50 business ideas for 2022

The best business ideas to start this new year

1. Website design

If you like marketing, design and strategy, web design can be an excellent alternative to introduce you to this world. And it is that it is an increasingly demanded service with which they open up many business opportunities.

2. I work as a programmer

Creating your own programming agency, being a freelancer and working with several companies or even creating a specific program and then selling it by subscription ( Software AsA Service ), are just some of the options.

3. Mobile apps development

Most people carry their mobile with them at all times, which is why the creation of mobile applications is a sector with a lot of demand. You can work for companies or even develop your own apps to meet particular needs that you detect in the market.

4. Community manager

Being in charge of managing online communities and creating and maintaining long-term connections with customers, the community manager has become an indispensable figure for companies.

5. Marketing digital

The increase in brands and online businesses increases the competition of digital businesses and it is increasingly important to implement strategies to promote their products and services . Training, curiosity and creativity are key to being able to perform in this area.

6. Sale of healthy food

Tasty and healthy dishes are always a good business idea, especially since consumers are increasingly aware of the harmful effects of a poor diet. You can innovate with custom menus adapted to a specific diet or schedule, direct door-to-door delivery or even catering services.

7. Sale of items

It is a business idea that has worked for a long time. In general, it consists of buying cheap or wholesale and then selling more expensive. The important thing in this type of business is to do a market study to choose a niche and look for opportunities to buy at good prices.

8. 3D printing

Three-dimensional printers allow the reproduction of objects with a variety of materials and a high degree of customization. You can lean towards offering printing of prototypes, personalized objects or even manufacturing the pieces one by one and then assembling them and obtaining a final product of commercial interest.

9. Sale of handmade accessories

If your thing is costume jewelery or goldsmithing, launch your own brand with exclusive designs and market them through e-commerce, in stores or bazaars.

10. Trade of organic products

If you have your own farm or orchard, a great business idea is the cultivation of chemical-free fruits and vegetables in order to sell them to private consumers or supermarkets.

11. Erotic toy store

In the search for pleasure, many choose to buy sex toys, but visiting a sexshop is somewhat uncomfortable. One way to hit the market hard would be to offer these articles online with advice, good attention and discretion.

12. Sale of containers and packaging

The enormous offer of products with home delivery requires containers that guarantee integrity upon arrival at the destination and give a good image of the brand. Marketing these containers is a different entrepreneurial idea with a wide reach.

13. Surprise gift boxes

Details always create illusion, whether between family, friends or couples, and even from companies to their employees. You can offer a catalog of options with boxes, baskets, national or imported products, alluding to a holiday or personalized.

14. Sale of photos

If photography is your thing, take advantage of it by selling your best shots online. You can use your own blog or image banks like Fotolia, Shutterstock, Bigstock and Pixabay.

15. Pet Store

Many people spend a large amount of money to cover the needs and pamper the furry ones in the house. Therefore, creating an online store with a large stock and quality service can be a solid and booming business plan. 

16. Virtual Assistant

They are increasingly in demand and offer assistance and administrative support to companies with tasks such as filtering emails, preparing budgets, keeping agendas, contacting clients and controlling payments. If you have some basic notions of office automation, this may be a great option for you.

17. Writing articles

Creating written content like news for informational portals, blog articles, and social media posts is an in-demand business that you can do from the comfort of your home.

18. Translation of texts or the interpreter

If you master two or more languages, you can enter the written translation market. In addition, it is possible to act as an interpreter and reduce communication barriers between groups of different nationalities.

19. Resume Design

An important factor in the job search is having a good resume. If you have human resources experience and some creativity, you can offer assistance in designing or improving resumes.

20. Commercial and creative photography

With knowledge of photography and a good camera you can start as a photographer in all kinds of events, make books for models, product photos, for pets, couples, children and a long etcetera.

21. Video Editing

A video editor is responsible for reviewing, cutting and assembling the audiovisual material that will be shared on the websites and social networks of companies, businesses, youtubers, etc.

22. Delivery services

If you have a motorcycle or bicycle, you can take advantage of the boom in home shopping and offer your services as a rider or courier.

23. Accounting advice

If your profession is accounting, you can propose your particular services to keep accounts and analyze the economic situation of companies and entrepreneurs. It is even very popular to do it remotely, so you can work with people from all over the country.

