The 20 best furniture ideas for small houses

On many occasions decorating, restoring or remodeling a house becomes a headache if it is about small spaces, it is true that fewer materials would be used and that the time to do it is less, but interior decoration with furniture for small houses seems to limit ideas.

But if you are about to remodel your house or you just bought your house, this does not have to become a problem, here we will give you 20 furniture ideas for small houses that will make decorating easier and strike a perfect balance between style and practicality.


Furniture for small houses

A small space, but well decorated, has little to envy a huge house full of furniture. One of the secrets to having a small and well decorated environment is to maintain harmony between the elements of the furniture, the finishes of the house and the lighting.

A small house can be decorated in different ways, since space should not mean a limitation for creativity and functionality. A recommendation of furniture for small houses is custom-made furniture , this may mean a slightly higher cost, but the result is ideal.

take advantage of spaces

If you have a small house, the important thing is to make good use of the spaces, for this it is very important to analyze the placement of the furniture, because if they are placed properly they will be very functional.

For example, if your house is not divided by so many walls, with a single piece of furniture you can make the division between living room and kitchen or between living room and dining room, but that this piece of furniture has functionality on both sides, in this way a single piece of furniture could have up to 3 functions.

multifunction furniture

As we have been mentioning, a very practical resource for decorating with furniture for small houses is to use multifunctional or custom-designed furniture in your home but with more than one function. For example, there are beds that can also serve as desks without the need to disassemble or modify the furniture to give both uses.

Next we will give you 20 good furniture ideas for small houses:

kitchen furniture ideas

The goal of decorating or remodeling your home is to make the environment ideal and balanced in all areas. That is why we will give you some ideas for each room in the house, starting with the kitchen and dining room.


  1. Bar – In Mexico we are more used to having tables both in the dining room and in the kitchen, but an option that has become more common in recent years is to have a bar that divides the kitchen and the dining room, serving in the kitchen. for food preparation and at the same time as a breakfast or dining table.
  2. Multipurpose table – Many houses have an island built into the kitchen, but since it is a fixed element, it greatly reduces its use. Instead, there are adaptable tables that also serve to store kitchen items and in other cases even function as desks. now that the home office has become a trend.
  3. Single-legged tables – If you want to have a table in your dining room, the recommendation is that you have a single-legged table and if possible, make it round, so you can place benches or adaptable chairs so that they can be placed just below and save space .
  4. Folding tables – If your space is really small or you want to gain large dimensions, these types of tables that go from horizontal to vertical and that are usually built into the wall are ideal. They are furniture for small houses that provide great comfort and flexibility to take advantage of spaces.


5. Chairs or benches – In combination with any of the table types mentioned above, one-legged chairs or bench-type chairs are also a great option if you plan to use the bar for eating or working.

bedroom furniture ideas

In the rooms or bedrooms is where the furniture ideas for small houses are best used, because being furniture that is not used for much of the day can be folding or have several uses in addition to the main one, such as beds that can be raised and be vertical, for example:


6. Closet on the wall – The closets do not necessarily have to be cumbersome and huge, if you have a small house, the ideal is to opt for a closet that is fixed or built into the wall and that has enough divisions to be able to place most of items for personal use, as well as clothing.

7. Closet with bed – If you want to combine uses and you decide on custom-made furniture for small houses, you can opt for a closet built into the wall in which a folding bed is also placed.


8. Multipurpose bed – As we mentioned in the closets section, the bed can be combined with a closet built into the wall, but it can also be a folding bed individually and also when it is vertical, it has a structure to form a small table, a desk or a small sofa.


9. Children’s bed – Many times children’s rooms tend to seem messy and full of things and in small spaces even more so, but there are furniture solutions for small houses, such as vertical double beds, that is, a bunk bed or beds that have the function of a normal bed, but also serve as a task area with desks.

chests of drawers

10. Drawers on the stairs – Only if it is very necessary to have this type of furniture, a very original idea that lends itself to houses that have stairs is to take advantage of the space under the stairs or to turn the steps into drawers. It is a very practical option in which you would not need to use a very large chest of drawers.

living room furniture ideas

Another area of ​​the house that needs to be or look spacious is the living room. In Mexico it is common to see rooms with several armchairs, coffee tables, side tables and other furniture that tend to be very large and steal space from the living room, but in the following options we will give you ideas of sofas that serve as furniture for houses Small and take advantage of space.


11. Sofa-bed – In small houses and apartments it is becoming more common to use simple sofas without armrests or sofa-beds instead of huge armchairs that only take up space. The advantage of a sofa bed is that the armchair has 2 uses and saves a lot of space, making it one of the ideal pieces of furniture for small houses.

12. Removable sofas – Among the furniture for small houses, specifically the sofas, we also have removable sofas, that is, if you want to save space, these have a special design that allows them to be in one piece or “disassemble” one or more pieces to transform into 2 or 3 independent armchairs.

13. Wall-to-Wall Bench – Another small home furniture that is becoming very popular lately is wall-to-wall benches. As its name implies, this bench or bench is usually built against the wall of the room, in a room or at the foot of a window. With it, it is very practical to have a seat and you can also place small divisions to store things in the lower part.



14. Mobile vertical cupboard – Another piece of furniture for small houses that is very useful if you do not have much space are mobile or sliding cupboards, these are usually made to measure, but there are also already manufactured ones to be placed in very small spaces. reduced as on unused sides next to the refrigerator or kitchen counter.

15. Hall cabinet – There are types of furniture for small houses that are very complete and do not take up much space. In this case, the hall cabinets are very useful for storing many things that would take up a lot of space if they were outside, for example, shoes, umbrellas, dog leashes, bags, caps, hats, etc. These pieces of furniture are very useful and also serve as a coat rack.


16. Folding desks – Like the tables, the desks inside the house can be folding, that is, they go from the horizontal to the vertical position, their base is fixed to the wall and only the structure is lowered to form the desk.

17. Folding Desks – In the same category of small home furniture you have folding or portable desks. In this case, they are not embedded in a wall, but can be disassembled in just two steps and can be moved as many times as you prefer.

decorative elements


18. Mobile Decorative Pictures – The decoration part is also part of the furniture for small houses. There are very creative ideas that transform, for example, paintings with paintings or with decorative elements such as mirrors, which while not needed are placed on the wall, only as decoration, but have other functions such as in some cases they become chairs or tables. of work.

19. Folding bookcase – As we have seen in previous examples of furniture for small houses, folding and multifunction furniture are ideal for small spaces, so if there is not enough space in your house to have a common bookcase, a good idea is to take advantage of vertical space and have folding bookcases that also become a table.

20. Under Stairs Bookcase – The space under the stairs is perfect for placing furniture for small homes, an amazing way is with a custom made bookcase if you have a second story.


Now that you have many small house furniture ideas, you are surely ready to remodel or decorate your house with any of these options. Or if you are looking to buy a small house or an apartment in a Loft, we are here to advise you with loans, houses and apartments for sale.