Celebrities and social media: Who is really behind your favorite star’s profiles?

Surviving in the world of showbiz can be really challenging, especially in the age of social media where media attention is exponentially amplified.

Let’s think for example of the most followed star on Instagram, Selena Gomez.


How does a celebrity manage their social media profiles, which sometimes have millions of fans, on a daily basis? Simple: many of them rely on a third figure , who can be a single social media manager or a real communication and marketing agency.

Do you remember the epic fail that took place on the Facebook profile of the great Gianni Morandi some time ago? It also happened recently to Roberto Saviano, this time on Instagram.

This umpteenth episode raises a spontaneous question: is it really so necessary to hide the existence of a social media manager of celebrities?

It is true that most of the users who follow their favorite star hope to be able to interact with it in first person (it happens to me too, needless to deny it!), But it is equally true that VIPs base their success and their luck on image that the public has of them : this means that, however true and spontaneous they want to seem, an ad hoc communication strategy for social channels is indispensable.

And who can do it better than an SMM expert?

Let’s now take Queen B as an example , or the singer Beyoncé, who to announce the arrival of her two twins, published a photo on her Instagram profile that has reached almost 11 million likes.

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters

It is clear that behind there is an image work that involved an entire team, from the hair stylist to the fashion designer, up to the social media manager. Which, however, has undoubtedly achieved the desired effect! Even celebrities, like big brands, therefore need a strategic communication plan capable of maintaining their online reputation and managing the large following on social channels. In general, there are some basic guidelines that every VIP should follow on her profiles. Let’s see the main ones.

Don’t be boring

If a celebrity is very famous but has a small fan base online, something is wrong: the content posted is not interesting enough to stimulate audience interaction, or it turns out to be too “institutional”. The advice is to experiment without straying too far from your character, until you find the format that works!

Without special feelings and own fan

In the end it is mainly thanks to them that you become famous, right? It is essential to answer their questions, share content or post photos with them. Like Taylor Swift, for example, she is always very attentive and available to her audience.

Schedule posts and post regularly

A fundamental and never banal rule that applies to everyone: a user decides to follow a celebrity mainly because he wants to get into his everyday life, find out how he lives day after day and stay up to date.

Posting content every now and then and without planning can result in constant loss of followers rather than growth!

Choose the right social channels

Each VIP corresponds to a different audience, and to each target we can associate a reference social platform. For example, we will certainly not find a Vittorio Sgarbi fan on Snapchat, a channel more suited to Beliebers or Onedirectioners .