24. Gardening services

Very common and always necessary to maintain green areas and take care of landscaping. 

25. Cleaning services

One of the most requested at any level, from homes to large industries. It can be general or specific, such as cleaning pools, carpets, or surface disinfection.

26. Bicycle repair and maintenance

With the increase in the use of bicycles as a means of ecological transport or for delivery, the need for exclusive service places for them is increasing.

27. Babysitting

The figure of nanny or babysitter is becoming more and more necessary in homes where both parents must return to work in person and have no one to leave the little ones with. 

28. Elder care

Many older people require company and care that their relatives cannot provide. For this reason, it is common to hire someone external to take care of home care instead of admitting them to a residential center.

29. Pet Daycare

Although they are one more member of the family, sometimes it is not comfortable to take them on a trip and the need arises to leave them with someone who will take care of them during the absence of their owners.

30. Pet Grooming

With its own premises or at home, this concept offers bathing services with shampoo, hair and nail cutting to domestic animals such as dogs or cats. If you like pets, you will surely do very well.

31. Beauty services at home

For reasons of comfort and safety, many prefer to bring the salon to the home, so if you have experience in aesthetic care, you can offer makeup, haircuts, hairstyles, manicures or pedicures at home.

32. Repair of electronic devices

The revision and repair of devices such as televisions, laptops and appliances are highly requested since they save money by not having to replace them with a new one.

33. Home services

Everything is valid: carpentry, plumbing, masonry, revision of electrical installations, etc.

34. Dressmaking and sewing

If you know how to sew, promote your skills and start designing your own pieces or offering fitting and alteration services.

35. Language courses

A great business idea if you know another language is to teach it in person or remotely. If you prefer, you can also impart your native language to foreigners through the internet.

36. Tour guide

The lifting of restrictions has boosted tourism, so you can use this to promote and show the most representative places in your area.

37. Organization of events

Logistics has become a very important branch today. If you have social and organizational skills you can go to this sector.

38. Educational consulting

They are highly requested to complement semi-face-to-face education, especially in complex subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry.

39. Private lessons for children

It is a constantly growing sector that includes remedial classes, early stimulation and endless extracurricular areas such as music and cooking.

40. Nutritional Coach

It is based on the evaluation of eating habits and the development of plans for people who seek to improve their diet and therefore their health. For this you need to train before, but there are many options for master’s degrees and very complete courses.

41. Personalized Training

Knowledge in the world of fitness helps many to get out of physical inactivity and achieve the results they seek. You can offer your services in a gym or personalized attention at home or online.

42. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, you can monetize it through different affiliate systems like Amazon or eBay that will give you commissions when someone makes purchases through the links you publish.

43. Rooms for rent

It is a business idea aimed at those who have a vacant flat or an unoccupied summer house that can become a regular or seasonal source of income.

44. Buying, remodeling and selling/renting houses

As the real estate market is in constant movement, it can be an interesting idea to buy a house, rehab it and sell it for a higher price or rent it.

45. Installation of solar panels

A business that requires a strong investment, but has become popular due to the search for alternatives to polluting energies.

46. ​​Acquisition of a franchise

It also requires a large investment, but acquiring a franchise has the advantage that it allows you to take advantage of the experience and success of an already well-known brand.

47. Trading

Investing in financial markets is a business method that has gained popularity. It consists of buying and selling assets making an evaluation of their behavior over time to obtain benefits in the medium or long term.

48. Financial advice on crypto assets

The world of cryptocurrencies generates more and more interest, but not everyone has the necessary knowledge to enter it. If you have the experience and understand the subject, the creation of guidance and consultation services on the subject may be attractive to you.

49. Streaming

Twitch is a streaming platform with live content where many gamers earn subscription income. It is ideal for people with charisma and knowledge in one or several video games.

50.NFT Games

They are video games where the user acquires NFT’s with which he generates cryptocurrencies that can then be exchanged in the market. They require a minimum investment and dedication to make a profit. 

When it comes to entrepreneurship, business ideas abound, especially now that the economy has reactivated after the hard blow of the pandemic. All you need is to think carefully about what best suits your reality and dare to Make the first move.