Mashed potatoes against a Monet painting at the Potsdam museum: New raid by climate activists

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New “blow” by activists against climate change : after what happened a few days ago in London, a famous painting by Monet on display in a museum in Germany was also vandalized with mashed potatoes . The work was protected by a glass and should not have suffered any damage.

  • Germany, raid against Monet’s Paintings
  • The picture protected by a glass
  • From soup to puree: art under attack

Germany, raid against Monet’s Paintings

The news quickly started going viral on the evening of Sunday, October 23, 2022. Two activists belonging to the Last Generation group , which fight and protest to raise awareness on climate change, have smeared a painting by Monet.

This is the famous Il Pagliaio , one of the masterpieces of the French Impressionist. It is exhibited at  the Barberini Museum in Potsdam , Germany and has been the target of an attack always on a “culinary basis”.

Even against a painting by Monet

In the case of Potsdam, the two activists threw mashed potatoes. The dynamics of the accident are also amazing.

The picture protected by a glass

As in the case of London a few days ago, the artwork would not have suffered damage, since Monet’s painting is protected by glass.

The activists would have had easy access to the work: they only had to climb over a security cordon placed a few centimeters from the ground, placed to limit the access area of ​​visitors to the painting.

In all, the group that led the raid was made up of four people: two smeared Monet’s painting, two others took it all up and posted on social media. The gesture is aimed at politicians, “invited” to take effective measures against climate change.

From soup to puree: art under attack

As mentioned, it is the second case in a few days: on October 14, two activists of the Just Stop Oil anti-oil protest campaign  launched a tomato soup against Van Gogh ‘s “ Sunflowers ” .

It is exhibited at the National Gallery in London and in the video you can see the two young militants opening two cans of soup and then throwing them at the painting. “What are you most interested in? Art or life? Are you more interested in protecting a painting or the planet? ” was their slogan at the end of the initiative.

In the case of London, the painting worth more than 86 million dollars was not damaged thanks to a glass placed to protect the painting. However, minor damage to the frame was reported.

In May, however, two activists damaged one of the most important paintings by the nineteenth-century painter John Constable , during a protest at the National Gallery