The best Netflix series you can watch right now

Compiling in a single article the best of the best of a platform is not a minor thing, especially if we talk about Netflix, which seems to have content for seven lives. Not all jewels are seen at first glance, some you have to look for a little more.

We will not talk about all the series that you can watch on Netflix, because then we would go on forever and we would have to add Peaky Blinders, The office or Derry Girls to the list , for example. This list refers only to the best Netflix original series , according to our humble criteria. If you have another, you can tell us what you are missing (or left over) in the comments.

Orange is the new black

Orange Is The New Black 2

The first Netflix series I heard about was Orange is the new black , which had its Spanish version with Vis a Vis . Based on the autobiographical book by Piper Kerman, it was able to reach Spain when the platform had not yet crossed the pond, and it became our obsession.

Funny, feminist, dramatic when appropriate and with strong and wonderful female characters that give birth to this ensemble comedy, it will always occupy a place among the best of Netflix and is, without a doubt, one of the best series led by women in the history of television.

House of cards

House Of Cards

It is one of the best political series on television, few reflect American politics as well and with as much success as House of cards . It competes in talent with The West Wing of the White House (available on HBO Max), and has Kevin Spacey along with Robin Wright as protagonists, until the former disappeared from the series after accusations of sexual harassment.

With a brilliant script and charismatic protagonists, this series full of intrigue, intelligence and evil in equal measure, is and will be one of the best originals on the platform . A political vision on the darker side of the human being.


If there was a miniseries that became the quarantine series during the pandemic, it was Unorthodox . A drama about a young woman who belonged to an ultra-orthodox Jewish community in New York, which showed us the life of a hitherto unknown community. It’s based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography, and it was the best marathon we did in 2020.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Although it is not his original (it was created by Charlie Brooker, it was broadcast on British Channel 4 and Netflix bought it and produced the following seasons), when Black Mirror premiered and we saw the first chapters we all thought the same thing: “Ho**r This could happen.”

The magic of this series centered on a dystopian future is that this future is not as dystopian as it might seem. Separate stories that open and close each chapter and independently, it is Netflix’s top anthology . If we had to choose only a couple of episodes from the series, perhaps we would choose San Junípero y Cocodrilo . And if you like the dystopian future and a series is not enough for you, take a look at these books.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

One of Netflix’s great media stars cannot be missing from this list with the best series on the platform. This science fiction and fantasy series that reminded us of Super 8 and The Goonies, loaded with nostalgia, humor, tension and adventure for all audiences, has gone further and is already one of those series in which there are crazy theories such as this, terrifying endings like Max’s and a lot of merchandising around.

The Crown

The Crown Season 5 Stills 1 1665758884

The fascinating history of the British royal family could not be missing from this list. Not only because it is the most acclaimed Netflix in terms of awards, but because it has everything to make us fall in love completely, despite the difficulty of changing the cast completely every two seasons to continue the story throughout. of the years.


If wallpapering the Puerta del Sol in Madrid with the face of Pablo Escobar at Christmas is not being mainstream, I don’t know what is. The first two seasons of Narcos deserve to be on this list more than the third, because the charisma of the Colombian drug dealer crossed the screen . As beautiful as it is terrible, it was a series that we all talked about and one of those that we all remember after it ended several years ago.

The OA

The Oa

There are series that go more unnoticed than others, and The OA is one of those that came slowly and quietly to become a brilliant science fiction series . This did not seem to be enough for Netflix, which canceled it after two seasons, already being considered a cult series.

BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman

Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, this animated series about BoJack, an anthropomorphic horse who made it big in the 1990s with a sitcom, is a Nilhist account of life, full of sarcastic humor and drama that has also won over art experts. Espinof, who already consider it one of the best series in history.

He talks about life, sadness and the existential emptiness from humor, and has left us memorable and profound phrases that will be one of those series that we will always remember.

Sex Education

Sex Education

This youth series is one of the biggest hits on Netflix, and it is that in addition to treating sex from the perspective of adolescents , it is fun and has everything we look for in a series for adolescents: dramas, laughter, friendship, love and in this case, sexuality.

Supported by a great cast headed by Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Emma Mackey, it is a joy that has not lost its freshness over the seasons. And she even contains real advice with which we can learn about sex.