The best mats for yoga, at home and in the gym

It is clear that the absolute best yoga mat does not exist: it all depends on the preferences of those who use it. What may be the perfect mat for one person may not be good for others!

There is an incredibly wide range of yoga mats and mats online. From materials to colors, you are faced with a choice of hundreds of models and, when you are a beginner, you can get a little lost. Precisely for this reason we have decided to make an article that can help those who are in doubt about which mat to buy and collect, in a single page, a list of the best mats among all for doing yoga, but also fitness, pilates or meditation. .

If you are looking for the right accessory to go to class or practice at home, this article will be really useful for you. Enjoy the reading!

The 9 best yoga and meditation mats

If you have decided to do Yoga, before you go to Decathlon and the like to buy the mat, I consider you to take a look online, where the choice is much wider and the prices are better. The advantage is that you order from your PC or phone and they arrive directly at home in no time.

There are, many sites to buy from, but the prices are different and usually the best offers are on the ecommerce giants, especially when there are sales and offers like Amazon. There are, however, exceptions, as you will see shortly with one mattress in particular.

Since finding the right one for you is not easy, we will help you. We have consulted several experts and consulted many sites with guides on the best yoga mats to gather information on the models you will find below, so good choice.

Artletica Soul – the best mat for yoga

Soul Tortuga Athletics

If you are looking for quality in every respect, then I recommend you try Artletica: it is called Soul and it is the best yoga mat currently out there.

The reasons for choosing this mattress are numerous. First of all there is the value for money: Soul is a very resistant non-slip mat, beautiful to look at and, above all, it has an incredible grip. This is an incredible accessory, made of the highest quality natural rubber (100% biodegradable) which is the best material for floor mats.

In fact, not only does it last a lifetime, it also has an incredible grip that even increases when you sweat. The price, when compared to professional mats of the same level, is not that high.

The thickness of 5mm is the perfect compromise to have a mat that is soft enough, but so much that it feels like you are sinking when practiced on it. 61cm wide and 183cm long it is suitable for people of all stature, but for those who are very tall, they may find it slightly narrow. The only drawback is obviously the weight which is important, since rubber is not a light material.

With the mats from Artletica, you will surely stand out from the crowd: Soul is available in 6 beautiful patterns and colors, with 6 stylized sacred animals. In short, in addition to being among the best in performance, it is also among the most beautiful currently in circulation

Lotuscraft Yoga Pure – the most recommended alternative

Lotuscrafts Yoga Pure

If Soul is the best, Lotuscrafts Yoga Pure is definitely its biggest competition. The advantage here is that the cost is slightly lower, while the features are very similar. Except when it comes to aesthetics: it’s a nice mat, but with only three solid colors.

Made of rubber, it has a skin-friendly PU coated surface that is, to say the least, spectacular: soft to the touch, with fantastic grip and impressive stability, worthy of a professional mat. Despite the thickness of only 4 mm, the cushioning is very high and effectively absorbs any impact, so as to protect you during practice.

In addition, it is really wide: a whopping 66 cm. This gives you plenty of room to maneuver and is also perfect for someone who is very tall and usually ends up with their legs out in some positions.

Being made of organic and biodegradable rubber, the mat is free of PVC and harmful materials such as plasticizers. This means that it is not only an ecological mat, but also healthy for the skin. Furthermore, rubber is a very resistant material and Yoga Pure can accompany you for years, if not for your entire life: instead of degrading, it improves with use!

Homtiky – one of the most natural Yoga mats, made of cork


When looking for the feeling of naturalness, Homtiky is the best choice! It is a double layer mat: the upper one is in natural cork, while the lower one is in TPE rubber. Each of the layers is made with a clear awareness for health and the environment, therefore free from contamination, heavy metals and toxic products to the skin.

There is also a fantastic design on the top. The natural rubber side has a very strong grip on any surface and allows you to have the mat firmly in place even during the most intense practice.

Homtiky is definitely the best among the cork yoga mats and ideal for outdoor practice, in a meadow! Obviously the price is a bit higher, but the product is truly exceptional. Despite its large dimensions – 183 cm x 65 cm x 7 mm – it weighs only 1.2 kg: light to carry, but a little less comfortable as it remains bulky when rolled up. Luckily it comes with a handy carry bag. For more details and current price on Amazon click here.

Liforme – the ultimate professional yoga mat


Without a doubt, the best mat a professional can ever buy is from the Liforme brand. This brand is one of the brands of excellence in yoga and the mat is no exception. Exceptional in every respect, from the amazing non-slip properties, to the eco friendly materials and even to the proprietary alignment system “AlignForMe” is a yogin’s dream.

