10 hidden features in FIFA 19 that you may not have known about

If you are able to let go of the controller for a minute to stop playing FIFA 19 and leave your dream team parked for a few minutes in Ultimate Team or to recount the story of Alex Hunter in “The way”, we are going to tell you ten curiosities that Maybe you don’t know about FIFA 19.

Because, one way or another, from EA they manage to surprise us every season and in FIFA 19 it was not going to be less. We are going to try to surprise you with features that you may not have known were included in the most popular soccer game of the year.

The exact completion system

It has been sold as one of the great novelties of FIFA 19, but it may not be that everyone gets the most out of it. The exact finishing system is a particular technique that can increase our effectiveness against goals . Basically, it is about pressing the fire button twice: once when starting the maneuver and another when you are about to hit the ball. If we do it right, the goalkeeper may not be able to do anything but watch the ball go into the back of the net. If we fail, some spectator may get a scare.

Dynamic tactics

If you’re aiming to be a tactical genius like Mour… well, a tactical genius, you might need to dig deeper into these FIFA 19 options. This method allows you to customize options, both early and mid-match allowing for new approaches and styles. game that can serve to reverse an adverse result.

Division Rivals

Division Rivals is the new match system that replaces FUT’s online season mode . Players are placed in one of ten divisions based on their ability, determined through previous matches. Thereafter, each week you can compete to earn rewards and try to move up the ranks.

Women’s Soccer in FIFA 19

As has been the case for several seasons (since FIFA 16), women’s football is present in FIFA 19 in an increasingly important way , although it may not be promoted as necessary. EA Sports shows that it cares about the sector and the game allows us to control several of the best teams in the world.

Acrobatic shots

FIFA has always been all about showmanship, and that’s taken to a new level in FIFA 19. Now, air balls can put on even more of a show by pressing the stunt button (L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox One) , so our players will try to do a kick or a volley to score the great goal of the week… or make a fool of themselves. Pressing that button also provides an advantage in aerial duels.

Oliver Atom touches

The most skilled players in FIFA 19 can make poetry out of their talent, leading to dream plays. This will not please the rival defenses, which will launch towards us through a tackling -a lifelong mow, wow- that we can avoid by pressing the right trigger to raise the leather and get away from the opponent.

The spirit of FIFA Street

Although we cannot play street matches or futsal matches like in the mythical FIFA 98, the beginning of Alex Hunter’s “The way” mode allows us to live the essence of true football on dirt fields in urban environments , recreating the seventies. Thus, to a certain extent, we will be able to feel ourselves in FIFA Street for a few minutes.

FIFA 19 Mobile App

If your day-to-day life doesn’t allow you to satisfy your desire for FIFA 19, the FUT Companion app allows you to manage your clubs from anywhere , visit the store and check the transfer market from your mobile device. The perfect complement to a great virtual manager.

Quarry before portfolio

From EA they want us to be visionaries with our teams, that’s why, in Career Mode, the development of young players is key . The ideal, before signing Messi, is to bid for highly qualified young players, preferably with at least four stars of experience. It is recommended to look in countries like Spain, Germany or Brazil, places known for producing talented young people.

Don’t Avoid Tutorials

FIFA 19 tutorials are for what they are. Do not go “left over” and take a look at them for many years that you have been with the saga. In this section you will learn the new techniques of the game and uses that you probably do not know as you have a mechanized and internalized style. It never hurts to learn!These are some of the lesser known elements of the game. If you want to know everything about the EA Sports simulator, don’t miss our  FIFA 19 analysis  and other FIFA 19 guides that we have prepared , among which you will find everything you need to be a hit in the different modes and areas of the game, such as… 

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