20 fun date ideas you never thought of

We all know dating is fun. However, it is possible that time will pass and your dates will not turn out too well and start to get boring. We have the solution! Pay attention to the following tips to make your dates more interesting.

Mini road trip

Ideas for fun date ideas

Get out of the fast-paced routine and traffic of the city and drive to a place where you want to meet. It can be a magical town, a nature reserve, a park or an antique market. Your destination doesn’t have to be close either. Remember that the time you spend on the trip can also be enjoyed as a whole.

Driving movie

If you’re looking for a more vintage vibe, transpose yourself to the 60s and enjoy a romantic date and time in the car. Open the trunk and transform it into a VIP room with blankets, cushions and treats.


There’s probably no better way to go out with a checkered tablecloth, a basket with delicious snacks and good wine. He will enjoy your company like never before and you will enjoy nature to the fullest as well. Make your picnic as gourmet as you want and include delicious delis, remember it’s a special date.

Table games evening

Ideas for fun date ideas

First, it would be perfect for laughing, sharing childhood memories and enjoying a few glasses of wine. It will be extremely fun and you can talk about everything you can’t in your daily routine. Sometimes the greatness of a plan lies in its simplicity.

Theater evening

Theater is a great alternative to a movie night, it will be refreshing for both and very rewarding. Let yourself be captivated by the setting and the characterization of the work. It doesn’t matter if you like comedy, theater or musicals, there is something for everyone.

Dance classes

If you are looking for something more emotional for the date, you can join a dance class together. There is no better way to get to know each other more intimately than with a good Tango or Salsa as a couple.

Recreate your first date

Ideas for fun date ideas

A bit of nostalgia and memories will make your date perfect. Go back to that nice restaurant or go skating like that first date. It will be very nice to see how you have evolved and all the things you have spent together.

Play parachute

Adrenaline and love is probably one of the best combinations out there. Dare to do something a little crazy together and it will be a moment you will never forget. Don’t forget to take lots of photos and videos to preserve the memories of a unique day of love.

Cook secretly and separately

Go to the supermarket separately and buy everything you need to cook for each other. At home, divide the kitchen and do your best to prepare the best dish you have ever prepared. Each prepares a dish for their partner, but you can’t share anything until they’re fully prepared.

Hot air balloon ride

Ideas for fun date ideas

This date is for the most romantic and ready to take a little risk. You will see amazing scenery from the top and it will be an extremely romantic time to enjoy alone.

Ice skating

It might sound a bit cliché, but you won’t regret it. It’ll probably be a big challenge for some or both, so doing it together will be great for learning if you’re unsure. As you leave, take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate.

Ride a bike

The perfect date for active couples who love the outdoors: rent a bike then cycle between the streets and finish your trip at a cute, rustic café – the perfect ending.


Ideas for fun date ideas

If you want to be eco-responsible on this date and still have a romantic experience, consider looking for a forest where you can camp for one or two nights. Don’t forget to see the stars at night and enjoy a spectacle that you cannot enjoy in the cities.


If you want to camp, but don’t want to lose the glamor and turn it up a bit, you and your partner need to try glamping. You will have a tent full of luxury, delicious food and we assure you that every moment will be more romantic than the last.

Night in a motel

For those who are a bit more daring and want to make their date something very different and playful, choose to spend the night in the sexiest motel in town.

Netflix night

Ideas for fun date ideas

Make lots of popcorn, a bed with lots of pillows, and spend an entire day watching a series or lots of movies together. It’s a great time to watch the movies you’ve wanted to watch for years, but never did.

Beach getaway

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, take advantage of it and escape for a few days to spend them by the sea. Bring food, your favorite wine and also a bathing suit. You will enjoy the sea, the company of your partner and the sun, making your date one of the best you have had.

Mini golf

The typical first date is more fun than everyone thinks. Spending a day at mini golf is extremely fun and surely because it’s a cliché they didn’t. You will feel part of a romantic comedy.

A massage at home

Fun Date Ideas

If you want to be locked in and enjoy the food in your house, you can also have a small spa. Also, have a massage therapist come to your home so you can both enjoy a massage without leaving your room.

Day in bed

Another date for those who have a crazy daily life and prefer to spend a date doing something quieter, while remaining romantic. Prepare your bedroom for a day without getting out of bed. Food nearby, orders on the desk, your favorite books and of course, some sexy accessories nearby.