The grip on this mat is one of the best among the yoga mats, if not the best of all, even when you sweat the grip remains very high. Made of natural rubber, it uses not only delicate and eco-sustainable materials on the body but is also produced with processes that respect the environment.

The dimensions are very generous, in particular the length of 185 cm by a width of 68 cm and a thickness of 4mm. It is also ideal for people 2 meters tall or more, but can be huge for those of small stature. The one big flaw? The price that is truly stellar! But if you are patient, you can find it at a great price on Amazon, when it is on offer: look at the current price here. With what you pay for it, at least it comes with the transport bag – which protects it – for free.

Dustgo – non-slip yoga mat in ecological TPE


It is one of the most purchased products ever. This mat comes at a fairly low price, but is worth every penny, if not more. I recommend it to those who start now and are looking for a quality, natural and long-lasting product, without spending a fortune. Here you can find out the current price on Amazon.

Made of TPE it is non-slip and on the top you can see the guidelines that help to complete many of the asanas, giving a visual support to the yogi. It is available in various colors and is very comfortable and easy to carry. The material is of high quality and this mat is super resistant to wear, able to accompany you in training for several years without showing signs.

In terms of dimensions, these are quite generous: 183cm x 61cm x 6mm. DustGo is a little thicker than many of the models seen in this list and can be a little too soft for those who are experienced and now used to the practice, while it is more suitable for those who are beginners, because it helps to better protect against falls and injuries.

Manduka PRO – one of the best yoga mats

manduka pro

The only real alternative to the Liforme is the Manduka Pro. This is again a product dedicated to professional yogis that costs a lot, but offers incredible performance and lasts a lifetime.

This is one of the best yoga mats currently on the market and is one of the few that can be ordered in different sizes starting from the classic 180 cm long, to the extra large version with a length of 216 cm, ideal for those who are taller and tired of too short mats that you don’t have room to move on.

What should be pointed out to those intending to buy the Manduka Pro is that the grip of this mat initially is not the best. The more you use it, however, the more the grip improves and after a few training sessions you immediately begin to feel an increasing grip. For this reason, the first time you want to use it, it is advisable to sprinkle a little salt on it and then clean it with a cloth and clothes detergent.

Made of natural rubber with a thickness of 6cm it is quite soft, but, of course, it weighs a lot and is not very easy to carry on the shoulder. It should be noted that the material used is 100% latex free (so it is fine for those who are allergic to latex), it is non-toxic and has been made with a production process without harmful emissions, therefore ecological.

Mudra Studio – ideal for both beginners and advanced

Lotuscrafts Mudra Studio

One of the best universal yoga mats and for price quality is Lotuscrafts Mudra Studio. It is a really good mattress that costs relatively little and is perfect for both beginners and able to satisfy the most demanding yogis: light, comfortable, versatile and super adherent!

The dimensions are 183 x 60 x 0.5 cm, long enough even for tall people and thick enough to protect joints and joints well, without giving the impression of sinking. Despite its generous dimensions, it weighs only 1.2 kg and is comfortable and light for transport.

The material is of first quality, as it is made in a completely ecological, resistant and long-lasting way, free from toxic and harmful substances for the skin. Easy to clean and maintain, the value for money of Mudra studio is truly exceptional and that is why it cannot be missing from our list. Check out the current offer on Amazon here.

However, when compared to professional models it is definitely not the one with the best performance. But for those who don’t want to spend a fortune, it is among the wisest choices.

Fair Soul – professional non-slip mat for dynamic Yoga

Fair Soul

For those who are attentive to nature and materials that uses Fair Soul has created this nature rubber mat. The material is exceptional and healthy: free of glues, chemical resins, additives, heavy metals or harmful substances, it is delicate and gentle on the skin, which makes it suitable for those who often suffer from irritation and the like.

This is a professional-grade mat that’s good for even the most dynamic yoga styles. The surface of this mat is truly unique: with the Soft-touch technology it is very soft and at the same time it has an extraordinary grip that does not make you slip even when it is very wet.

Beautiful decorations on the top and guidelines that help you in the various positions. The dimensions are generous, especially in width: 183 x 68 mm which allows even the most robust and tall people to have enough space and freedom of movement available. The thickness is 4 mm, the most chosen for a professional mat and can be hard for those who start.

The price is a bit high, but those who are experts know that you pay for quality and it is definitely an investment that will pay for itself over time. Discover the offer on Amazon here.

Reebok Mat Love – multifunctional economic mat

Reebok Mat Love

A mat for those who want to spend little and still make a good impression is this Reebok Mat Love. He is recommended for fitness, but is also great for starting yoga. But be careful that it is only 4 mm which can be too little if used on very hard surfaces to those who are not used to! Nice, however, the writing and the central logo.

