The 20 best summer vacation destinations 2023

Summer 2023, where to go ? What are the best destinations for summer 2023 ? It’s not too early to get a peek at the trending destinations and 2023 vacation packages.

What are the best destinations to spend the summer holidays and the best destinations for young people? You don’t necessarily need to go far, there are many nearby and cheap destinations to reach this summer. 

If you are looking for the perfect place, we have compiled a list with the best destinations: here are some ideas for organizing summer holidays 2023.

Holidays 2023

Holidays 2023, yes, but where? What if we told you Montenegro? The small wonder of the Balkans awaits you with spectacular beaches, villages where time seems to stand still and spectacular nature. In the list of the coolest destinations to reach this year is Portugal and its most authentic region Alentejo, Slovenia perfect for those who love trekking and hiking and the Azores, the wild archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic .

If you’re planning your big trip, take a look at the affordable destinations of the year and the best cities to reach according to Lonely Planet. Favorite destinations include Seville, Matera and Hamburg. Here you will find the guide with the best holiday offers 2023.

Alentejo, Portogallo


Usually when you think of Portugal for summer holidays, the first destination that comes to mind is the Algarve but if you are looking for uncrowded places, Alentejo offers quieter beaches. This beautiful region is located beyond the Tagus in southern Portugal, in the stretch from Lisbon to the Algarve.

Here you can travel on the road crossing a vast stretch of Atlantic coast along which you can see beautiful beaches and sleepy villages.

Alentejo is also an important region for wine production. If you prefer an active holiday, take the Rota Vicentina, a path that crosses the South West Alentejano Natural Park and arrives at Capo San Vicente.

Elafonissos, Greece


If you are looking for the perfect Greek island, make a note of this name: Elafonisos in the south of the Peloponnese, there is a place that seems to come out of a dream: Elafonisos, an exotic island of only 19 square km that we could define a long strip of paradise. 

If this summer you want to forget modernity and want to enjoy wonderful beaches, you will only need a beach towel, a cream and a hat. Expanses of white sand, dunes surrounded by cedars, turquoise waters and blue skies await you: an uncrowded paradise that is difficult to forget. 

Sete, France


Overlooking the Mediterranean in southern France, Sète is a historic city also known as the “Venice of the Languedoc”, a nickname given to it by the French writer Paul Valéry. The old port and the historic center of the city seem like places suspended in time.

The arrival of the Worldwide Music Festival in July and the Convenanza in September have made the city one of the favorite destinations for music lovers in Europe.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


If beach and sea aren’t your thing, Lake Bled in Slovenia can be an excellent starting point for hiking or cycling.

Surrounded by the Julian Alps and the Karavanke, the surroundings of this emerald lake offer mountain bike trails, water sports spots and hikes on truly epic scenery. Here you will find the selection of the most beautiful places to visit on a trip to Slovenia.

Azores, Portugal 


An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Reach one of the islands which, due to their isolated position, are still an unspoiled paradise perfect for those looking for an adventurous holiday. Here you can enjoy whale watching or canyoning. The volcanic landscape of the islands is home to tea plantations and vineyards. Here you will also find some of the most beautiful natural parks in Portugal. Here you will find a photographic journey to discover the Azores.

Go up, Grecia


Stoupa is still a secret and little visited destination in Greece and is located on the southwest coast of the Mani peninsula in the Peloponnese. Surrounded by olive trees and mountains, the town is steeped in history and is surrounded by beautiful and unspoiled beaches. In this area you will find charming medieval villages, fishing villages, wild beaches, turquoise bays and mountains for trekking routes. 

Bornholm, Denmark

If a summer holiday in the Baltic Sea might seem a little strange to you, try asking any Dane from Bornholm and you’ll find out why it’s so popular.

Officially the island is the sunniest place in Denmark and is famous for its fine sandy beaches. In many smokehouses you can find mackerel and smoked herring. 

Hvar, Croatia


Over the past fifteen years Croatia has become a popular summer destination, famous for its scenic beaches and vibrant nightlife. The island of Hvar is one of the favorite destinations for those looking for beautiful beaches and entertainment but if you venture further north of the island you will be able, fortunately, to find beaches and landscapes that are still quiet and uncrowded. 

Noirmoutier, France

Not only the French Riviera. The small island of Noirmoutier is located just off the coast of Brittany and is connected to the mainland by a road that disappears at high tide. The landscape is perfect for touring the beaches by bike as the average temperatures during the summer season are not excessively hot, hovering around 23-24 ° C.

Marche, Italy


In the list of destinations for the summer there are also the Marche, defining it as the new Tuscany. Here the landscape is characterized by hills dotted with picturesque villages and old farmhouses, while along the coast you can find beautiful beaches close to Mount Conero. Here we have selected the most beautiful villages to visit in the Marche. 

