Streaming Platform Guide: Which One to Choose?

In recent years we have seen a relentless proliferation of video on demand streaming platforms . So much so that, now six years after the arrival of Netflix in Italy , approaching this “new television” has become at least complex for newbies. 


Despite the slight slowdown this quarter, also due to the consolidation of competition and the end of lockdowns, Netflix remains by far the best known and most iconic on-demand streaming platform . On the platform of the homonymous company it is possible to find TV series, films, anime and documentaries of all kinds. In addition to offering a clear interface and its brand identity now rooted in popular culture, Netflix’s strong point has always been its original content., often made in collaboration with local production companies: from “The Crown” to “Bojack Horseman”, from “L’isola delle Rose” to “Alice in Bordeland”, many of the TV series and films that have made headlines in the recent years have been produced and, consequently, published only on Netflix . It is not surprising, therefore, that the big N of streaming is the platform with the most subscribers both in Italy, 3.8 million in January , and in the world, 250 million customers. To date it is possible to subscribe to three different subscriptions to Netflix:

  • Basic : € 7.99 per month with standard definition and access from only one device at a time
  • Standard : € 11.99 per month with FULL HD definition and access from two devices at the same time
  • Premium : € 15.99 per month with UltraHD / 4K definition and access from four devices at the same time

Amazon Prime Video

Similar to Netlix’s offer is that of Amazon Prime Video which, in January, had 2.3 million subscribers. Prime Video also offers a huge library of movies, TV series, anime and documentaries to choose from. Just like on Netflix, many of these are produced exclusively by Amazon itself, among the most successful productions we mention “The Boys” and “The man in the high castle”. The strong point of the platform is, without a doubt, the price : you just need to subscribe to Amazon Prime for only € 36 per year(€ 18 if you are a university student) and you will have access to all video content, as well as to the other benefits provided by the subscription. It should also be noted that Amazon seems much more attentive than Netflix to the tastes of the average viewer of classic television programs , just think of the enormous success that ” LOL: Who laughs is out ” among the general public and the fact that the format itself , born in Japan, has been successfully revived in 8 countries . It is likely that in the next few years we will see much more “television” contenton streaming platforms and the fact that Amazon has pioneered this trend could suggest its future overtaking towards the top of the ranking of platforms with the most subscribers, at least in Italy.

Finally, in addition to the store where you can buy films not available for streaming, you can also subscribe to additional subscriptions, called ” Amazon Channels “, which allow you to access content from other platforms, some of these not available in Italy, directly from the app. by Prime Video:

  • Infinity Selection : € 6.99 per month, a selection of Italian and international films
  • Starzplay : € 4.99 per month, the channel with all the STARZ series available simultaneously with the United States
  • HistoryPlay : € 3.99 per month, channel dedicated to contents dedicated to the history of the famous American television channel History
  • Noggin : € 3.99 per month, an educational channel for children
  • Juventus TV : € 3.99 per month, the channel dedicated to Juventus
  • Mubi : € 9.99 per month, a selection of arthouse films
  • Rare Video : € 3.99, a selection of arthouse films
  • Midnight Factory : € 4.99 per month, a channel dedicated to horror content
  • Full Moon TV : € 3.99 per month, a channel dedicated to action content
  • ShortsTV : € 3.99 per month, a channel dedicated to short films
  • Qello : € 4.99 per month, a channel dedicated to the most famous concerts
  • Half : € 2.99 per month, a channel dedicated to classical, jazz and dance music

Disney +

Among the big names, Disney + is the youngest platform, its debut dates back only to this November. The Disney + offer originally included content dedicated only to the Disney , Pixar , Marvel , Star Wars and National Geographic brands but has now expanded to include Star, section dedicated to films and TV series not connected in any way to the five brands mentioned as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Lost”. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that the attractiveness of Disney + remains inextricably linked to its flagship productions and it is no coincidence that most of the exclusive series that are and will be produced are connected to the universes of Star Wars and, above all, of Marvel. Starting from this January with “WandaVision”, in fact, dozens of series more or less spin-off Marvel / Star Wars will follow one after the other with episodes, an interesting choice and in contrast to Netflix, published weekly . This model has already proved successful with series like “The Mandalorian” and “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier”.