The material is PVC, so nothing natural but, as mentioned, if you want a healthy and ecological product you have to spend a little more. Those who are passionate about Yoga and care about the quality of the accessories, can definitely not use this mat.

The dimensions are quite small, so I recommend it to those who are not very tall, as the length is only 173 cm, while the width is 61. Excellent grip and non-slip, high adherence on any type of surface. Often used in gyms, it is obviously also ideal for stretching, pilates and fitness in general. Click here to see more photos and the current price on Amazon.

How to choose the right mat

Given the best mats one can use to do yoga, let’s see some tips on how to choose the right one for yourself. In reality, there are two fundamental parameters to look at in order to make a right choice.

The choice is not always easy, but not that difficult: Below we see the main parameters to take into consideration when looking for a suitable mat, but if you want more information, read the in-depth guide to choosing the mat.

The only thing I recommend is not to go immediately for the cheapest model, since it can last very little and with a few euros more you can buy mattresses that accompany you for a lifetime.


The first parameter to look at is what the mat you want to use for your Yoga practice is made of. The material is one of the fundamental characteristics to be careful of when choosing. The price of the carpet, its softness, resistance, grip, weight and even quality depends a lot on it.

Today on the market there are mats of various materials, among which the cheapest are typically in PVC, but they are the ones that, in principle, I do not recommend the most. It is true that they are cheap, but they are made of a substance that is harmful to you and the environment, as well as not being very long lasting.

The ones that are currently the most popular are TPE mats, ecological, not too expensive, beautiful and very comfortable. This is the material with the best value for money in this field.

But if you want an even more natural product, like cork, you have to spend more, but the mattress is worth it all. Finally, those looking for professional performance must focus on rubber: the best yoga mats are made of NBR rubber. Unfortunately, not only are they expensive, they are also very heavy.


The size of a mat is also very important. Width and length count a lot and especially if you are taller you have to look for bigger mats, but what you need to pay more attention to is height.

Thickness is a fundamental parameter: a mattress that is too thin can be too hard, especially if you are starting out and, consequently, cause pain in the joints and joints. On the other hand, one too often gives the feeling of sinking and losing balance, taking away the stability necessary to quietly perform your positions.

Precisely for this reason we must be very careful. In general, I recommend opting for models that are 4 to 6 mm thick. For those starting out, a thicker one is better, like the XXXX, while for those who are more advanced you have to go to more professional products with a thickness of around 4-5 mm.


The third and last fundamental parameter (there are others, but these are the most important) is design. In this case, the design, which concerns only the colors and designs of the mat, must be distinguished from the presence of elements useful for practice such as the alignment system.

If you are looking for a mat to stand out with, there are tons of options online, with spectacular designs and colors to choose from and find the perfect match to your favorite style, mood and colors.

If you want something really useful though, I recommend that you look at yoga mats with guidelines, which are becoming more and more sought after. In fact, in the upper part there is a training system that helps you orient yourself in practice and complete positions flawlessly.

Initially the alignment systems were more typical in beginner mats but, now even the best mats have their own grid, with well-studied guidelines that help the yogi to improve more and more.

Advantages of a good yoga mat

Why is the choice of mattress so important? Because the right one allows you to have a completely different experience, it is an accessory that can accompany you in all your practices, for many years.

The best yoga mats in the first place give you unique stability and fantastic grip that allow you to practice with confidence, without the fear of slipping or losing balance even in the most abrupt movements. Plus, the professional ones become even more non-slip when you sweat and get wet, giving you even better grip even in the most intense practice.

Also, you have to keep in mind that this accessory is in contact with your body precisely at a time when your skin is most vulnerable. If you want to avoid irritation, abrasions and other skin discomfort, you must choose natural materials and without harmful elements.

Remember that a good mat can last you a lifetime. The cheaper ones usually, in addition to not being gentle on the skin, start to deteriorate after a few sessions. If you are serious about practicing, consider purchasing the yoga mat, an investment that will pay off over time and find the best one for you, even if it means spending a little more.

The word is yours

Did you find this guide useful and did you buy one of the yoga mats we recommended? Or do you already have one of these on the list?

Perfect, give us your opinion and share your opinions with our readers, who may find them very useful in their choice. Each reader can leave a comment and let us know how he found himself with the mat, pros and cons that he found in its use, but also give us his advice on other products that, perhaps, we have escaped.

Finding the most suitable mat is a difficult task, but we hope to be able to clarify and give you some ideas!