels), being Ultra HD . Is it necessary to reach 4k to get a good image? If we are looking for the most of the most, the answer is yes. But really by finding a 1080p one , we get excellent resolution .


First of all, let’s start with the basics, what are fps? The fps are the frames per second , and what does this mean? This refers to the smoothness with which the video in question will be seen.

The higher the number of fps, the greater the sharpness and fluidity of the image. If we want to achieve that result, the optimum would be 60 fps . However, there are more options. When it comes to webcams and fps we can find several types: currently the best sellers in webcams are 30 fps and 60 fps .

30 fps is not bad to be honest, but you have to check the resolution of this and the lens. That is, if for example we have a web cam with 1080p that goes to 30 fps, in addition to a full HD lens and automatic light regulation, then it does not have to look bad.

But on the other hand, if we start with a webcam with a 1080p resolution accompanied by 60 fps plus everything mentioned above, we have a tremendous machine with impressive recording potential and video quality.


The price of a webcam is one of the most variable things and that can cause the most controversy. Why? Because sometimes we find some very cheap ones with amazing features and others that triple that price provide exactly the same.

So, what price would be the ideal? € 50 is an optimal , reliable price that gives good results. But like everything, it is a matter of taste and personal assessment . There are people who prefer to spend less and compare on their own.

Others, however, consider that quality is related to price and the higher the price, the better the results. Well, that is the individual decision of each consumer. It is also important not to lose sight of the purpose for which we use our webcam.

Teleworking, streaming, online classes, conferences, etc. Each purpose entails specific characteristics required. If our intention is not to use the camera daily or for moderately professional things, we would not even have to reach €30 , but for daily use and the best quality, around what has been mentioned.


Autofocus on webcams is a relatively modern thing . That is to say, now that is normal, but until recently it was normal for each consumer to adjust the approach that their new product would have to their liking, through configuration.

But electronic accessories are becoming more advanced and more features are added so that with little, you get a lot.

In the case of autofocus, it is an advance when it comes to appearing style, professionalism and high resolution , as is the case with the best reflex cameras.

But removing details and impressions, it is a matter of autonomy and carelessness.

This means that the function that more and more webcams have incorporated is to give you the peace of mind that, no matter the light, the place or the moment, the focus will always be perfect .

It will look good on you without the need to waste time configuring thousands of commands. One problem that some users might experience is the need for naturalness . That is to say, sometimes the blur or blur of the background does not create a pleasant harmony for the viewer, giving a shabby, artificial and inharmonious appearance. In these cases, the bad experience could leave a bad experience for the consumer, making them believe that autofocus is not an advantage.


A microphone on a webcam is undoubtedly one of the greatest advances in technology . Although now everything seems very obvious, the idea of ​​having a webcam rarely does not include a separate microphone.

It is true that an individual and specialized microphone will provide us with a lot of advantages in terms of audio and sound quality that a webcam will not have.

However, more and more users are choosing the microphone attached to their webcam .

Either for comfort or savings .

Every time the microphones incorporated in webcams are more powerful and allow you to achieve a lavish audio clarity .

Depending on the function that we intend to cover with our new webcam, we will have to choose one or the other, not just any . It is true that the higher the audio quality, the better, but logically we will not go for the most professional webcam with the best audio if we only need it for (for example) online classes or to talk with friends on Discord.

It is the choice of each one to buy one or the other, but the most sensible thing would be to know what we need and later find the one that best suits.


The light that a webcam admits and displays is extremely important , but today it can be fixed if it doesn’t give us good results (or throw it back in the worst case). 

There are many webcams that are capable of capturing the exact amount of light that the image needs. But many others sin of burning it if there is a lot of light or not knowing how to find the correct point so that it looks clear and not dark/noisy.

In this section we highlight that a webcam can be simply good and know how to manage light and tonalities; and on the other hand, those that have a ring of light that make up for having to worry more about additional lighting. 

In the event that the webcam is not in any of the two forms previously proposed, we would consider two options. One of them is to get a spotlight or additional lights to achieve the tonality and light that we want. Another solution would be to change it directly if we see that it gives us more problems than facilities.

Who and why do you need a webcam?


From Ibai, to elRubius, through AuronPlay, the content market on streaming platforms is on the rise. Specifically, Twitch, a live broadcast platform based on paid subscriptions, is currently the web where more content creators are found.

Therefore, the most important tools are a microphone and a webcam.

There are varieties of content based merely on conversations between the user and their subscribers, specifically in the “Conversations” category.

YouTube works in a similar way to Twitch in that just like it. YouTube allows the broadcast of live content.

But not only that, since YouTube allows more elaborate content to be uploaded , which goes through video editing programs, and for that it is necessary for the creator himself to record himself and the content he wants to broadcast, such as a video game. or a video to react to.

On the other hand, during the months of confinement, the best way to communicate was through videoconferences, and that requires, in addition to a good internet connection, a good webcam.

To telework

During the pandemic, a new work paradigm became popular around the globe: teleworking. Teleworking consists of working from a distance, from home.

Some jobs have been adapted in a simple and quick way , since they were mostly based on IT management, such as the job of programmer.

On the other hand, other jobs, such as that of teachers, had to overcome a bigger bump, because face-to-face attendance in the classroom is a key pillar in the educational world.

After emerging from the pandemic, most trades reopened their doors, accepting workers back to the offices, but offering the possibility, in certain cases, of maintaining remote work. There are certain jobs that do not require absolute presence and that is why some companies have chosen to maintain teleworking with a small amount of attendance at the offices.