Barcelona, ​​Spain


Barcelona is always a good idea, at any time of the year: it is a city that always keeps reinventing itself. It is worth mentioning that this summer it will host two major festivals, Sónar and Primavera Sound.

But not only that, in the surroundings of Barcelona you can find beautiful beaches to be able to enjoy a bit of the sea. 

Sozopol, Bulgaria

Still relatively unknown, the historic city of Sozopol is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in all of Bulgaria.

In the city center, old cobbled streets lead to wooden houses overlooking the waterfront. You will find quiet beaches and bars for the evening. 

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is one of the food capitals of Europe and is famous for both its Michelin restaurants and bars serving pintxos.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a beautiful urban beach in San Sebastian known as La Concha, named for its curved shape that resembles a shell.


Sagres, Portogallo

Perched on the tip of Portugal, stretching out into the Atlantic Ocean, Sagres is almost at the end of the world. With two stretches of coastline to choose from, one to the south and one to the west, it is the perfect place for surfers. The town is small but has everything you need to enjoy a holiday, including a few seafood restaurants that stock up daily at the harbor market.

Bonifacio, Corsica


Located on the southern tip of the island, a few kilometers from Sardinia, Bonifacio is a city steeped in history. The surrounding nature is lush and home to some rare species of animals, while on the beautiful coast you can practice water sports. Here you will find the selection of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica to reach starting from Bonifacio. 

Taiga Forest

If you are looking for a different adventure for this summer, the advice is to visit the wild Taiga forest in Finland.

Starting in Kuhmo on Finland’s eastern border, this destination boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife, including bears, wolves and deer. Here you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as cycling, husky trekking and canoeing.

Malaga, Spain


In Malaga you will find dream beaches, white villages and delicious food. The city is one of the most interesting destinations on the Costa del Sol which in summer gives its best with the Feria de Malaga: a week of celebrations based on tinto de verano and local dishes.

Madeira, Portogallo 


The island of Madeira enjoys a mild climate all year round. In this archipelago where it is always spring you will find unspoiled landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, mountains and villages. Madeira is the perfect island for those who love trekking, you can choose from numerous excursions and trekking routes.

The island is full of trails but the most memorable routes are found on the levades, the particular irrigation canals built in Madeira starting from the sixteenth century that cross the basaltic mass of the island to transport water from the north to the south of the island. . Here you will find the most beautiful beaches on the island. 

Ustica, Sicily


Far from the most popular places in Sicily, the island of Ustica is a black pearl of the Mediterranean located off the coast of Palermo.

It is a natural paradise made of rocks and sea, a perfect place for those who love snorkeling and diving. The island is located within the homonymous Marine Protected Area. 

Summer holidays 2023: where to go? The 10 best offers

  • Malta, starting from 62 euros
  • Lisbon, starting from 118 euros
  • Nice, starting from 66 euros
  • Thessaloniki, starting from 86 euros
  • Alicante, starting from 66 euros
  • Corfu, starting from 120 euros
  • Santorini, starting from 138 euros
  • Alghero, starting from 85 euros
  • Pula, starting from 61 euros
  • Faro, starting from 155 euros

Summer Holidays 2023

If you still don’t know where to go this summer, we’ve put together a useful guide to the best destinations for the perfect vacation. 

If you want to combine sea, mountains, good food and beautiful cities, we recommend Abruzzo: according to CNN it is the hottest region to visit and we do not dare to believe it. Among the most interesting destinations, always for those who stay in Italy, is Syracuse, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Sicily. If you are traveling with children, here you will find the best beaches to go to the beach with the little ones. 

Economic destinations summer 2023

What are the economic destinations for the summer? Here are the best ones with value for money (daily)

  • Marmaris, Turkey 31.12 euros
  • Sunny Beach, Bulgaria 31,20 euro
  • Algarve, Portugal € 52.87
  • Cape Town, South Africa € 63.40
  • Paphos, Cyprus67.23 euros
  • Costa del Sol, Spain 70.94 euros 
  • Mombasa, Kenya €73.02
  • Funchal, Madeira 76.09 euros 
  • Sliema, Malta 77,80 euros 
  • Lanzarote, Canary Islands 84.68 euros 

Summer holidays in Italy: Where to go?

Far from the famous cities, from the crowded beaches there are small paradises to explore: the 2023 summer holidays are open air. Where to go on vacation?

