How to choose cover photos for social networks

Did you know that good cover photos grab the audience’s attention and generate engagement? These images serve as a “visiting card” for a brand, professional, product or service and are a great bet for those who want to grow in their field. 

But, after all, why are they so important?

These typical images from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are fantastic for telling news and including condensed information, thus presenting relevant content to the audience.

In today’s article, we delve into our analysis of cover photos, from their essence to incredible tips to include the perfect image and thus optimize your Marketing strategy on social networks.

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What is a social media cover photo?

Basically, the cover photo consists of an image that users, whether natural or corporate, add to the profile with the aim of disclosing relevant information.

For example, companies often select attractive photos that spread promotions, unmissable discounts, new products or services or fun content and make a good impression on profile visitors.

In this sense, it is worth emphasizing that large images appear exclusively on the timeline , so followers must visit the page or profile to see it.

However, the moment the cover photo is altered, the change appears to followers or your friends list, allowing them to know as soon as changes are made.

Therefore, it is clear that an attractive cover photo with valuable content increases the quality of a social media strategy and, consequently, of Digital Marketing.

What are they for and why are they so important?

As we said before, the cover photo is a large image located at the top of the profiles or pages of social networks. 

In fact, its main objective is to represent the essence of the user, whether natural or corporate.

In the business environment, this image is a powerful ally in the search for engagement , to increase the credibility and reliability of businesses , as well as to attract more real followers.

In other words, by defining an interesting image that represents the brand and provides relevant information such as the slogan, promotions or discounts for visitors, the company can take a leap in its digital strategy and in reaching new audiences.

Charm customers

This image serves as a dissemination banner, thus enhancing the first contact of customers with your business. Thus, it is possible to use it in several ways, for example:

  • Launch products or services;
  • Spread seasonal promotions such as Christmas, Black Friday and Valentine’s Day.

Position the brand correctly

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are extremely used networks in Marketing campaigns whose objective is to position the brand correctly.

In fact, the cover can work the messages in such a way that they strengthen the identity of the business before the public.

For example, you can write messages on the cover to transmit values, purposes and ideals, since this type of action brings the potential customer closer to the brand and connects it by virtue of the similarity of the image with its reality.

impact the user

The cover also serves as a means to capture the attention of users with impact images. For that, upload options related to your type of business or niche that trigger emotions.

Most of the photos that have a positive impact on the audience are unpublished or have been rarely seen on the internet. Therefore, invest in the novelty!

One of the smartest ways to disseminate first-hand images is to create your own visual content that can even be added to the blog and thus structure a set of images that strengthen the image and identity of your business.

Characteristics of a cover photo

As we said above, the images used on the cover must be rarely seen or unpublished. However, this is not the only characteristic of the photos that are used in this space.

Next, we point out other equally interesting aspects:

  • They must be 828 x 315 pixels on Facebook;
  • its size needs to be adapted according to the social network;
  • To be effective and attractive, it is important that they are of high quality and represent the brand;
  • include clear and objective messages given their space limitations;
  • they accomplish only one objective at a time, precisely to avoid confusing the public;
  • Prioritize professionalism.

4 tips to have the perfect cover photo on your profile

In the following lines, you will find 4 incredible tips for choosing top-quality cover photos:

1. Define your goal

In order for your cover photo to attract the widest possible audience, it needs to create a good buzz. In turn, to achieve this, you need to work one goal at a time.

For example, if you want to publish a promotion on the cover photo, take care that the campaign is direct and does not cause doubts due to an excess of information.

2. Follow the recommended measures

If your cover image does not meet the specifications of the social network, it tends to generate a poor visual appearance, either due to distortion, message cut-off, or inconsistencies between the written and visual components.

Avoid this by strictly obeying the indications of each channel that integrates the social media strategy.

3. Ensure consistency between brand and image

Your cover image does not always have to have the brand logo, but it is highly recommended that it aligns with the brand’s personality. 

To achieve this, consider your business’ signature color palette, as well as typefaces, fonts, and secondary elements like shapes, graphics, and icons.

4. Make cover photos work together with profile photos

It is important that these images speak to each other. When restructuring your business logo for holidays or special dates like Christmas and Mother’s Day, adapt the cover photo using the color scheme, fonts, and other details that create a strong link between the two visual components.

This synergy increases the cohesion of the style, promotes the integration between the contents and, consequently, increases the probability of reaching more followers.

We have finished!

Now that you know how to choose the best cover photos, we invite you to deepen your knowledge in Visual Marketing with the support of our complete post on the subject. Develop with Rock!