Biography of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, her royal highness the Duchess of Cambridge, married Prince William in 2011 in Westminster Abbey. She is the mother of Prince George, third in line to the throne, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton became Catherine, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29, 2011. Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the title on Kate shortly before the ceremony. 

Middleton gave birth to Prince George, the third in line to the throne, on July 22, 2013, in the midst of an international media frenzy. She gave birth to a daughter, Charlotte, the fourth in line to the throne, on May 2, 2015, and followed by another son, Louis, on April 23, 2018.

Kate Middleton’s parents are Michael and Carole Middleton. She has a younger sister, Philippa (“Pippa”), and a younger brother, James.

On her mother’s side, Kate came from a decidedly blue-collar stock of coal miners and builders. Her maternal grandmother, Dorothy Goldsmith, prompted her children to aim high. As a result, Kate’s mother became an airline stewardess at the time, a considerably fascinating job.

It was in this job at British Airways that Carole met Michael Middleton, an airline dispatcher whose wealthy family hails from Leeds and who has ties to the British aristocracy. The couple married shortly thereafter.

In 1987, his parents founded a mail order party company. The business was a surprise success, which ultimately made the Middleton family multimillion-dollar.

Middleton was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton on January 9, 1982, in Reading, Berkshire, England. As a result of their parent’s business and new income, Kate and her siblings didn’t want much.

Kate attended exclusive boarding schools, including St. Andrew’s Prep School, Downe House, and Marlborough College. His time in boarding school didn’t come without her conflicts. Kate left the exclusive Downe House girls’ boarding school at the age of 14, due to bullying and insults from other students.

During his first day at co-editor Marlborough, some particularly evil kids began to rate incoming students based on attractiveness and personality. They gave Kate two out of 10.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Middleton met William at St. Andrews University in Fife, Scotland when she became a student in 2001. The couple married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London. 

Friends first

Middleton and William lived in the same college dormitory, St. Salvator’s Hall. They also shared several lessons in their schedule and soon became friends.

While they often shared breakfast and went to class together, the two were initially not interested in each other. Middleton was dating Rupert Finch and William was busy running the press and wrestling with his feelings for his new school.

Real romance

In 2002, Middleton appeared in an exclusive fashion show fundraiser in a revealing dress. William was also present at the charity event and got curious and interested in Kate in a new way. He attempted to romantically involve her that evening but, still in a relationship with Finch, Middleton rejected the future king’s advances.

At the end of the 2002 school term, Middleton’s boy graduated from high school and the couple soon separated over distance issues. Recently single and entering her sophomore year, Middleton and several friends were invited to share an apartment with William, an environment that allowed their blossoming romance to blossom.

In the beginning, Middleton’s life didn’t change much. The couple kept their relationship a secret, mainly due to the prince’s extreme distrust of the press. The couple agreed not to hold hands in public or to be seen sitting together at dinners. This seemed to throw the press away for the most part.

But in 2004, Kate was captured by the paparazzi on a ski trip with the royal family. Her relationship with William became the subject of intense scrutiny and, in 2005, she became a tabloid favorite. The two graduated together that summer, with Middleton earning an honors degree in art history.

In February 2006, it was announced that Middleton would receive its security details around the clock from the Department of Diplomacy and Copyright Protection. This led to rumors that Middleton was being treated for a position of royalty. However, with William headed to a military academy, Middleton had to deal with the paparazzi frenzy, alone.

Public rift

In April 2007, Middleton and William split publicly. Allegedly pressured by the royal family to propose or let Middleton go on with his life, William apparently broke up the couple’s five-year relationship over the phone.

Media reports have said otherwise, however, as Middleton was spotted at several royal events accompanied by the prince just a few months later. Other rumors indicated that the couple lived together. Both sides denied the rumors.

Kate Middleton’s marriage proposal and engagement ring

On November 16, 2010, Middleton and William announced their engagement. The prince proposed during a vacation in Kenya, giving Kate the engagement ring worn by her mother, Princess Diana. The ring, crafted by crown jeweler Garrard, features a 12-karat oval Ceylon sapphire set in white gold and surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. The ring was reportedly inspired by a brooch created in 1840 for Prince Albert as a wedding gift for Queen Victoria, which she wore on her wedding day as something blue. & # X201D; The design is now available for anyone to purchase on Garrard. “It’s cool – I hope to take care of it! It’s very special,” Middleton said in the couple’s official engagement interview.

