The 13 best HBO series

She has been the great winner of the Emmys with full deservedness and without supposing any surprise. HBO’s catalog this year is a true demonstration of power from whoever invented that ” it’s not television, it’s something else ” thing. between joys and laurels

The best HBO series

We are going to review the most attractive series that the old platform has been releasing this year, whether they are new content or new seasons of series already underway. The truth is that the level is being high, outstanding, and one of the highlights of the national scene is still to come. But we’ll talk about ‘Patria’ when it’s time. At the moment these are the HBO series that you cannot miss in

What we do in the shadows

The second season of the series created by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, based on their own film/mockumentary, is getting more and more fun and interesting . His plots are taking root and some of them are as attractive and unexpected as poor Guillermo’s. The bar for the third season is so high that it is almost better not to get too excited or anticipate. Let the most surprising bites continue to mark our necks.

 Lovecraft territory

The adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel has not left anyone indifferent. Loved and hated, she seems to go out of her way to deliver exactly what one never expects. And he does it with a firmness and lack of tact that actually seems necessary. The production by JJ Abrams and the equally omnipresent Jordan Peele led by Misha Green is leaving moments to remember. Whether they are good or bad depends on each one.

 The visitor

One of the best and scariest series of the year. The adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is a dry, rough, violent and terrifying exercise in content style filled with the best ingredients that made the best television of the nineties great. And it does so with a team of writers, directors and performers convinced that they are telling the greatest (scary) story ever told.

Scenario 0

The most risky and groundbreaking bet of the year is led by Irene Escolar and Barbara Lennie , who surround themselves with top-level teams to bring the most risky theater of the 21st century to living rooms around the world. Half a dozen stories that mix the most daring of current theater with the most surprising television or film resources. A brave and effective staging for one of the cultural events of the season.

 By H or by B

For everyone who has spent an afternoon drinking beer in Malasana, the series created, written and directed by Manuela Burlo Moreno is a sharp portrait that is somewhat exaggerated (but not that much) of a very palpable reality of the capital. With two extraordinary protagonists (Marta Martin and Saida Benzal) and the support of an off-road secondary player like Brays Efe, ‘Por H o ​​por B’ accentuates that gang war (AKA urban tribes) and the entire spectrum that spans from Parla to the Plaza of the second of May Abstain those who have left the city after a life there.

 The third day

Dennis Kelly (‘Utopia’) and Felix Barrett present a new British country and rural horror story that relies on the always excellent Jude Law to bring to mind a type of horror that no longer abounds. A protagonist with the desire to forget in the midst of a series of rural festivals that promise to disturb in the best tradition of a style that has left gems as distant (in time) as ‘The Wicker Man’ (‘The Wicker Man’) or ‘Fatal Weapon’ (‘Hot Fuzz’).

 I could destroy you

One of the great revelations of the season . Michaela Coel writes, directs, produces and stars in a powerful story inspired by her own rape during a night out. Handling humor with great finesse, she dissects rape from all angles, without levity or compassion, taking a few bites into the habits of millennials and their use of social media. A jewel.

Perry Mason

HBO has known how to play with an icon on the small screen that is as far removed from the new needs of today’s viewers as it is potentially appropriate for today. Thus, with one of the best actors of the moment (Matthew Rhus) becoming this new icon reborn from the first minute on screen, ‘Perry Mason’ is a dark and violent noir tale not suitable for first-time or expecting parents. Masterly.

 We Are Who We Are

Paolo Giordano, Luca Guadagnino and Francesca Manieri offer a new proposal with a lot of potential , although there are some problems that must be addressed in the way the story is approached in order for it to be somewhat more fluid and, as the director of the popular ‘Call My by Your Name’, endearing.

 Doom Patrol

The second season of Doom Patrol is more complex, private and dramatic than the party that preceded it, which doesn’t mean the craziness has abated. This kind of empire strikes back personally has left us moments for posterity and a climax that we must solve as soon as possible. Damn virus!


Great work of science fiction for some, great boredom for others, ‘Westworld’ has not left anyone indifferent either . After an interesting and divisive second season, the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy series returned with renewed energy and ambitions, as well as the addition of the always functional Aaron Paul, one of those new favorites to whom we forgive everything. Much better if the new adventure comes with renewed energy.

Dark matter

With the confirmation of the third and final season we can stay calmer. HBO has done a world-class job with the work of Philip Pullman. Three seasons, for three novels and the most brilliant adaptation possible. One of the great successes of the company led by a cast where everyone from Dafne Keen to Lin-Manuel Miranda shine, although our nightmares of the last two years have been left by Ruth Wilson.

30 coins

Alex de la Iglesia has returned to the world he knows best: the world of priests armed to the teeth. His new bet is more than 8 hours of satanic-Catholic madness in a war between good and evil that is causing a sensation and that will also land on US soil in the new year. Irregular, like the vast majority of the works of the Basque filmmaker, but an escape fantasy full of fun, an incredible cast and great ideas .