  • Most beautiful seaside villages
  • More beautiful walks 
  • Mountain villages 
  • Cilento on the Road
  • Estate in the countryside or in the farm
  • Basilicata coast to coast
  • Less crowded islands 
  • Economic destinations

Summer travel: summer destinations 2023

The best destinations to reach this summer and the related tips for booking a low cost holiday. You will also find the best offers to fly to Italy, Europe and the world. You can choose from the best economic destinations for the summer, last minute offers and economic solutions to go on holiday in August. Here instead you will find some ideas for alternative holidays to do this summer. 

Mete low cost

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, we advise you to take a look at the most interesting economic destinations of 2023. First of all Serbia, an unknown territory, full of natural wonders to visit absolutely. Outside of Belgrade, you will have almost every attraction such as spas, wineries and ancient monasteries. A good alternative is Athens, a large open-air museum, with Byzantine churches and neoclassical buildings and wonderful streets. 

Holiday Offers 2023

There are still many offers to be taken on the fly, by booking last minute holidays you will have the opportunity to save on the price. If you are looking for exclusive stays up to 70% discount, we recommend Secret Escapes.

In the travel packages section there are numerous opportunities to take on the fly. Among the offers not to be missed are a one-week stay in a wonderful resort in the Maldives, a city break in Krakow and a seven-night holiday in Crete. 

Flights on offer for summer 2023

By booking now the ticket price is still relatively low, almost all airline tickets for all destinations, even the most popular ones in Europe such as the Greek islands or Spain, will cost around 100 euros in the months from July to September. The secret is to anticipate and seize the opportunities, prices will rise rapidly starting from the next few weeks. For the moment we point out these flights 

  • Milan – Malta from 59 euros in July 2023
  • Pisa – Girona da 57 euro ad agosto 2023
  • Rome – Ibiza da 53 euro ad agosto 2023
  • Milan – Malaga from 60 euros in August 2023
  • Naples – Nice from 62 euros in July 2023

Where to go on holiday in Italy?

Who is staying in Italy for? There is an embarrassment of the choice of beaches to reach and places to see this summer between islands and seaside villages. Among our favorite destinations are the Marche with the Conero Riviera, the coast of Basilicata to travel on the road, Sicily with its enchanting beaches and its historic cities and the Cilento area, one of the most underrated areas in Italy. ‘Italy. 

Among the destinations that deserve a stop is Salento with its wonderful beaches and the stretch of Abruzzo coast known as Costa dei Trabocchi. If you want to enjoy the sea and dream beaches, there is nothing better than reaching Sardinia. 

If you don’t like the sea there are many valid alternatives, you can choose your perfect holiday destination: in this article you will find mountain destinations, the most beautiful lakes, villages and national parks. Here, on the other hand, alternative and little-known seaside destinations. 

 Here you will find other ideas for holidays in the regions of Italy

  • Summer 2023 in Sardinia
  • Summer in Puglia
  • Summer in Trentino
  • Summer in Piedmont
  • Summer in the Aosta Valley
  • Summer in Sicily
  • Summer in Basilicata

Tips and tricks to save money during the 2023 summer holidays

Going on vacation without spending a fortune is possible, just follow a few simple precautions: flexibility is essential to be able to save on the price of the holiday. 

Before leaving, and well in advance, cross-check the departure dates on the portals that monitor airfares to find the best offer.

In addition, to save money, it may be a good idea to choose accommodation just outside the city center but well connected by public transport. 

Traveling low cost in Italy: 10 destinations for holidays

  • Trieste
  • Chamois
  • Valle del Chiese
  • Biella
  • Chioggia 
  • Tirano 
  • I raise
  • Gradara
  • Ortona
  • Sperlonga

Low Cost Islands: the cheapest for the summer

Where to go to the beach without spending a fortune? Here is the list of still low cost islands:

  • Milos, Greece
  • Malta
  • Lemnos
  • Corfu
  • The End, Croazia
  • Cipro
  • Cost
  • Mljet
  • Everything
  • Cumin 
  • Wood
  • Ksamil islands archipelago 
  • Hiiumaa, Estonia

Holidays for less than 200 euros: the best destinations for the summer

Where to go on holiday on a budget? There are still cheap destinations to travel to in July without spending a fortune. Among these we point out

  • Montenegro
  • Albania
  • Catalonia
  • Ethiopia
  • Morocco
  • Chalk

Holidays in Croatia

If you are planning a trip to Croatia, here you will find all the information on the most beautiful beaches on the coast and here instead the guide to the most beautiful islands. Here, on the other hand, are the 10 things to do absolutely on a road trip to discover Croatia.

Holidays in Greece

Greece has always been the queen of summer. With over 1000 islands that can be visited you will be spoiled for choice on which island to choose. There are islands for fun, islands for relaxation and islands that still look like 60s hippie paradises. Here the guide to the beaches to visit at least once.