The couple then announced plans to live in North Wales, where William was stationed with the Royal Air Force, following their marriage.

Kate Middleton and Prince William’ s Wedding

At her April 29, 2011 wedding to William, Kate Middleton wore a dress designed by Sarah Burton & # x2014; a fact that remained a closely guarded secret until the big day. She also wore a diadem that her Queen Mother received from her husband, King George VI, in 1936, which Queen Elizabeth II loaned to Middleton for the event. Shortly before the wedding, Queen Elizabeth bestowed on Kate the title of Catherine of hers, her royal highness of her the Duchess of Cambridge.

The wedding reportedly cost nearly $ 34 million, including $ 32 million for security reasons. Among the guests Sir Elton John and David and Victoria Beckham; 23 million people watched the ceremony live on television.


Kate Middleton and Children with Prince William

Prince George

On July 22, 2013, at 4:24 pm local time, Middleton gave birth to her son, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces. Prince George is third in line with the British throne, after Prince Charles and William.

St. James Palace officially announced that Middleton and William were pregnant with their first child on December 3, 2012, after nearly a year of baby rumors and much speculation. On the same day of the announcement, Middleton, with William at her side, was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London with acute morning sickness.

Anticipating the arrival of Middleton and William’s born, by July 2013, international media have begun to establish a regular presence in front of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London. St. Mary’s was the same hospital where Princess Diana gave birth to William and later Prince Harry.

Princess Charlotte

On May 2, 2015, Middleton gave birth to a daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, weighing 8 kg, 3 ounces, at 8:34 am local time in St. Mary’s Hospital. The child was the queen’s fifth great-granddaughter and the fourth in line to the throne after her brother, Prince George. This second pregnancy was announced in September 2014.

Prince Louis

On April 23, 2018, Prince Louis Arthur Charles was born, weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces, at 11:01 am local time in St. Mary’s Hospital. Prince Louis will be fifth in line to the throne after Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and before Prince Harry. Older sister Charlotte remains ahead thanks to a recent change in succession rules that favors birth order over gender.

Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were expecting their third child in September 2017. The statement revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from severe morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, as during her pregnancies with the prince. George and Princess Charlotte. 

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Job opportunities

Middleton’s full-time job is the role of Duchess of Cambridge. However, before marrying William and after graduating from college, she worked in other businesses.

Finding a job was as difficult as the prince’s fiancĂ©e; the position was to be considered respectable by the royal family, allowing even Middleton the flexibility to take off in a moment ‘notice being with the prince. In November 2006, Middleton finally found an acceptable position as an assistant accessory buyer with the British clothing chain Jigsaw in London. It was later reported that she left the company to study portrait photography.

In 2010, it was revealed that Middleton was working on plans to start a new bakery business with his brother James, who ran the Cake Kit Company. The company’s goal was to encourage children to cook and make baking party cakes easier.

Topless tabloid controversy

Middleton made headlines in September 2012 when photos of her topless tan in the south of France were published by a French magazine, Closer . Soon after, the photos were reproduced in publications in Ireland and Italy.

As soon as news about the Photos Closer arrived , the British royal family was embroiled in a legal battle to get the rights to the photos, hoping to stop other publications from printing them. According to the Los Angeles Times , the photos weren’t picked up by any news organization in Britain.

Shortly after Closer released the photos, on September 18, 2012, the royal family won their royalties in court: A judge ordered the French magazine to deliver the photos within 24 hours of the court’s decision, according to the LA Times . Closer faced daily fines of $ 13,000 as well as fines for any reprints of the photos if she failed to meet the 24-hour timeline.

Mental health lawyer

Middleton teamed up with her husband and brother Harry to form the Heads Together initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues. In January 2018, you announced the launch of a website designed to provide resources for teachers and schools seeking help in this area.

“We know that mental health is a problem for all of us, children and parents, young and old, men and women, of all backgrounds and all circumstances,” he said. “I see time and time again that there is as much to be gained by talking about mental health and taking our children’s mental health as seriously as we do their physical health. When we intervene early in life, we help avoid problems that are much more challenging to be. cope in adulthood “.