That is why a good webcam is necessary , since you want to recreate an office environment from a distance. Any webcam could do, but if what you are looking for is to give a professional and fresh look, look carefully for which one you are going to buy.

For gaming

Videogames on the net are the biggest current trend . Many users seek to play with their friends through video call groups, in applications such as Discord or Skype.

In order for a group of players to coordinate effectively , the players must be able to see and speak in a comprehensible and visible manner. This requires a good webcam , as it acts as both a camera and a microphone .

In addition, the broadcast of online content is becoming more and more popular , therefore, if a player wants to broadcast his games and comment on them with his subscribers, he will need a good webcam where he can be heard well and seen with high resolution.

Also, there are large groups of players in forums, as can be seen in applications like Discord, where they can talk either about any topic or about a specific video game. Therefore, when it comes to communicating with friends, colleagues, other players or an audience in a live broadcast, people and players involved in the world of gaming need to have a quality webcam.

For your PC

PC users must have a webcam. A webcam offers hundreds of possibilities . First of all, video calls. Nowadays, people communicate through computers more than ever, and the possibility of making video calls is a key tool.

Second, the possibility of recording on video and later editing it , either for its own content or for content that is going to be uploaded to the network.

The third would be the use of filters and image capture, since many PCs come with pre-installed applications that allow us to superimpose filters in real time on our images, which, although brief, can always be a hobby.

Applications like Instagram or SnapChat also have similar tools. Finally, apart from communication, a webcam is always a good resource, for example, for teleworking, gaming or broadcasting content, whether live or after going through video editing programs, which there are also operating systems that come with. these pre-installed programs.

What are the best webcam models?


Currently, the best Logitech brand webcam is the BCC950 Full HD model. This webcam, which can be found on Amazon with a 47% discount, previously cost €298.99, currently it can be found for €159.90, it has a 4.4-star rating, with more than 800 reviews .

The webcam is mounted on a base , which allows, through a remote control, the webcam to rotate in order to focus on the user constantly.

The camera has a 1080p resolution .

In its description, it states that conferences with 4 users can be held at HD quality , with an all-in-one portable design and compatibility with all kinds of video conferencing and chat applications.

According to users, the connection of the camera is really simple , since it only requires connecting to the device and it works instantly, without any kind of program to control or drivers in between, complying with the “plug-and-play” standard. For teleworking in small groups, users state that it works very well , due to its high resolution in small meetings, and that thanks to its remote control, users always stay on the screen.


The NexiGo 2022 model can be proclaimed the next queen of mid-range webcams. With its 1080p resolution, this webcam can be purchased on Amazon for the amazing price of just €38.24.

The NexiGo 2022 has a stereo microphone , an autofocus mechanism and a cover to block the camera sight when it is not being used, thus respecting the privacy of the users.

It is compatible with all current video call programs, such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The webcam records content at 30 frames per second , and promises a constant focus system, promising the user that they will never be out of focus.

It has a “plug-and-play” system , that is, it is enough to connect the camera through its USB 2.0 cable to the computer and thus, it can be used directly, without having to use external software or programs setting.

It is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems , such as Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux and Ubuntu.


Currently, the best webcam model of the Spedal brand is the Spedal Webcam ‎C926 . It is capable of recording content at 60 frames per second, has two stereo microphones to capture high-quality audio, and an autofocus system to never lose sight of the user.

It is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems , such as Mac OS, Windows 7, 8, 10, Chrome OS or Linux, as well as being compatible with the recording systems of the Microsoft game console, the Xbox.

The Spedal Webcam 1080p does require external software for its configuration, therefore it does not have a “plug-and-play” system.

It has a wide-angle lens , and together with its automatic shooting mode , it is capable of taking great pictures, even if the light conditions are not the most suitable. The Webcam is capable of rotating on a 360º axis, allowing the user to record everything around him. It works with most video calling applications, such as Zoom or Skype. On Amazon it has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

How to improve the webcam?

A webcam is not as physically customizable as a computer, but there are many programs that allow us to exploit its virtues and achieve optimum results to our liking.

It is true that we do not have to touch the configuration of the purchased webcam, but we can modify some elements at any given time. There are several programs like ManyCam , CamMask , CyberLink YouCam , etc.

In these cases we should inform ourselves, first of all, and check whether or not they are paid.

Once we know this, the ideal would be to see what features and complements these programs would add to us. Maybe we are looking to change the background of our video image.

Or maybe we want to go further and modify the focus of the camera itself and its resolution. It is important to be careful when configuring our webcam, since we could touch something that seriously harms the default configuration and, later, we do not know how to go back (losing the established quality).

Where is it better to buy a webcam?

Physical store or online? Which companies are the most reliable and provide the best products ? If we were talking about something more subjective such as clothing or makeup, the comment could vary more or less.

That is to say, there would be opinions of the type “because it is better to see it and try it in person”, “I have to touch the fabric first”, etc. But of course, we are talking about webcams and where it is better to buy them

Suppose that the Logitech brand has 500 webcams of X model. Unless there is a manufacturing error and 1% has been defective (for example), they are all exactly the same, whether you buy them in a physical store or online. 

But now , what store are we talking about? Well, we have numerous stores that have electronic products, among other webcams. El Corte Ingles , Mediamarkt , FNAC , Amazon , Worten , etc.

Therefore, what we really need to know is what webcam we want; its characteristics, functions and what we are going to allocate it. The place of purchase does not matter, whether online or in a physical store. At most we could ask for the guarantee in case, after having tried it, we want to make a return or buy another.