Jungle decor: the plant trend to follow

Has the return of the sun and sunny days made you want to freshen up your decoration? Very fashionable in recent years, the Jungle trend still appeals to decoration enthusiasts. In the blink of an eye, you teleport to the confines of an Amazonian forest or the edge of a pretty wood. How good it is to bring Mother Nature home!

For a successful plant atmosphere

We all have in mind the magnificent canvases of Douanier Rousseau, the master of naive and primitive art. One of his best-known paintings, The Dream , is an extraordinary journey into a dreamlike, tropical world. Forest nourished by mysteries and fantasies, it leads us directly to another dimension, and it feels good!

Henri Rousseau, The Dream

Henri Rousseau, Le Reve

But, but… this spirit is not acquired by magic! Because yes, works of art are a good investment to embellish your walls, but a jungle decoration is worked with the addition of other elements such as plants, wicker or rattan furniture, banana leaves or palm trees, plant prints and other wild animals.

So for a successful lush atmosphere, let yourself be invaded by cacti, pineapples and other tropical forests! All this together will bring both freshness and relaxation to your interior .

However, for those who do not have a green thumb, you can also very simply play on the accessories (cushions, trinkets, rugs, mirrors) to perfect this new decoration. A few light oak frames or trompe-l’oeil paper will also be your allies!

From the living room to the bedroom, via the bathroom or the kitchen, the jungle decor has the advantage of being able to be used everywhere . Bet on small vegetal touches or adopt a total jungle look, the choice is yours!

Another advantage of the jungle style is that it gives fishing even in winter! A great way to warm up the atmosphere and feel like you’re on vacation when the mercury approaches zero degrees outside.

It is not always easy to feel the change of scenery in our interiors. Surrounded by all the new technologies, it is much easier to immerse yourself in our screens! To create a bubble that is as relaxing as it is inspiring, we have selected beautiful works of art for you that are fully in the era of the jungle trend!

Stephane Peltier presents beautiful, vibrant vegetation in his Boiserie series . Bright green, we immediately feel the oxygen invading us with a desire: to breathe deeply. The jungle is also one of Sebastien Grenier’s favorite themes. All of his work is characterized by a certain attraction for origins and the primitive.

Chantal Coupri

Fascinating, that’s how Chantal Coupri describes nature. His work also revolves around plants. The artist focuses on the richness of the lines, patterns and shapes of the forests.

In addition to abundant vegetation and tropical plants as wall decoration, animals also play a crucial role in this trendy atmosphere! Cecile Duchene-Malissin immerses her subjects in poetic and enigmatic forests.

Lion, giraffe, and other wild animals make up the canvases of Victoria Stagni, who herself is part of her always committed scenes. For even more festive colors and an assumed jungle decor, don’t miss the beautiful plant works by Betty Pelmont.

Finally, who says jungle decoration does not exclusively say wall decoration! The jungle spirit covers all artistic techniques and sculpture is no exception. More than accessories or trinkets, you can opt for Vincent Bardou’s magnificent pieces, ultra-colorful, which are sure to enhance your decoration. For a more geometric touch, the beasts signed Hoze gain in sobriety and will perfectly complement a minimalist and refined decoration.

A jungle decoration for young and old!

Let’s not forget the children who love colorful worlds . Nothing better than a tropical atmosphere to make them travel. A jungle drawing at your fingertips is the guarantee of sweet dreams! The jungle style will appeal to both little girls and little boys.

If they are fans of nature and more particularly of animals, then you have good reasons for distilling small vegetal touches in their room. For a tropical jungle room, you can bet on the beautiful canvases of Valerie Auriel or the colorful paintings of Thomas Delalande to bring the final touch to your child’s room.