What benefits do social networks bring to your company?

According to the annual study presented by IAB (the Association that represents the advertising sector in digital media in Spain),  85% of users (25.5 million) use social networks in Spain on a daily basis.

For years, social networks have gone beyond simple communication between friends to become a  fundamental tool to integrate into any business strategy : the passive user gives way to a potential customer. With a mobile device in hand, you have become the epicenter of business activity  that demands constant dialogue: you must feel satisfied by the communication and appreciated by the brand.

Planning our strategy should be based on  how to effectively reach our  target ,  and define  which are the most appropriate channels . To do this, this process begins by getting to know our client perfectly. In order to be aware of their tastes and concerns, it will be of great help to know which are the most used social networks by our target .

However, if you need professional help, it is best to consult a digital marketing agency to take care of your social media management directly .

Statistics on social networks

To facilitate our work when choosing which media are best suited to our project, there are numerous studies that show the use of networks worldwide. Facebook tops the list with a staggering number of more than 2.5 billion  monthly active users, followed by  Facebook Messenger  with  1.6 billion users , and WhatsApp  in third place with  1.5 billion  active users.

YouTube (2 billion) , Instagram (1 billion), and  LinkedIn (675 million)  are next on the list. Twitter (330 million)  being relegated  to seventh place.

We want to emphasize that the technological age has promoted the use of social networks   and has turned them into indispensable tools by way of loyalty  or  recruitment . According to a study by the  Northridge company , one in four consumers will stop being a follower of a brand on the Internet if it does not respond to their complaints, questions or comments on these channels.

Now it is worth considering the most frequent questions that haunt the mind of a businessman, SME owner or entrepreneur:  Does my company manage social networks correctly ? Could I get more out of it? What can you help me with and how to achieve it?

 Benefits of social networks for an SME

We are talking about SMEs, but these benefits can be extended to any company, organization, institution, startup , etc. First of all, you must be clear about your social media strategy . Proper management of social networks will help you achieve different objectives such as increasing the number of sales, humanizing your brand, customer loyalty… At least, we recommend that a company have a presence on at least one social network . If you prefer that these be managed by a professional, do not hesitate to provide your company with a Community Manager .

Once this has been explained, we present some of the multiple benefits that social networks will undoubtedly bring to your company after granting it a digital presence:

  1. They strengthen the bond with the user.  The client is the protagonist of our company, therefore, make him a participant in your activity! Little by little, a community will be created around your business. The youngest are the generation most likely to become subscribers to a brand. Do you want to know how to communicate for millennials ? From The Social Media Family, we help you generate engagement with them.
  2. They maintain two-way communication.  It is not only you who should “talk” about yourself: it is essential to know how to listen. This way you will know what is being said ‘ in the seas of the Internet ‘ about your business. You will even be able to know the latest trends or the actions that your competition is taking. In addition, they can serve as a fast and effective customer service medium where customers can express themselves using all types of content possible.
  3. Collect customer needs.  Criticism, if it is constructive, will always help to improve. The different types of social networks are an incredible tool to communicate with our users. Those who will congratulate us, criticize us or give us suggestions…
  4. Improve our SEO positioning.  Being present on social networks will positively help the web positioning of our page. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry. Recently in our blog we talked about professional web design . If you want to design your own website yourself, follow our advice!
  5. That make us different.  Being innovative can be a strategy for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This should be reflected in your communication strategies. Social networks will also help us to ‘keep an eye’ on what our competition is doing online. Thus, we will be up to date on their movements and we will know more easily how to differentiate ourselves. What is a good idea?
  6. They add value. The content that we disseminate through them must be relevant and attractive, in order to generate the desired virality. Users tend to share content with which they feel identified, have caught their attention or have had an impact on them. Play with it! Word of mouth is an ideal method to make yourself known. Plus, it’s not intrusive at all. If you are a bit lost about Content Marketing , you can catch up on the latest trends in Content Marketing.
  7. They attract traffic to our website and allow advertising.  If your profile is interesting, you attract attention, you communicate and listen, sooner or later it will become the gateway to your website. Likewise, most popular social networks allow advertising so we can also spread our brand and design marketing strategies on networks .
  8. Low cost compared to conventional campaigns. Budgets adaptable to any scenario and pocket. Social networks have become ideal platforms for promotional actions. If you want to know how to do it, you can see some of our posts on advertising on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , YouTube , LinkedIn , Pinterest and WhatsApp Business .
  9. They serve as a sales channel. With the incorporation of e-commerce tools in social networks, it is now possible to make sales and payments within the same platform without customers having to be redirected to another website. In addition, you can advertise on Instagram or Facebook ads , to promote your products on different platforms.
  10. Last but not least, social networks help build the brand of your SME. In a world governed by Internet 2.0 , most customers search for information about the company on the web before deciding whether or not to trust it. Use social networks to build the image that you want your customers to perceive and from there spread it on all the platforms where your potential customers are.


To conclude, we want to highlight that one of the great advantages that a correct management of social networks provides us is to humanize. It seems silly but it is not. Users ‘connect’ better with those companies (whether large or small) that convey sensations, and above all that are close. Social networks for companies have fostered this approach. Being available to the client, and that he can express his doubts at any time, and knowing that we will quickly solve his concerns… will give us extra points! However, if we are not yet experts in the area, it is best to hire a community manager , or if we want to carry out a marketing strategyeffective or launch a social selling campaign on platforms like LinkedIn .

The Internet has brought instantaneity to its path. Customers are used to having all kinds of information about a product or service at their fingertips through a click. Social networks in this sense can become our best allies when it comes to contacting, connecting and generating a community with our clients. Deciding which social network to be present on is your decision! Creating a page on Facebook is easy and registering on Instagram is completely free, there are no excuses for not taking this big step and launching your brand on the most used social networks .