Terrifier 2: the bloody and nasty movie that wants to get to the Oscars just for fun

We are not even going to put the trailer for Terrifier 2, we are not going to give details about what happens in it because just mentioning them is enough to have unpleasant images in your head. In reality, we would not tell this story if it were not because what the movie has achieved is undoubtedly very peculiar in the history of cinema. 

And it is that a low-budget horror sequel about a deranged killer clown called Art the Clown who terrorizes three women on Halloween is gaining more and more rumors that it will arrive at the Oscars thanks to the huge fan base it has achieved since its premiere. 

 The American movie production company specializing in the horror genre Bloody Disgusting decided to go for more after its most recent movie : Terrifier 2, became a success at the United States box office. According to an official statement from the production company, they submitted the movie to the Hollywood Academy of Cinematographic Arts for consideration in order to compete for an Oscar Award. 

Terrifier: a viral success

In reality, the impulse to present it arose from the same audience, which, given the virality of the tape due to its extreme violence, has requested en masse that it be taken into account in the awards. Some netizens have pointed out that the movie deserves the award count of The Exorcist, which earned 10 nominations at the 1974 Academy Awards. 

Fans are calling for the movie ‘s gruesome effects to be nominated in the Best Special Effects category. Others say that lead Lauren Lavera and antagonist David Howard Thornton, who plays the killer clown Art the Clown, deserve accolades for their acting. 

Given the avalanche of comments, the producers of the movie have fed the rumor of the Oscars on social networks. 

“As you may have heard, the same fans who made Damien Leone’s Terrifier 2 a blockbuster this Halloween season are demanding Oscar recognition for the little independent movie that could,” the statement said.

The movie was initially released in a limited weekend release in the United States, but then word of mouth led to the movie ‘s popularity exploding. Reports said that moviegoers fainted and even vomited in theaters due to the violence on screen. 

The presentation in theaters was extended and to date it has collected 5.2 million dollars, when it had a paltry budget of 250 thousand dollars. 

He escaped

“The movie managed to escape into mainstream theaters completely uncut and as gory as can be. We broke all the rules and the fans rewarded us with tremendous support that shook the system to its core. And we have the vomit stories to prove it. Intended to play in just a handful of theaters over the course of a single weekend, Terrifier 2 has just expanded to 1,500 theaters for Halloween weekend – the widest release for unrated horror… ever! ?!”, says the statement from the producer. 

The director of the movie , Damien Leone, assured in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, that: “I would have loved to have had a couple of outings, I think it is a kind of badge of honor because it is an intense movie .” 

And in a trill he said the reports of fainting and vomiting are legitimate, and not just a marketing gimmick to publicize the low-budget movie.

“I swear by the success of the movie that it is NOT,” he stated. ‘These reports are 100% legitimate. I wish we were smart enough to think of that! But then again, it wasn’t necessary.”

Due to Terrifier 2’s ‘brutal depictions of horror’, the production company was forced to issue a warning on social media to ensure viewers were fully prepared before viewing it.

Will it actually make it to the Oscars? 

Most likely not, and this is recognized by the same producer who said: 

“No, it will never actually happen. Yeah, it’s total nonsense. But you know what? The idea of ​​Academy members putting up with an unrated extreme horror movie that they would otherwise consider beneath them? That’s too fun an opportunity to pass up.”

As they point out in their statement, “Terrifier 2 is as anti-Hollywood as possible and, nevertheless, it is with the greats.”  

That if we want to tell you, dear reader, if for any reason you decide to see it, let it be at your own risk.