10 unknown sexual orientations

Heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality are just the three most well-known sexual orientations. There are many others, marked by various or non-existent sentimental tendencies.

There are many more sexual orientations than the three best known, where feelings sometimes take more importance than sex, or are completely absent.

1. Aromantics

An aromantic person has little or no romantic attraction to others . That’s not to say she doesn’t get attached to anyone or feel anything, but she doesn’t fall in love in the traditional sense. While he may need as much emotional support as others, his needs can be met in a platonic way. His relations will therefore be of the order of friendship, which will be loyal. It’s a bit the counterpart of asexuality but at the level of love.

2. Asexuals

An asexual person does not feel sexual attraction to others. She can be romantically attracted to someone or appreciate someone’s beauty. An asexual can want to show tenderness towards the other, without however desiring him/her sexually. There is no question here of abstinence since asexuality is innate. An asexual can have a relationship with a sexual person as well as with another asexual. Some asexuals choose to have sex.

3. Demisexuals

Demisexuality consists in feeling sexual attraction only for one’s long-term partner, that is to say only in the context of a serious and lasting relationship . A form of sincere and absolute loyalty with a touch of shyness, all sprinkled with exclusivity.

4. The demi-romantic

Like the demisexual, the demiromantic experiences romantic feelings only within the framework of an emotionally intimate relationship. The long-time partner therefore has a monopoly on his romantic attentions and intentions. 

5. Graysexuals

A graysexual person stands between asexuality and sexuality. She can also call herself gay, straight or any other sexual identity at the same time. She does not experience sexual attraction, except in rare circumstances. It can also be a person who feels desire, but whose libido is too low to consider acting out. Usually, she does not experience sexual attraction, except in rare circumstances. It can also be a person who feels desire, but whose libido is too low to consider acting out. Often graysexuals choose to identify as asexual because it is easier to explain.

6. Lithromantics

A lithromantic person experiences romantic love but does not want their feelings to be reciprocated. A rather complex and ambiguous desire for one-sided romance.

7. Pansexuals

The pansexual is a person who feels sexually attracted to any kind of person (man, woman, trans…) . They do not ask the question of the object of their desire according to gender, sexual orientation. A pansexual person can develop a sexual attraction to anyone, regardless of gender. She can fall in love with a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or even intersex person. Pansexuals differ from bisexuals in that they do not give importance to the biological sex and gender of their partner.

8. Polysexuals

The polysexual is a person capable of maintaining two or more amorous or sexual relationships followed by quasi-similar intensity (true parallel love stories). the polysexual will only be able to develop feelings or desire for certain sexualities, for example women and men disguised as women, but not transsexuals.

9. Sapiosexuals

Said of a person attracted sexually and emotionally above all by the intellect of a person, by his intelligence, his vivacity of mind. We are both sapiosexual and heterosexual, gay or bisexual, regardless of gender (male, female, non-binary, androgynous) or gender identity (trans)…

10. Skoliosexuals

A skoliosexual person is not naturally attracted to so-called “binary” people, that is to say people who feel in agreement with their birth gender. On the other hand, it will focus on transidentitarian people, those who were not born with genitalia corresponding to the gender to which they feel they belong. She will thus develop feelings and a sexual attraction for a woman feeling like a man, a man feeling like a woman, a transgender person or even drag queens.