DIY Halloween costumes – the most beautiful

Do you want to save money, be original, and even a little creative, for the Halloween party ? You just have to give vent to your imagination, choose the costume you consider most suitable and have fun making it.

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If you have not yet purchased the costume for Halloween night and you do not intend to fall back on the usual witch hat but, at the same time, you want to save money, here are many curious ideas on DIY Halloween costumes to wear on the night of the 31st. october.


Let’s start with a classic of the night of Halloween: the witch costume . Making it at home is simple: get yourself a long black skirt to match a black top perhaps enriched with beads or sequins and a witch hat, even better if covered with fake cobwebs. Complete your look with a makeup featuring dark colors and super long black fake nails.


And now let’s see how to make another of the most popular disguises at home during the night of Halloween: the ghost . Get yourself an old white sheet to carve to make the eyes and mouth, sew the two flaps under the arms and in a few minutes you will have made your low cost costume.


You should already have at home everything you need to make a DIY seer costume: an ankle-length colored skirt, a white or black T-shirt to match the skirt, a shawl and a maxi-belt to tie in. life. Complete the look by wearing many long and colorful necklaces, bracelets and rings.


To dress up as Count Dracula instead , opt for a pair of fairly elegant black trousers, a white shirt, a pair of elongated toe loafers and a large cloak preferably lined with red inside. And to complete the disguise, don’t forget to apply two sharp teeth and paint your face white.


To begin with, you should choose a white dress that recalls the wedding dress, it is sufficient to also combine a long white skirt to be decorated with tulle and a white t-shirt to be shredded in order to give the idea of ​​old and worn. Also wear a veil, in a neo or white color according to your taste, and bring with you a bouquet of strictly dried or damaged flowers. As for the makeup, paint the face white and combine a dark color to emphasize the eye sockets.


To disguise yourself as a zombie , wear very old and worn clothes in tatters and broken boots. Instead, color your face green.


To make the mummy costume at home you need to get a turtleneck, tights or a pair of leggings. Once these garments have been worn, you can proceed with the realization of the mummy’s bandages. Cut an old sheet into thin strips or alternatively use some rolls of dressing gauze: you can find it in the pharmacy. Once the bandages are sewn, fray the edges to give the idea of ​​old and complete the look by coloring the face white and the eye sockets and lips with eyeshadow and black lipstick.


Very simple to make at home, the pirate costume requires the use of black trousers, a white shirt, a black vest, a pair of shiny black shoes, a hat and a plastic sword to attach to the belt: you can find it in the shops of toys. Complete the disguise with the classic pirate bandana.