Considering that the platform is still relatively young, Disney + has already achieved great success with the public reaching the 1 million subscribers this January , before the introduction of Star. Disney + subscription costs 8.99 per month (6.99 before Star was added) but you can also choose the annual subscription for € 89.90. The Covid emergency and the closure of cinemas has also prompted Disney to add the possibility, debuted with the live-action film Mulan, to subscribe to an additional € 21.99 ” VIP Access ” subscription that allows you to stream Disney films. , Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars simultaneously with the release in theatersor, in any case, before their addition to the Disney + catalog.


So far we have only observed SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) platforms however, in Italy, there are also AVOD (Advertising Supported Video On Demand) streaming services that do not require any payment and are monetized through classic advertising. The most famous and successful case available in our country is, of course, that of RaiPlay. The state TV platform is, in fact, accessible for free and includes all Rai content produced over the decades and, sometimes, even exclusive programs .like “Viva RaiPlay!” di Fiorello, which quickly achieved the platform’s viewing record in 2019, or “L’altra Festival”, broadcast in conjunction with this year’s Sanremo Festival. In short, Rai has already shown that it strongly believes in its streaming offer and this has also been reflected in a greater production of high-quality serial content in recent years: for example, the historical series “I Medici” and “Leonardo ”Or the series taken from Umberto Eco’s masterpiece“ The name of the rose ”.

Mediaset Play Infinity and Discovery +

A hybrid between the SVOD and AVOD system is the one presented by the platforms dedicated to the Mediaset and Discovery networks. Both Mediaset Play and Discovery + present, in fact, some contents visible for free but also the possibility to subscribe . In both cases, the programs available for free are essentially those broadcast on the respective television channels. As for paid services, however, the situation of the two platforms is different.

On Mediaset Play it is possible to subscribe, at the price of € 7.99 per month, to Infinity (which, as you may recall, until a few months ago was an independent SVOD platform) through which you can have access to a varied selection of films and TV series . Keep in mind, however, that there are no original contents of the platform.

On Discovery +, on the other hand, it is possible to subscribe to two subscriptions: “ Discovery + ” and “ Discovery + and Eurosport ”. The first offers, for € 3.99 a month, access to original content, exclusive channels, WWE, documentaries and previews of television programs. The second adds various sports contents to the package, bringing the price of the monthly subscription to € 7.99 . Furthermore, both subscriptions remove all advertisements from free content.

Now TV

Now TV is Sky’s on-demand streaming platform. By itself, it would be fully comparable to other SVODs were it not for the presence of sporting programs and events and for the possibility of subscribing to different subscriptions based on the desired content . The packages currently available are:

  • Sport Pass : at a cost of € 14.99 per day or € 29.99 per month, it gives access to Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga matches but also to MotoGP, Formula1, ATP Masters 1000, NBA and channels Eurosport
  • Cinema and Entertainment Pass : at the price of € 3 for the first month and € 14.99 for the following, it allows access to films, TV series and Sky shows in HD


Chili, on the other hand, is a TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) streaming platform and, similar to what happens on the Google Play and Apple stores, it allows you to buy or rent individual movies or TV series . The prices of each content vary but, essentially, are between € 2.99 and € 14.99 for rental and between € 7.99 and € 19.99 for purchase . An extra € 1 must be added to these prices if you wish to view the selected film or TV series in high resolution. It should also be noted that on Chili there are free content with advertising even if, objectively, quite marginal.


DAZN is a streaming platform that differs from all the others analyzed so far as it is exclusively focused on sport . Its football offer is particularly strong : just think that, this March, DAZN won the rights to all Serie A matches for the three-year period 2022-2024. The cost of the monthly subscription is € 9.99 .

Crunchyroll and VVVVID

Finally, we close with two niche platforms but well known to their target audience: Crunchyroll and VVVVID. Crunchyroll is entirely dedicated to Japanese anime and heartwood while VVVVID has a wider target audience that also includes cult movies , TV series and original programs .

Crunchyroll, although it is also accessible with various limitations for free, offers two possible subscriptions:

  • Fans : at a price of € 4.99 per month, it gives access to the entire catalog of the platform (more than thirty thousand episodes) and makes the new episodes available only one hour after airing in Japan
  • Mega Fan : at a price of € 6.99 per month, it adds the ability to download episodes and access from four devices at the same time.